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Aerial data can grow your revenues and reduce your costs.  We offer two ways to leverage drone technology:

  1. Drone Flight Services.  Our pilots fly our drones on your schedule to gather the imagery and data you need. 

  2. Sales of Drone Systems.  We'll make sure you get the airframe and sensor system that best meets your needs.  And we'll provide the training and consulting required to get you up flying quickly and safely.

Call or email us today to discuss your needs.    (425) 218-3723

Hawk Aerial VineView - Aqweo
Hawk Aerial VineView - Aqweo
Hawk Aerial partners with VineView Scientific Aerial Imaging and SkySquirrel Technologies to bring drone technology to the vineyard management industry. Using the vineyard specific Aqweo/Quanta autonomous drone system, vineyard operators and viticulturists receive Calibrated Enhanced Vegetation Index maps, Leaf Roll Disease maps and other proven VineView products, arming them with the most advanced information available when making key growing decisions. This groundbreaking technology is available for sale or hire as drone flight services from Hawk Aerial. Contact
Hawk Aerial Vineyard Map Technology
Hawk Aerial Vineyard Map Technology
Hawk Aerial Vineyard Map Technology

News Archive

Low-Altitude Aerial Maps Increase Profits by Improving Quality, Uniformity & Yield
06 April, 2017

In our continuing efforts to keep viticulture industry professionals abreast of the latest technological advances in remotely-sensed grapevine condition analysis, this week our focus is the bottom line -- how the timely application of intelligence gained from accurate aerial maps can lead to increased vineyard profits.

Your Road Map to Block Uniformity

High-quality EVI (Enhanced Vegetation Index) maps can pinpoint areas where vine vigor is too high or too low. In the current season, this can provide clues to stress levels related to moisture availability or the presence of pests / disease, and convey information that can guide trellising, shoot thinning, and lateral-pulling. In the long-term, identifying areas of chronic high or low vigor can drive more involved prescriptions such as soil amendment.
Thus the vineyard manager can use our EVI maps to investigate and take action to ensure consistency in desired level of vine stress. with the ultimate goal of reaching optimal fruit characteristics at harvest.


Incremental Improvements Pay Off!

The goals you and your vineyard  management staff have for fruit production are driven by your inspiration and delivered by your talent and hard work - combined with a little luck, they pencil out financially, too. Accurate, high-resolution Enhanced Vegetation Index maps can be used to precisely monitor vigor and stress levels, and hit your (and your buyers') quality and yield targets. This can create real results for your bottom line, both in the current year and over the long-term. With winegrape crop values averaging between $5,000 and $10,000 per acre, using analytical EVI maps to optimize yield, quality and uniformity can improve harvest values by 10% or more. You do the math!

Check out this 30-second video for a quick explanation from our CEO!


Information is a Powerful Tool

And you can't afford not to have the best when making key decisions during the growing season.  Get out in front of your crop and stay there, with the highest quality EVI maps available - book an imaging session today!

Drone Technology Can Boost Vineyard Profits
10 February, 2017

For years, vineyard mapping experts at VineView Scientific Aerial Imaging have been providing leading wine grape growers with invaluable operational data. Their proprietary Calibrated Enhanced Vegetation Index and Leafroll maps have allowed customers to make better decisions regarding fertilization, pruning, irrigation, crop cover, disease & pest management, and harvest.  Used properly, these maps can lead to increased crop profits of up to $10,000 per acre.  


Hawk Aerial, partnering with VineView and SkySquirrel Technologies, now brings the benefits of drone technology to vineyard mapping.  Flying at low altitudes and on your schedule, the vineyard-specific Aqweo drone system can provide higher resolution maps virtually on demand.  Hawk Aerial pilots will come fly your vineyards, upload the data, and SkySquirrel, in partnership with VineView, will process and deliver your EVI maps electronically.  And since the Aqweo's Quanta multispectral camera was designed specifically for vineyard applications, the resulting images are dramatically more relevant to wine grape growing operations.  Hawk Aerial also offers the Aqweo/Quanta vineyard drone system for sale, providing full training and support.




Contact us today to learn more about how drone technology can boost your vineyard's bottom line.