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Sugarloaf Crush has come to life through the experiences of being a Custom Crush Client. As a client in the custom crush niche, we have seen the strengths and challenges of being a Service Provider: reporting, ongoing and unpredictable pricing, and wine movement between facilities, from crush to storage to bottling. To that end, Sugarloaf Crush was developed around customer service, quality, accessibility, and process efficiency. Efficiency provides the greatest opportunity for the SL Crush Staff to mind the details for each Client’s wine.

Sugarloaf Crush has been designed from Day 1 with the premier, small-lot producer in mind. From the location in the beautiful Sonoma Valley to the state-of-the-art equipment and technological integration, Sugarloaf has set a new standard in custom crush winemaking and plans to continue to move forward, setting tomorrow’s standards as well.

Sugarloaf Crush provides a true grape-to-glass pipeline for our clients: Clients will have access to our database system to view their real-time inventory and work orders, provided by InnoVint. With efficiency-integrated and multiple-process capability at the SLC facility, client wines are processed as soon as possible. Every client is a priority, and our ultimate objective is to provide a stress-free winemaking process for you.


The unique Sugarloaf Crush facility offers additional Client Benefits, Tasting Room space leasing and Private Events. We work to make Sugarloaf Crush your winery! If you are interested in setting up an appointment, send us an email at We'd love for you to stop by.

Our Services

The Sugarloaf Crush facility provides a true grape-to-glass pipeline for our clients. With multiple presses, a broad range of small-lot fermentation tanks, on-site barrel storage and bottling, and a tasting room with event permits, we want our clients to feel as though this is their winery, not someone else’s.



Sugarloaf has set the standard for technological integration in the custom crush space. Beginning with off-loading of your grapes into our true grape cool room (50ºF). All macro bins are transferred via macro bin either directly to press or to our vibrating hopper feeder onto a modified Carlsen & Associates vibrating cluster sorting table, Oscyllis 200 destemmer with 3 roller berry sorting settings, and then a final vibrating berry sorting table. And for the ultimate final sorting experience clients may opt for the WECO optical sorter. 

Your 3-tier-sorted-destemmed grapes are then gently moved to one of our fully jacketed, TankNet controlled fermenters either via direct processing into tank, bin dumper or peristaltic pump.



  • Plenty of 3/4 Ton Macro Bins - for those really small lots...
  • 1-2 Ton Stainless Steel, TankNet Controlled with hot & cold capabilities
  • 3-4-ton Open or Closed top Fermenters
  • 7-9 Ton Open/Closed Top Fermenters
  • 10-12 Ton Fermenters
  • All 90+ of our tanks are connected to hot and cold glycol
  • All tanks are TankNet temperature controlled



Clients benefit from three separate temperature controlled and humidified rooms.  During the aging process, our clients are able to log on to their InnoVint app and track their lots in near real-time with the capability to input work orders remotely on-the-go.


300+ Barrel Capacity with heating and cooling


200+ Barrel Capacity with heating and cooling


4500+ barrel capacity with cooling

Sugarloaf Crush Client Featured on CBS

Sugarloaf Client, Hardy Wallace winemaker/owner of Dirty & Rowdy Family Wines was featured on CBS this past Saturday morning. The segment was shot at Sugarloaf Crush at the tail end of harvest.

Please watch and support him. He has a wide range of wonderful wines.


News Archive

Sugarloaf Crush: Your Brand’s New Home for Premium Custom Wine Processing and Hospitality
20 April, 2020

Centrally situated 45 minutes from both Napa Valley and the Russian River in the heart of Sonoma Valley, Sugarloaf Crush is a state-of-the-art winemaking and hospitality center designed with premier, small-lot producers in mind. Sugarloaf’s superb location and best-in-class equipment make it an ideal locale for producing all varietals, from ultra-premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to Napa Cabernet. Established in 2016, the winery and team build on this foundation with the latest technological integrations to offer full-service grape-to-glass operations that have set a new standard in custom crush winemaking.

