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Halley Osborne

About Us


Revolution Equipment Sales is a FULL service equipment solution for winery and brewery industries. We offer customers certified pre-owned equipment for purchase, along with seamless service to pick up, deliver, set up and maintain the equipment.

We also make disposition of your un-wanted quality equipment as effortless as possible. We buy serviceable, quality used equipment that wineries or breweries no longer need for their operations. Unlike traditional buy/sell equipment brokers, we conduct ourselves just like a partner in the process. It is important to us that you have a positive experience with Revolution Equipment Sales.

We are owned and operated by your trusted business friends at P&L Specialties and the Tom Beard Company. Since 1983 we have been supplying custom fabricated equipment to the wine and food processing industry. We decided to take our 30+ years of experience designing, building and maintaining production equipment and apply that knowledge and skills to serve the used equipment market. Our objective is to add value to every transaction and to ensure customer confidence with each purchase. 


We Buy, We Sell, Refurbished & Warranty

We Buy

If you have quality winery, brewery production equipment or tooling that no longer fits your needs let us know, because we're buying.

We buy serviceable: tanks, pumps, grape hoppers, sorting tables, MOG removers, destemmers, crushers, screw conveyors, presses, bin dumpers, and more.

Send us the specifications on what you would like to sell.


We Sell

We sell fully inspected, refurbished, pre-owned Winery & Brewery production equipment and tooling.

We've been in the production equipment business for years and know how a piece of equipment should perform. If you can't find the piece of equipment you're looking for tell us. If it is out there we will find it for you.


Refurbished & Warranty

We refurbish the equipment we sell so we know it will perform. We back up all the equipment we sell with a no BS warranty: If it fails in the first year of service we will fix it at our expense and make it right for you.


"Steel" of the Week: Destemmer Frenzy

Everything must GO! 5 different destemmers for your harvest needs.


Puleo Vega 10 Destemmer


480V, 3 phase

Stainless Steel Cage 18mm Hole Diameter 

Hopper H: 94" W&L: 28"

Berry Discharge: 69"

Stem Discharge H: 38"






Demoisy Grape Destemmer

Model Galeo 200 processes up to 22 US ton/hr

Stainless steel construction

Basket hole dia: Customer specified

Precisely adjustable rubber-coated elastomer fingers

Speed control of basket and destemming bar by VFD








CME DPN 15 Wine Grape Destemmer and Crusher

Voltage: 480, 3 phase

Year: 2004

Serial #00363

Model #DPN15

15 tons/hr








Puleo Vega 25 Destemmer with Crusher

Removable Crusher/Rollers

Voltage: 480, 3 phases

Year: 2013










Pellenc Selectiv' Process Winery S


480 V, 3 phase

Up to 4 ton/hr

Min. Height: 5.6ft

Max Height: 7.4ft

ONLY 150 User hours 

Contact or call 707-890-8370

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News Archive

"Steel" of the Week: 1600 Gallon Tanks
18 September, 2018

We have three 1600 gallon tanks – B000430! 

Features: Slanted base, tank screens included, tankNET controller, and glycol connections. 

Manufacturer: Tersainox S.A.

Model: TBFPCP 1920

Year: 2008

Contact or call 707-890-8370

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"Steel" of the Week: Berry Sorting Table
11 September, 2018

The latest "steel" from our sister company P&L Specialties!

Berry Sorting Table:

  • Post-Destemmer Sorting Table 24” W x 10’ L.
  • Frame to be all stainless steel tubing, angle and sheet.
  • Drive to be internal drum pulley with VFD controls and remote emergency stop.
  • All electronic controls to be housed in a stainless steel NEMA4 enclosure, UL listed control panel.
  • Belt to be white food-grade material.
  • Unit to include a full-length juice pan with tri-clamp drain.
  • Unit equipped with 6″ stainless steel swivel casters with brakes.
  • Unit discharge height of 29-â” to 39-â”.
  • Voltage: 480
  • Year: 2010 

Priced to Sell!

Call Halley at (707)890-8370


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"Steel" of the Week: Destemmer, Labeler and More!
04 September, 2018


Demoisy Grape Destemmer GALEO 200 


  • Model Galeo 200 processes up to 22 US ton/hour.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Basket hole dia: Customer specified.
  • Precisely adjustable rubber-coated elastomer fingers.
  • Speed control of basket and destemming bar by VFD.
  • Internally mounted basket-cleaning brush and C.I.P. spray nozzles.
  • Fully equipped with safety devices for power cut-off.



