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American Canyon
CA, 94503
United States
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Unionpack - The Finest Italian Technology in the Closure Business

Offering the finest Italian technology supported by a team dedicated to providing you incomparable customer service.  Our products include screw caps, capsules for sparkling and still wine, award winning medallion labels, crown caps and bidules for wine and spirits producers. We have implemented unmatched logistics solutions offering you on demand closure purchasing. You will receive the same level of service whether purchasing one box or ten thousand boxes. Our stock closures are always available for your immediate needs.  A quote for custom printed closures is available upon request.

Our Mission: Innovation, Quality & Customer Service


News Archive

Unionpack Helps NVUSD’s Specialized Vocational Program by Employing Students
17 May, 2017

Napa, CA – May 16, 2017 – Unionpack, a leading provider of screw caps and polylam capsules in the wine and spirits industry is giving back to the community.

Working with NVUSD’s Specialized Vocational Services program, American Canyon based Unionpack is providing meaningful, paid employment to a few of the American Canyon High School graduates.

Napa High School parent, Wendy Rose is CEO and co-founder of the business, which provides screw caps and capsules to the wine, spirits and olive oil industries. She and President Rob Wallace, wanted to provide work opportunities for students in special education, and agreed to train three students to assemble and maintain sample packets for Unionpack’s sales kits.

After a 40-hour paid training period, Unionpack permanently hired all three students, with an increase in pay! The smiling faces here belong to (L to R) Arshdeep Singh, President, Rob Wallace, Jaylen Malilay and Emilio Segura. Thank you to Vocational Specialist Stephanie Solberg, who helped organize this team. Find out more about NVUSD’s Specialized Vocational Services at

Unionpack provides high-quality, on-demand stock closures in multiple colors with custom printing available upon request. Their dedication to customer service and location in the heart of the Northern California Wine Country allows them to offer same-day or next-day delivery service to customers in California and the Pacific Northwest and two day deliveries to the East Coast.

They provide the highest quality service and products to beer, wine, sparkling wine, cider, spirits, water and olive oil producers in North America. Their products include screw caps, polylam capsules for sparkling and still wine, wire hoods, crown caps and bidules and the award-winning medallion labels.

Unionpack Presents Digital Printed Capsules, The First No-Limits Printing System.
05 April, 2017

Digital Printing on Polylam Capsules

This innovative high quality digital printing system goes beyond the limits of rotogravure printing. No use of cylinders means reduction in costs and time of production.

Capsules can be customized with images, logos and a wide range of shades and colors. Low minimum quantities for small production wineries looking for that custom look. Contact us today for samples and more information. or 707-557-CAPS (2277)


Erin McElroy Newest Edition to Unionpack Team
11 January, 2017


Unionpack is excited to announce the newest edition to their team, Erin McElroy. Erin’s background is in customer service, retail, and merchandising. In 2010, she moved back home to California and settled her skills and knowledge into the wine industry of Napa Valley.

During her time at Valley Wine Warehouse, as a customer service rep, she learned about DTC, long and short term storage, distributor shipments, delivery to trade, and logistics. At Copper Cane Wines & Provisions she also worked in logistics before becoming the production assistant.  Production and bottling took her to a whole new level and gave her working knowledge of bottling lines and the dry goods needed to produce a bottle of wine. 

In December 2016 Erin joined the Unionpack team as the Executive Coordinator.She is already a great asset by helping us grow and making sure they provide nothing but the best service to all our customers. Please welcome her to the Unionpack Team.

Going to Unified Wine and Grape Symposium? Come visit our team at booth #1434 and learn about all our wine packaging products.

Polylam Capsules are a Fraction of the Cost of Tin
28 December, 2016

Tin Hybrid Grand Cru Red #7

Want to save a little on the budget but still get that premium look on the bottle? Try a Tin Hybrid Polylam capsules this year. Unionpack offers 16 in-stock colors of polylam capsules with a range of sizes including 29x55, 29.6x55 & 31.7x55 with very low minimums required. Our premium quality polylam capsules are made from co-extruded aluminum-polyethylene-aluminum that creates the elegant look and feel of tin at a fraction of the cost. We can also help design the perfect custom capsules for your bottle.

Feel free to contact us at (707) 557-CAPS (2277) or email us at for more information.

Our Grand Cru Red #7 is available in both 29x55 and 32x55 and starts at $85 per thousand. 

Going to Unified Wine and Grape Symposium next month? Come visit us at booth #1434. We would love to show you all of our wine packaging products. 

Crown Cap Breakdown
21 September, 2016

Synthetic joints research began almost 20 years ago in the Champagne region to replace traditional press-cork discs. CIVC, the French institution regulating the production of Champagne and related items, approved the use of synthetic joints able to offer a similar osmotic exchange as cork discs. These liners have an outstanding pressure withholding performance, a good micro-oxygenation and limit "heterogeneities" issues related to cork. 

Fast forward 20 years and there are several crown caps and liner choices on the market today. Unionpack has offered the quick and dirty breakdown on crown caps. The stainless steel are stronger than standard steel and the stainless steel do not corrode. The Saranex Liner has less CO2 transfer, or what they call osmotic permeability (,11 cm3 of CO2 every 24 hours) and is recommended for aging sparkling for 3-4 years. The PI or Polyethylene Injected is recommended for aging 24-36 months and has a little more CO2 transfer (,3 cm3 of CO2 every 24 hours). Unionpack just received their new stock of crown caps and bidules. Contact them today for your next bottling.