In addition to a hard-working and passionate crew, Sugarloaf provides a comprehensive range of production equipment and tailored processes designed for the production of acclaimed wines from the arrival of fruit, including a cold-room for immediate reception of off-loaded fruit; a Carlsen vibrating cluster sorting table that extracts hard raisins and MOG prior to destemming; an Oscillys 200 destemmer with three roller-width settings to gently reduce jacks and allow for near-perfect whole-berry destemming; and a post-destemming mechanical sorting table from Vaslin Bucher, providing slotted vibration and integration of a sought-after WECO optical sorter, to ensure that only perfect berries make it into tanks.

For tank transfer, clients have the option to transfer destemmed berries via stainless-steel bin dumping or peristaltic pump, if a little more breakage is needed. All tanks are TankNet-controlled with hot and cold glycol capabilities, and three separate barrel rooms offer a variety of heating, cooling and humidity settings to keep your barrels in perfect condition throughout a wine’s lifecycle. InnoVint winery management software ties the operation together, ensuring real-time updates and communications between crew and clients. 

Completing the berry-to-bottle process and facilitating sales to consumers, Sugarloaf Crush also has a tasting room, hospitality suites, and class-two commercial kitchen at clients’ disposal. Hospitality space comprising 7,000 square feet boasts contemporary furnishings and custom finishes, with several uniquely designed lounges, indoor and outdoor music streaming capabilities, and a welcoming fireplace. From private tastings to upscale events, Sugarloaf’s modern and climate-controlled facility is the perfect location for small and large gatherings alike. 

To arrange for an appointment to preview Sugarloaf’s custom winemaking and hospitality center, contact: 

Ronald du Preez at or (707) 244-4883

Custom Crush Winery Adds Hospitality and DTC Services for Clients
30 March, 2018

“Sugarloaf Crush offers a top-of-the-line production environment, but the added hospitality services are the clincher,” says winemaker Ted Weisser, who makes his Satyre brand at Sugarloaf and is now spearheading the new Sonoma Vintners Studio at Sugarloaf Crush.

Set to open June 1, the Sonoma Vintners Studio is a 2,800-square-foot tasting lounge featuring clean, modern lines and a sought-after selection of pours from premium labels crushing at the facility. Guests will be invited to sample featured client wines in a variety of formats. “The focus will be on seated reserve tastings,” says Weisser, “but we will be open for walk-ins as well.”

The Studio is equipped with a state-of-the-art wine preservation system that allows hosts to pour a variety of artisan wines from Sugarloaf Crush’s participating clients at any time. A Sonoma Vintners Studio Wine Club will package a curated selection of wines from participating brands for a truly unique offering for visitors.

In addition to the tasting lounge, the hospitality center comes equipped with private event rooms for entertaining VIP guest, writers, and wine club members, or for meeting with distributors. The facility also includes a commercial-grade kitchen allowing for food- and wine-pairing possibilities.

“The Sonoma Vintners Studio gives the growing, premium brands at Sugarloaf a chance to expand their direct-to-consumer sales channel,” says Weisser. “We contemplated building a tasting room for Satyre, but the costs were prohibitive, so being part of the collective tasting room is a great opportunity.”

Once opened, the Studio will offer guests the full luxury winery experience on the doorstep of Santa Rosa, and will be open for regular tasting-room hours. Its location—set amidst a three-acre vineyard, landscaped lawn and terrace area—is also adjacent to the production facility, making winery tours possible, as well.

Sugarloaf Crush is currently home to 26 artisan wine brands, and those with separate tasting rooms may use the Studio as a second location or for special events or tastings. Sugarloaf Crush will manage all staffing and promotion for the Sonoma Vintners Studio.

“It’s difficult to sell consumers on the kind of premium wines made at Sugarloaf Crush without offering the full winery experience they’ve become accustomed to,” notes Weisser. “The Sonoma Vintners Studio gives our clients the opportunity to make that connection with consumers without having to build, manage, and promote their own destination.”

