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1000L Mini Cask

The Rousseau Cooperage is now offering a 1000L “Mini-Cask” that is sized between the more traditional 600L Demi-Muid and 13HL Cask. Large enough to be fully outfitted with the hatches and valves of a full-sized cask, but small enough to be more affordable as well as convenient for smaller cellars, it is designed for winemakers who may want to experiment with larger format winemaking before making the move to a full sized cask.

 Tonnellerie Rousseau’s Hexagone Series Barrel is a limited edition barrel made from tight-grained oak from specific historical French forests.  The barrel head will have a special etching with the forest location marked on the “Hexagone” shaped map of France. The forest source will change every year, offering the winemaker a historical and organoleptic “Tour de France” over time. The series will start with the Rambouillet forest, the historical hunting grounds for the Kings of France.



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