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Heill Safety Solutions, LLC started as the brainchild of James Boretti, CSP and Brian Clarke, CSP. Each successful in their own businesses, they partnered to meet the long term EHS staffing needs of a growing, global, high-tech entity. Combining their expertise and experience in the environmental, health and safety field with their knowledge of professional resources, Heill Safety Solutions, LLC came about to answer the need to select and hire the best safety professionals to meet and exceed the needs of their high-tech / R&D clients.

Since then, we’ve expanded our operations to serve a variety of industries with a specialty for Wineries and Vineyards. Operated by business-minded safety professionals, Heill Safety Solutions, LLC can meet all your environmental, health and safety needs including short-term and long-term on-site services, professional placement, and consultation: we’ve got you covered. Our offices are located in Washington and California.

Why Outsource Your EHS Needs?

Heill Safety Solutions, LLC is operated by successful business minded Safety Professionals. Because of that, we understand and thrive on achieving your safety, quality, and productivity objectives and goals as a business. Our EHS Professionals act as an extension of your organization by applying the right knowledge and expertise for a supportive safety culture and philosophy.

Your Benefits:

Reduced Overhead Costs:

We handle the payroll, unemployment and payroll taxes, and workers’ compensation. All of our professionals are provided with 100% company paid health, dental and vision insurance, and 401k with a CFP for financial planning.

Efficient Deployment of Resources:

We concentrate on safety, you concentrate on business success.

Compliance and Beyond:

Experienced, educated, and up-to-date on safety regulations required to keep your business safe and compliant.

EHS Staffing Services:

Development of job responsibilities, screening, vetting, interviewing and hiring process is all handled by Heill. All candidates selected complete a security and employment background check using a third-party specialist.


Excellent alternative to hiring internal staff who may not possess the desired training, credentials and expertise.

Deductible Expense:

100% deductible business expense.


A professional consultant is not bogged down by your company’s internal affairs, nor is he/she influenced by your past safety record.


Safety Professionals with the education and credentials needed for success.


We manage the performance of our professionals to your job expectations.

Lower Risk & Liability:

Heill EHS Professionals will provide on-site expertise and consultation without depleting your resources.

What We Do

HEILL offers HR, food safety, DOT compliance, as well as training, inspections, regulatory assistance, claims reviews and more....


Serving all industries, HEILL’s EHS staff are qualified to manage your organization’s EHS program. HEILL employs experienced EHS Professionals with diverse skill sets to meet the needs of every sector. That allows you to concentrate on what you do best: run your business. Our staff will operate as your EHS company specific representative or can augment your existing staff. Either way, we provide dedicated professional expertise without depleting your resources.


HEILL’s recruiting and onboarding process has a proven track record. At HEILL, we locate, pre-screen, vet and interview qualified candidates through defined performance expectations. We work with clients to develop job responsibilities, then carefully screen candidates to find, and together, hire the best professional for your team, place them at your facility and if after 90 days you are satisfied with their capabilities, you can hire them full-time or continue in our staffing capacity.


Reduce your overhead costs. We handle the payroll, unemployment and payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, and employee health/dental/vision insurance. We will work with you to establish measurable goals for the first 90 days and you determine whether they are a good fit for your business.


Develop company specific EHS job descriptions that attract the best candidates for long term retention.


Conduct Comprehensive Screening by EHS Professionals. Candidates chosen and vetted to ensure a good fit for the culture of your organization.


Provide EHS Professional Support: before, during & after hire


Wineries, Vineyards, and Restaurants

We understand that not all organizations require nor need a full-time EHS professional, but all organizations want access to highly knowledgeable and educated professionals who understand their industry and industry challenges. There are loss control services available from insurance carriers as well as consultants from various regulators which we fully support our clients to utilize; however, sometimes companies would prefer to have access to EHS professionals who are not “reporting back”.

HEILL Safety Solutions established our Industry Technical Matter Experts service to provide EHS services to very specific industries. This service provides our clients with: quarterly onsite EHS audits: Quarterly onsite training; customized safety/loss prevention manuals; hundreds of industry-specific one page safety topics for ongoing client lead safety meetings; annual supply of labor law, OSHA required posters; toolkit of industry-specific hazard and caution stickers; box of industry-specific personal protective equipment; and access to our professional staff for response to crises management, accident investigations, employer representation if/when regulatory inspections. Additionally, our industry subject matter experts provide email alerts to our members of specific EHS issues that affect their industry and their organization’s losses. We also provide an annual summary of activities / results that can be used with insurance renewals to demonstrate to Workers Compensation and Liability Underwriters the steps your operation is engaged in to reduce losses. This service is provided through an annual retainer for service and access to our Members Only section.


