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We are committed to helping our Customers succeed in their business.

Since 1969, ifm has developed, manufactured, and marketed sensors and controls to industries that include food and beverage, assembly and robotics, material handling, packaging, mobile equipment, and plastics.  ifm is a strategic partner to those in the wine industry due to its innovative hardware to software ecosystem of products that help you increase quality in your production by reducing waste and help you to lower production costs by reducing unplanned downtime. We do this by offering  IO-Link enabled sensors that connect directly with open source software, allowing you to set parameters for the machine to monitor continuously.  ifm sensors allow you to unlock your process data, so you know what happens in your plant even when you cannot be there.  The ifm team of sales engineers can help you set up your system so the machine alerts you if wine in production leaves your ideal temperature range. 

We can help you save time and ongoing maintenance costs because we constantly work to improve products so that you are able to focus on doing what you do best - producing some of the world's finest wines.  We have a national sales team of engineers that are able to help you optimize production by working with you to figure out where you can bring more functionality to your plant within your budget.  But, we also have a full team of applications engineers in-house that can answer questions anytime you may have one.  When you place an order with us online or over the phone, we strive to keep 90% of our orders shipping out in under one hour.  

Since our founding, ifm, Efector has experienced tremendous growth in the US with more than 120 employees at our headquarters in Chester County, PA, the expansion of ten branch sales offices throughout the country, and the opening of a manufacturing and technology center in Malvern, PA in 2012.

Today, roughly 240 dedicated individuals drive innovation and productivity and successfully service 22,000 customers resulting in $148 Million in annual sales (2017). Represented in more than 70 countries, ifm has more than 7,000 dedicated employees serving over 165,000 customers.

We strive for excellence and continuous improvement

Quality control is performed throughout development and production


  • We apply lean manufacturing principles with a high focus on continuous improvement to increase quality and efficiency costs.
  • Automated testing allows for quality control throughout the production process.
  • The product development process incorporates specific parameter tests to ensure high quality and reliable sensors that perform in the harshest environment.
  • As an ISO 9001:2015 compliant company, ifm efector ensures that key processes and procedures are maintained throughout the organization.

ifm gives eyes to the vineyard robot Bakus
ifm gives eyes to the vineyard robot Bakus
The robot Bakus from Vitibot from Champagne uses eight 3D cameras from ifm to reproduce a 360° 3D environment and to navigate in the vine row or parcel of land while the tools are working on the plants. This fully electric and autonomous robot enables a multitude of soil and vineyard operations.
Pressure Sensor Measuring For Food & Beverage
Pressure Sensor Measuring For Food & Beverage
Watch a side-by-side comparison of the two main underlying technologies used to sense pressure in the food and beverage industry.
The New Smart Valve Sensor from ifm
The New Smart Valve Sensor from ifm
See how the new smart valve sensor from ifm can give you more information about the status of the valves in your plant. They monitor build-up and alert you to potential leaks before you risk contamination. The visible status indicator lets you know when something is blocking the valve from closing.
Advantages of IO-Link For the Production Process
Advantages of IO-Link For the Production Process
Learn more about how IO-Link reduces your production costs and increases quality when compared to traditional analog signals.

News Archive

Webinars: Innovations at Your Convenience
10 June, 2020

Connect with ifm Product Managers to keep abreast of changing technologies on your journey to smarter factories.

What If Your Wine Has the Best Quality and Consistency in Every Batch Produced?
04 May, 2020

  • ifm’s reliable process instruments with stainless steel welded construction are designed to withstand high pressure cleaning and eliminate moisture ingress
  • Pressure, Temperature, Level, and Conductivity IO-Link sensors provide 100% digital signal that is more reliable and accurate compared to analog and is immune to electrical interference
  • Process sensors enabled with IO-link provide predictive information for improving quality by monitoring process drift and recommending calibration checks
  • ifm Display Controller provides local visualization and complete process control for each tank in your winery
  • Controls architecture from ifm is field mountable, does not require control cabinet, and eliminates expensive analog I/O
  • Plug-and-Play Ethernet connectivity in the display controller provides direct integration to SCADA, Cloud, and other software solutions

ifm Certified as Top Employer 2020
11 February, 2020

ifm is proud to announce that it has been certified by the Top Employers Institute for its commitment to its most valuable asset, its employees. This prestigious accolade recognizes ifm’s innovative, supportive, and collaborative workplace environment that ensures employees are engaged, enabled, and empowered to realize their full potential.

