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Since its creation in 1973, the PELLENC group has manufactured tools for agriculture, green spaces and local communities, working closely with the sector to make human tasks easier while also increasing productivity. The 1489 employees of the PELLENC group are committed to values of excellence and thoroughness in their work, passionate about design, production and marketing of tools in the vanguard of technological innovation. We are constantly seeking new ways of making the work of nature more enjoyable and more efficient, through our conviction that it is possible to be effective while also respecting the environment. Today, the PELLENC group is pushing its influence even further, with the support of a new governance structure which shares these values and this philosophy. Together we are continuing in our mission to work with nature at the service of humanity.

News Archive

De-stemming and Sorting: Selectiv’ Process Winery: 99.8% Cleanliness and Whole Berries!
20 March, 2018

High-frequency de-stemming combined with the roller sorting table enables the Selectiv’ Process Winery to gently destem and separate all green waste from the harvest.


  • 8% of grapes are in the bin *
  • 95 % of petioles > 35 mm removed
  • Whole grapes
  • Respect for the harvest and stalks


  • De-stems and sorts
  • Quality work with manually or mechanically harvested fruit
  • Reduction of labout costs
  • Up to 25% saving on the total cost of destemming and sorting
  • Available in S, M or L based on your needs


  • High sorting quality for large flow rates
  • Principle proven by over 1500 users
  • Can be adapted to the harvest (based on the size of the berries)
  • Range adapted to every winery size.


  • Simple, instant adjustment
  • Quick cleaning (15-30 minutes)
  • Easy to install
  • Screws made of flexible material

Multiviti Trimmer: Simple and Fast
08 February, 2018

The Multiviti trimmer is quick and simple to use. Coupling and uncoupling is completed without tools.


  • Low maintenance costs
  • Combined task possible
  • Coupling completed in 3 minutes


  • Lightweight tool
  • Quiet
  • All commands plus width and height settings are made from the MULTIVITI cab


  • Any diameter of shoot can be cut
  • Large number of settings


  • MULTIVITI shock-proofing

"The trimmer on a MULTIVITI chassis offers the advantage of being controlled by the Pellenc MULTIVITI joystick, which I find ergonomic and easy to use. The drive is simple and robust, and the machine requires little power and maintenance. I am pleased to say that thanks to the Mutiviti trimmer I save time in the vineyard as well as in the workshop!"

Christian and Jean-François OTT – Domaine OTT, Château de Selle, Taradeau – FRANCE

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