Ethics for Safety Professionals
Ethics for Safety Professionals
James Boretti delivered this information at the 2012 13th annual Bakersfield ASSE symposium.

News Archive

Host Employer and Staffing Agency Share Responsibility for Training
07 May, 2019

In today's economy, a number of wineries/vineyards use staffing agency's employees to accomplish tasks. However, both the host employer and the staffing agency hold responsibility for the safety of these employees.

Cal/OSHA has cited both host employer and farm labor contractor more than $100,000 combined in proposed penalties after a worker was fatally crushed by a bin dumper at a walnut processing and packing facility in Los Molinos, Tehama County, California after being instructed to clean the area around the operating equipment.

Following this incident, the walnut processing facility was cited 4 serious violations totaling $67,500 for failure to:

  • train employee in the control of hazardous energy lock out tag out for servicing or cleaning of the bin dump area and failure to ensure the bin dumper included proper machine guards 
  • provide the proper tools for the job such as an extension tool to minimize the potential crushing hazards associated with cleaning the bin dump area.

Read the rest of the Citations HERE

Employers, Prepare for Continued Increase of Immigration & I-9 Audits
22 March, 2019

In 2018, employers experienced a dramatic spike in investigations by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) nationwide. ICE has significantly increased I-9 audits and worksite raids in states, counties, and cities with “sanctuary” status, and this continues going into 2019.

I-9 forms are used by ICE to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals. An I-9 audit, whether conducted by ICE or internally, will examine the immigration status of your workers and your compliance with federal immigration laws. Any business may be subject to an I-9 audit, and regardless of whether employers think they have employees who require immigration support, employers should realize the risks for noncompliance.

Before coming to your facility and conducting an investigation, ICE will send a Notice of Inspection, asking for I-9s and related documentation within a short period of time (as little as three (3) days). To conduct a raid, ICE is required to present a search warrant from a judge and demonstrate probable cause. Make sure to retain a copy of the search warrant for your records. It is feasible to monitor the search to ensure the ICE agents stay within the scope of the warrant. Lastly, be prepared for attention from the media after a raid.

Recommended Actions to Reduce the Risk of an ICE raid:

  1. Develop an I-9 compliance program to implement a system for storing I-9 records and a Human Resources professional to oversee this program.

  2. Complete missing or lost I-9 forms. Payroll records can be used to double check that you have all I-9 forms required for current and/or prior employees.

  3. Train employees on how to properly fill out an I-9 form, and what actions managers should take when they are made aware that an employee may not be authorized to work in the US.

  1. Conduct an internal I-9 audit and correct any errors that may have been found. It may be a good idea to consult a third party to conduct I-9 audits as well.

  2. Establish a rapid-response team to handle ICE raids and immediately contact company management and lawyers.

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Martha's Corner: Winery Receives $10,000+ in Fines
19 March, 2019

On October 1, 2018, a California winery was inspected and received over $10,000 in fines from OSHA.

A general overview of a few of the Citations issued includes:

  • Portable ladders/Step ladders
  • Running Cords/cables through doorways, windows, or similar openings
  • Improper use of PPE/No use of PPE
  • Improper labeling
  • More....

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, OSHA generally has regulatory authority where an "employer and employee" relationship exists. In recent years, OSHA has expanded this definition and thus, its regulatory authority, to include contractors who work on your property/facilities (i.e., maintenance, labor, events staff) using the theory of "Host Employer". If you have questions on how this can affect your operations, please contact us.

Many mistakes can be made by employers during (and after) a regulatory inspection (i.e., providing too much information, answering questions not asked by the compliance officer, not preparing employees if interviews are requested, not asking for an informal hearing post issuance of citations, etc.). Heill Safety Solutions' staff has represented employers during OSHA inspections (as Employer Representative) as well as testified on behalf of employers as technical matter experts.

To find more info on a certain establishment, visit > Data > Inspection Search by Establishment


Download the FULL article by clicking below:

Martha's Corner Article #6 - Winery Fined $10,000.pdf

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