Kosme Labeler – B000428


  • Change parts for 750 ml bottles
  • Applies front and back labels
  • Label indexing and alignment abilities
  • Cold glue application
  • Model: Extra Fix – 4T_S2_E2
  • Serial Number: 1480
  • Voltage: 208, 3 phase
  • Cold glue application





P&L Specialties


Bin Dumper

  • Remote foot pedal switch.
  • More resistant to water; provides better protection of electric contacts.
  • Hi-Impact Nema 4X and UL listed enclosure provides better protection of the electronic controls.
  • 480 voltage, 3 phase
  • 1-year warranty
  • Year: 2008



Puleo Vega 10 Destemmer

  • Year: 2008
  • 480 voltage, 3 phase
  • Stainless Steel Cage
  • Variable Speed










Mobile Crusher with Hopper

  • 480 voltage, 3 phase
  • Hopper Height: 69"
  • Berry Discharge Height: 4 ft. 











CME TV 500 Dosing Table

  • Year: 2008
  • 480 voltage, 3 phase
  • Hopper Height: 110"
  • Table Discharge Height: 86"












P&L Specialties LT 2+2 MOG Serperating System

P&L Specialties’ LT™2+2 has all the advantages of the LT™ with a higher processing capacity. The LT™2+2 is mounted underneath or downstream from your destemmer, this machine's innovative design allows unripe "shot" berries, stem jacks, raisins and MOG (Material Other than Grape) to pass through two wedge-wire screens.

  • Year: 2008
  • 480 Voltage, 3 phase
  • 1-year warranty





ALL Priced to Sell!

Call 707-573-3154 or email today!


"Steels" happening Weekly at Revolution Equipment Sales
27 June, 2018





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New Self-Service Econofieds Focusing on Small and Inexpensive Equipment for Home Winemakers and Brewers
10 July, 2017

Santa Rosa, CA (July 10, 2017)- Revolution Equipment Sales is launching a new self-service classified section to their website geared towards inexpensive winery and brewery equipment.  This new service, dubbed the “Econofieds”, is for any equipment under $3000.  The Econofieds will allow wineries, breweries, and home enthusiasts alike to buy and sell their smaller equipment on a forum that caters to their price point.  The site is temporarily free with a coupon code, and is in the process of being populated with equipment.

 “Having a venue to advertise smaller equipment for a reduced price point is something that our customers have requested.  This will allow smaller items that may be collecting dust to be used by other operations that may have that specific need,” explained Andrew Wooller, Sales General Manager for Revolution Equipment Sales.  “Our goal is to not have any equipment sitting in storage when there is a need for that equipment by someone else.”


Revolution Equipment Sales is commonly owned with P&L Specialties and the Tom Beard Company, who since 1983 have been supplying custom fabricated equipment to the wine and food processing industry. Using their 30 years of experience designing, building and maintaining production equipment, Revolution Equipment Sales has applied that knowledge and skills to serve the used equipment market, adding value to every transaction and to ensure customer confidence with each purchase.  For more information visit:

Revolution Equipment Sales - at a Show Near You
09 November, 2016

Here's where Revolution Equipment Sales will be - What Deal Can We Find For You?

December 1, 2016                           

WIN Expo   (NCWIE North Coast Wine Industry)
Location: Sonoma County Fairgrounds  - 1350 Bennett Valley Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

P&L Specialties + Tom Beard Company  Sharing Booths: 305, 307, 309, 410, 412, 414 
Revolution Equipment Sales: Booth 311 (right next door)



Jan 24-26 2017

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium   
Sacramento Convention Center    1400 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814

P&L Specialties – Booth F1
Tom Beard Company – Booth 612
Revolution Equipment Sales – Booth 1918 in West Lobby

MORE INFO:      

Feb 7-9, 2017

Washington Assoc. of Wine Grape Growers
Kennewick, WA   / 7016 West Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick WA 99336

P&L Specialties / Tom Beard Company / Revolution Equipment Sales – Booth 62



Feb 17-18 2017

Texas Wine & Grape Growers Assoc. Conf. 
San Marcos, TX   /  1001 E McCarty Ln, San Marcos, TX 78666

P&L Specialties / Tom Beard Company / Revolution Equipment Sales – Booth 214



FEB 21-22 2017

Oregon Wine Symposium
Portland, OR   777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

P&L Specialties / Tom Beard Company / Revolution Equipment Sales – Booth 610



MARCH 2 2017

(I+Q) Innovation + Quality 
Charles Krug Winery       2800 Main St, St Helena, CA 94574