Visit their website at, call them at 707-557-CAPS (2277) or email them at

Unionpack Crown Caps

Sparkling Wine Capsules, Wire Hoods, Crown Caps & Bidules
06 September, 2016

Have a sparkling wine bottling coming up? Looking for sparkling capsules, wire hoods or crown caps and bidules? Unionpack can help!

We have sparkling capsules in 4 colors (black, gold, bronze & silver) in stock. Need UV or spot orientation marks? We have both available. Looking for custom sparkling capsules? Our team can assist in designing the perfect custom capsule for your sparkling packaging.

Need wire hoods? We carry 5 colors (black wire w/ black cap, black wire w/ gold caps, gold wire w/ gold cap, gold wire w/ silver cap, & silver wire with silver cap) in stock. 

Need Crown Caps & Bidules? We carry 26mm and 29mm in standard steel or stainless steel with SARANEX or Polyethylene Injected. Bidules are available in 26mm and 29mm. Also available in 36m for 3L Jeroboams. Our bidules are 100% recyclable after usage.

Call us today at 707-557-CAPS (2277) or visit us online at for more information. We look forward to serving you. The Unionpack Team.

Polylam Capsules In Stock Just In Time For Bottling Season!
10 August, 2016

Unionpack now has 16 colors available in the 29x55 polylam capsule. Our new “Luna White” is in stock just in time for this seasons bottling. It is an aluminum-polyethylene-aluminum (polylaminate) coupling foil, co-extruded in standard thickness. 120 micron. Come visit us at the Wines & Vines Packaging Expo at booth #22. We would love to show you all of our products. Or feel free to contact at (707) 557-CAPS (2277) or email us at Please check out our website at  

The Environmentally Friendly Eco3.1 Capsules
22 July, 2016

The new Eco3.1 capsule is a polylaminate that uses a bio-plastic (“green PE”) obtained from renewable and biodegradable raw material (unlike traditional polymers) that does not involve the consumption of fossil resources such as oil for its production.

Reduction of CO2 emissions, energy savings of 10%, absence of glue, & the recovery of solvents are ways the Eco3.1 is facing the growing need to lower the environmental impact on our planet. Available for sparkling and still wine bottles.

Call us today to learn more or email us at and we can send you samples.

Matte Black is the New Black... Screw Cap
06 April, 2016

Matte Black 30x60mm Screw CapsWe are very excited to showcase our new matte black screw caps. We just received our new inventory in our warehouse located in American Canyon. No minimum orders, we can process orders large or small. With our location in wine country we can offer same day delivery or overnight within CA and 2 day deliveries within the Pacific Northwest. We also offer 12 other colors of screw caps in stock. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to order your screw caps today. 707-557-CAPS (2277) 


Unionpack Wins California Award
17 December, 2015

The third annual Wine Industry Awards recognized outstanding individuals and suppliers for their innovation and leadership in the wine industry. Unionpack was honored this December with the wine label printer award for their medallion label. Unionpack’s SealLux Medallion Label is produced in a coastal town in beautiful Tuscany Italy. After years of research and development they have now patented their process of delivering the SealLux Medallion Labels on sheets for hand application, or on PS Tape, for high speed manufacturing line application. Now, practically every commodity can benefit from their creative output.  There is virtually no limit to size, shape, quantity, color, or foil decoration.

Read more and see images of the medallions

Contact Unionpack at 707-255-CAPS(2277) or email at

Unionpack's Medallion on a Bottling Line
22 September, 2015

When Kendal Jackson came to Unionpack to make a medallion that looked like a wax seal of their 38 Degree logo for the Carneros Hills Winery, we were elated. After the quick artwork approval process we had the medallion made and shipped to them within 2 weeks. They were processed on the Pressure Sensitive (PS) Tape, for high speed bottling line application.

If you are interested in a resin embossed medallion that looks and feels like a wax seal for half the cost, please feel free to contact us and we would be delighted to assist in designing something that will help differentiate your product from the crowd. 

We also produce a transparent resin seal that mimics embossed glass. The clear seal will pick up the color of the glass and have the appearance of an expensive cartouche on a bottle for a fraction of the cost. We were honored to win the Pack Expo's 2015 Most Innovative Packaging Award for a clear medallion for St Supery Winery’s first Brandy bottle. Please contact us to learn more about the resin medallion. 707-557-CAPS (2277) 

Champagne Capsule are in!!
14 April, 2014

We are very excited not only do we have polylaminate capsules in 3 sizes and 8 colors, PVC capsules in 2 colors and screw caps in 9 colors here in stock ready to go at a moments notice but we are also carrying 4 colors of champagne capsules. With our central location we are able to get stock to most everyone in California within a day or 2 but we are also able to move capsules around the US in no time at all. Spring is here and it's time to think about the coming season. We are here to help with all of your closure needs.

Our Capsules have arrived from Italy!
12 February, 2014

We are happy to announce we have received our container from Italy and stock capsules are in American Canyon warehouse ready for delivery today. We have eight stock colors to choose from and customer service matched by none.

Wire Hoods
We carry 5 colors (black wire w/ black cap, black wire w/ gold caps, gold wire w/ gold cap, gold wire w/ silver cap, & silver wire with silver cap) in stock.
SealLux Medallion
Our SealLux medallion is crafted in Italy. After years of research and development they have patented the process of delivering the SealLux medallion labels on sheets for hand application, or on Pressure Sensitive Tape, ...
Screw Caps
We have our 30x60mm screw caps with Saranex liners available in 13 colors. Our new color is matte black or choose from glossy black, satin black, blue, glossy burgundy, matte burgundy, gold, glossy grey, matte ...
Matte Black Screw Caps
30x60 screw caps with Saranex liner