Sugarloaf Crush recently expanded its capacity, installing additional tanks. The winery currently has limited space to take on additional clients for 2018 crush. To learn more visit or contact General Manager Ronald Du Preez at



Sugarloaf Crush Adds Capacity
09 May, 2017

Sugarloaf Crush is nearly at capacity for the 2017 harvest, so we are expanding with ten additional four-ton tanks. We have tanks ranging from two- to twelve- tons, but the majority of our tanks are in the two- to six- ton range, as most of our clients specialize in ultra-premium small lot fermentations,

Construction is nearing completion on our hospitality center. We anticipate hosting holiday celebrations after the 2017 harvest, and having the hospitality center operational by Spring.

Contact General Manager Ronald Du Preez for available space and information:, 707-478-4129

A New Approach to Custom Crush
13 March, 2017

The new Sugarloaf Crush facility in Kenwood is built with all the modern amenities of an ultra-premium winery, home to prestigious brands, but not built for any one brand, winery, or winemaker.

“We’re a fully specialized custom crush facility,” says General Manager Ronald Du Preez, “We’re not a winery that’s leasing out extra space; there’s no existing brand that puts our clients in the background. We actually want our clients to be the face of Sugarloaf Crush.”

Sugarloaf Crush focuses on the ultra-premium segment of the wine business and attracts artisanal winemakers that are looking for the highest level of quality and service to craft their stellar wines. Du Preez says, “What we are able to provide here is access to all of the most technologically advanced winemaking tools, such as a state-of-the-art processing line used by some of the most prestigious wineries like Opus One, Vineyard 29, and William Selyem. A smaller producer starting in the business would not generally make such a large capital investment.”

However, having all the best equipment including Vaslin Bucher Oscyllis destemmers with vibrating berry sorting tables, an optical sorter, bladder and basket presses, peristaltic pumps, and fully jacketed, TankNet controlled fermenters, is only the first step. The second is a strong commitment to service and quality.

“Great service is knowing what your client needs even before they ask for it,” says Du Preez, “That’s the level of service we strive to provide our clients, and obviously that comes with an extremely well-trained staff.”

Sugarloaf Crush has two experienced winemakers on staff that review client work orders before cellar staff execute them. “It’s an extra level of service and quality control, so if something doesn’t look right, we can contact the client to get it right, and they can be assured that their wines are treated with the utmost care,” says Du Preez.

An innovative feature of the facility that makes the custom crush process more efficient and transparent is Innovint, a cloud-based wine and order tracking system. Du Preez explains, “The clients write their own work orders within this very simple and user-friendly system. The work order is placed in the tracking system, and as our staff completes the work in the cellar, it is logged in realtime, and notifications are pushed through to the client’s app.

“They can see that their grapes are being processed at that time, that they’re in this particular tank, they have real-time access to all their lot and analysis information.”

Another unique opportunity that Sugarloaf Crush will provide its custom crush clients is the use of a commercial kitchen and dining rooms for entertaining wine guests, distributor partners, or hosting a wine club pick up party. In contrast to many other custom crush facilities housed in industrial warehouse space, Sugarloaf occupies a traditional winery setting and overlooks the beautiful Sonoma Valley, providing the right atmosphere and experience for the consumer to match with the high-quality wines produced there.

“The option to host events here is an extension of our desire to provide the best possible service and make our clients feel that Sugarloaf is just as much their winery as it is ours,” says Du Preez.

For more information visit or contact Ronald Du Preez.


Sugarloaf Crush in the News
02 March, 2017

See what the Press Democrat and Wine Business Monthly had to say about Sugarloaf Crush.

"From grading of the site to the arrival of the first grapes, a 57,000-square-foot custom winery rose in Sonoma Valley near Santa Rosa in seven months."

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"Sugarloaf Crush is specifically designed to handle small lot fermentations with some of the latest equipment: A Bucher Vaslin Oscillys press, an optical sorter, small-lot concrete-stainless steel tanks, multiple membrane presses, and for one client - oak fermenters, along with three separate temperature controlled barrel rooms."

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