P&L Specialties / Tom Beard Company / Revolution Equipment Sales – Booth 202



MARCH 15 2017

WIVI Central Coast Wine Industry Conference
Paso Robles Event Center /  2198 Riverside Ave, Paso Robles, CA 93446

P&L Specialties / Tom Beard Company / Revolution Equipment Sales – Booth 325


Revolution Equipment Sales Has Press Parts and Membranes
16 September, 2016

No longer do you need wait weeks to receive a new membrane for your press. Revolution Equipment Sales has taken over a local Press Supplier and can now provide you fast delivery of parts for most major press brands. As we update web services, please contact Andrew Wooller directly at 707-573-3144 or


13 January, 2016


Complete Bottling Line with Trailer


  • MBF Monoblock Bottling Line
  • MBF 24 Head Rinser, 24 Head Filler and 4 Head Corker
  • Rabino and Gallandrino Capsule Applicator with 4 Head Spinner and Foiler
  • Imprestik VAC3000 2 Head Inline Labeler
  • Operates at 75-80 BPM
  • Change Parts For a Wide Range Of Bottles
  • Trailer Is Fully Fitted with Belly Boxes For All Change Parts
  • Equipped with Lighting, Electrical and AC Unit
  • Overall Dimensions: Length- 53 ft, Width- 10 ft


Interested? Call 707-573-3154 or email today! 


"Steel" of the Week: 2003 CMA Lugana 2 R Destemmer / Crusher
03 August, 2015

2003 CMA Lugana 2 R Destemmer / Crusher 


 Destemming before crushing provides superior must.

 230 volt / 3 phase.

 Production rate: 2-5 tons.

 Customize speeds for your variety: feed auger speed independent of destemming paddle speed. 

 All parts easy to clean.



"Steel" of the Week: Wine/Must Pump
16 July, 2015

A) 2014 Carlsen & Associates Waukesha 130 Wine/Must Pump:

This Like New pump is the ONE pump that will do virtually all phases of wine production from moving must (up to 25 tons per hour) from the destemmer-crusher, juice transfers, barrel work, filtration, (with flows as small as 10 gpm with pressures to 3+ bar) and bottling.

[Equipment Model] Carlsen & Assoc. Waukesha 130 Wine and Must Pump

[Equipment Model] Carlsen & Assoc. Waukesha 130 Wine and Must Pump

B) 2014 Carlsen & Associates SCREW SUMP for Waukesha 130:

This portable sump sits under the discharge of the destemmer-crusher or receiving hopper.

[Equipment Model] Carlsen Screw Sump for Waukesha 130

[Equipment Model] Carlsen Screw Sump for Waukesha 130


A) Wine & Must PUMP includes:

  • Waukesha 130 Pump Head:
    Constructed of 316 stainless steel.
    Single O-ring seals
    Stainless steel rotors.
    3″ Triclamp inlet and outlet.
  • Motor:

    7.5 hp high efficiency motor.
    Totally enclosed, fan cooled.
    Cast iron construction.
  • Gearbox:
Output speed of 547 rpm.
    Helical gearing.
    Electrical Controls.
    Variable frequency drive.
    Waterproof enclosure and switches.
    Two-position forward/reverse switch.
  • Removable remote control feature:
    With a three-position local/off/remote selector switch, 6″ pigtail and watertight cord connector,  50′ of power cord (the electrical plug is to be supplied by the customer). Speed control mounted in a rubber-booted plastic housing with 50′ of cord. Cart Foam-filled tires with polypropylene hubs 1-1/2″ stainless steel tubing Stainless steel fitting basket.
  • Applications:
    Must Pumping
    Barrel Work
    Juice Transfer
  • Standard Features
    Flows 0 – 135 gpm
    Pressures up to 80 psi
Domestic Motor and Gearbox
Variable Frequency Drive
NEMA 4X Enclosure
Variable Speed
Remote Speed Control
Stainless Steel Cart
    Options Available
Pressure Control
Fitting Variations

B) SCREW SUMP for Waukesha 130 Includes:

This sump is portable and sits under the discharge of the destemmer-crusher or receiving hopper. The start/stop on the screw sump will coordinate with the must pump control so that starting and stopping the sump will also start and stop the must pump.

  • Sump Construction
    1-1/2″ square tube stainless steel frame.
    12 gauge stainless steel body.
    Stainless steel casters with brakes.
  • Screw Conveyor
    9″ diameter stainless steel conveyor screw.
    Seal-welded on both sides of screw.
    UHMW flight edging Motor and Gearbox
    1 hp TEFC motor
    60 rpm Gearbox
    Fittings and Connections
    4″ male camlock on sump snout
    4″ female camlock x 3″ Triclamp fitting with clamp and gasket (connects sump to pump).