“It is clearly stated in the ifm Vision and Philosophy Book that the most important asset of a company is its employees. As an ifm leader, these words are a guiding principle for me. In order to earn the loyalty of our customers, we first have to earn the loyalty of our employees. There cannot be a disconnect between these two concepts. Receiving the Top Employer distinction recognizes our dedication to our employees and the exceptional service they provide to our customers every day,” said Roger Varma, CEO of ifm efector and ifm prover.

The Top Employers Institute is known as the global authority on recognizing excellence in people practices. Organizations certified as “Top Employers” foster optimal work environments that motivate employees to give their best and reach for higher goals. In order to be certified, organizations must successfully achieve the required minimum standards as directed by the Top Employers Institute.

Top Employers Institute measures organizations against international benchmarks in a range of areas focused on employee conditions including Talent Strategy, Workforce Planning, Career Development, Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Training and Development, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Compensation and Benefits, Succession Planning, as well as Corporate Culture. ifm’s Human Resources Team worked diligently over the past year to provide information to Top Employers about its people practices and strategies in these areas.

Since its establishment in 1969, ifm’s employees have been the heart and soul of the company. They are the foundation of ifm’s collective success and its strong sense of purpose to provide technology solutions that make their customers successful. ifm will continue to work to enable its employees to flourish and thrive in a positive, healthy work environment that has meaning and purpose.  It is an honor to be recognized and ifm looks forward to continuing its commitment to its employees. 

ifm Solutions for Bottling Operations
11 September, 2019

ifm helps wineries improve their bottling operations by manufacturing sensors made to solve challenging applications in harsh environments.  Learn more.

ifm Solutions for Wine Cellar Operations
10 September, 2019

ifm helps wineries improve their cellar operations by manufacturing sensors made to solve challenging applications in harsh environments. Learn more.

How Smart Sensors and New Communication Technologies Are Redefining the Modern Automation Pyramid
31 May, 2019

At ifm, we routinely talk about how we help customers open up the “Y-Path” by unlocking their machine data. At the Industry of Things Conference in San Diego this March, Yuen Li of ifm gave a presentation fully explaining what this means and how it will transform business operations. By using the IOLink technology inside of your ifm sensors, you can start collecting machine data straight from the source and deliver it to any software platform you want to use for further analysis, bypassing the PLC and any inherent risk of disruption. Continue reading to learn more or access the audio version of the live presentation.

Learn more 

ifm Steers the Harvesters from GREGOIRE Automatically
29 April, 2019

In cooperation with GREGOIRE, a manufacturer of grape harvesters, ifm has developed a system that equips harvesters with automatic steering. As a result, they can automatically move in the vineyard and keep in line with the grape rows at any time. 

The drivers can now fully concentrate on harvesting, which considerably improves the harvesting quality.

Learn More

iStep - February 2019 Edition Now Available
19 February, 2019

The first quarterly iStep newsletter of 2019 is now available.  Throughout the year, ifm lets you know about new and innovative technology that could eventually affect your everyday life.  In this edition, we explore NASA's recent research to develop a drone airspace management system.  This new technology would make sure any kind of delivery drone can operate safely in the skies above our cities, while also aiding in disaster relief situations.  Read More.

Have questions about pricing?  All of our prices are always available online by simply visiting our website and selecting the product in question.  We believe in transparent pricing so you can save time and find the solution that works best for you.  


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