All fittings are stainless steel Electrical Controls Variable frequency drive Waterproof enclosure and switches Forward/Reverse switch Panel mounted speed control Pigtail for utilizing remote stop/start devices 50′ of power cord (the electrical plug is to be supplied by the customer) 10′ of cord for connection to the must pump control for stop/start devices.

  • Standard Features
    Designed for the Waukesha 130
    Domestic Gearbox and Motor
    Stainless Steel Construction
    Variable Frequency Drive
    NEMA 4X Enclosure.
    Variable Speed – Forward and Reverse.
  • Connection Features:
    Automatic Control of the Pump’s Stop/Start Function Easy Camloc Connection

Turn your used equipment into cash!
24 June, 2015

If you have quality winery, brewery production equipment or tooling that no longer fits your needs-let us know, because we’re buying.

Revolution Equipment Sales



Dead or Alive – Top Dollar REWARD!

 Do you have good crush equipment that is robbing you of valuable space? Now is the best time to turn in that scoundrel and collect the bounty!

We’ll hunt the Revolution Equipment Sale’s database
for suspects that are wanting to get their hands on your crush equipment! And, we’ll work hard to collect
the best reward for you.


Tell Us About Your Equipment! »

 Call today! 707-573-3154





"Steel" of the Week: CME DPN10 Destemmer
03 June, 2015

With nearly 70 years experience producing high-quality wine equipment, CME’s heavy duty constructed DPN-10 Destemmer is perfect for any winery wanting a field tested machine for high quality output and flexibility during crush.

  • New! Never used.
  • Clean tradeshow unit.
  • Robust machine handles 0-4 tons an hour.
  • 480V, without crush roller.
  • Full 1 year warranty included.
  • Priced to sell! Call today! 707-573-3154


"Steel" of the Week: Tanks!
22 May, 2015

Revo has just restocked their inventory of tanks, details below!

  • 2 Portable 300 gal tanks.
  • 2 1236 gal white wine storage tanks, no jackets, no doors, 8X5′, 18″ top man door, 19″ legs, 2″ bottom drain.
  • 3074 gal white wine storage tank, no jackets 8’X8′, racking door, 3″ bottom drain, 12″ stand.
  • 2630 gal red wine fermenter, 7’X8′, full jackets, rectangle bottom door, 3″ bottom door, 2″ racking port, 36″ top man way.

Will sell fast!

Interested? Call 707-573-3154 or email today!




Revolution Equipment Sales in Full Swing with Hire of 2 Industry Veterans
30 May, 2014

SANTA ROSA, CA  June 1, 2014 – Revolution Equipment Sales, a national company that buys, refurbishes, and sells pre owned wine and beer making equipment, is now in full operation with the addition of 2 seasoned industry leaders. “We knew from the first day we opened Revolution Equipment Sales that we were filling a untapped need in the wine and beer industries.  We find excellent pre owned equipment new owners and they in turn can rest assured they purchased a quality item. The reception and interest has been over whelming and I knew we needed to add a dream team to grow and meet the needs. We are thrilled to announce the team of Halley Eppinger and Mike Wlodarczyk” says Ed Barr President. 

Both bring Revolution and its customer’s decades of knowledge and experience from their wide fields: Mike Wlodarczyk joins Revolution as General Manager and Halley Eppinger as Director of Marketing and Communications.

Mr. Wlodarczyk is 36 year Wine, Beer and Distilling industry veteran, having held a variety of positions such as C.O.O. of one of the largest industrial refrigeration contractors, leading national sales for a large international winery equipment manufacturer, and most recently as the Operations Manager of one of the leading commercial Washington wineries.

Halley Eppinger brings over 25 years experience in advertising, marketing, sales and sales management. Halley has served with several well respected organizations such as the well known Business Development and Branding Firm Armstrong Associates, she served as Sales Manager with NorthBay biz Magazine and is an eight-year member of Sonoma County Alliance. 

Mike and Halley work as a team to promote and help growing wineries, breweries and distilleries acquire sound previously-owned, fully-warranted production equipment throughout the country. Revolution Equipment Sales –  a subsidiary of P&L Specialties which custom manufactures production equipment –  provides a national marketplace for previously owned beverage production equipment, as well as refurbishing and maintenance service.


For more information, contact Halley Eppinger at 707-573-3154 or email at For more information and to review equipment for sale or to post your own sale request, please visit: