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Verallia, Your Partner for Distinctive Packaging

Verallia, the world leading producer of wine glass packaging. Verallia U.S.A. gives you access to the widest collection of quality glass bottles, 350 years of custom glass manufacturing expertise and state-of-the-art decoration capabilities, with local teams dedicated to your success. We proundly support brands from the design process to the product launch, a partnership that lasts beyond the first order. Verallia, Forever Glass. 

Capabilities include:
- The widest collection of quality stock bottles, choose among any glass bottle or jar manufactured by Verallia plants worldwide.
- 350 years of expertise in manufacturing custom glass.
- Three in-house decoration plants.

Verallia U.S.A. proudly supports all brands from concept to product launch, a la carte services and dedicated local teams - a partnership that lasts well beyond the first order.


The Broadest Choice

With Verallia Packaging, customers get access to all the Verallia portfolio of packaging solutions

- More than 700 quality stock bottles

- More than 10 available glass colors including the Tradiver, intense green color exclusively developed by Verallia in France

- Sizes ranging from 50ml to 15L

- Endless glass and decoration customization possibilities

- New differentiated shapes, colors, decoration rendering

- Direct shipment from our plants in Europe and selection of packaging stocked in the US to be shipped to your facility either in bulk or cases

- Design tools (Virtual Glass app)

- Two showroom studios (Fairfield, California and Fort Lee, New Jersey)


Verallia, your trusted glass bottle and jars manufacture
Verallia, your trusted glass bottle and jars manufacture
Jean-Charles Forster is appointed Sales Director at SGP PACKAGING CORP
Jean-Charles Forster is appointed Sales Director at SGP PACKAGING CORP
Jean-Charles Forster has been appointed Director for the U.S. region East to the Mississippi river. Based in Fort Lee, New Jersey, Jean-Charles has several years of experience in the North American cosmetic, beverage and food packaging industry.
Internal embossing Honey
Internal embossing Honey
Internal embossing Twist
Internal embossing Twist
Internal Embossing Vertigo
Internal Embossing Vertigo
Carla Bowers
Carla Bowers
Carla Bowers appointed Sales Executive at SGP Packaging by Verallia
Rose Collection
Rose Collection

News Archive

What's New Collection // US Conica 750ml PLU
13 August, 2019

Introducing the US Conica 750ml PLU. 

Contact us today for more information! 

Bottle/finish specs available upon request. 

Ware is available packed 12pk/case


Virtual Glass by Verallia
13 August, 2019

With the new version of its Virtual Glass packaging creation tool, Verallia enables its customers to obtain realistic renderings of their projects of exceptional quality and in record time. 

Verallia introduces the new version of Virtual Glass to help its customers optimize their development time – time to market- and their costs. The result of a significant R&D effort, this digital tool makes it possible to create and visualize glass packaging (bottles and jars) filled, labelled and encapsulated with a realism never before achieved. At the forefront of virtual reality and 3D computing technologies, Virtual Glass very quickly generates hyper-realistic renderings of unprecedented quality in terms of image definition. These renderings include up to six models and can be used for communication purposes (online catalogue, promotional visuals, etc.).

With this new tool, accessible only from MyVerallia - Verallia's customer portal - it only takes a few clicks to generate a realistic look and feel for a complete package. After choosing a bottle from the catalogue, customer can add the content and/or a cap of their choice, and import their own labels. They then visualize their product project, placing it in a neutral or realistic scene, and can compare it with another project or an existing product.


Discover a video preview:  

26 April, 2019

Selective Line, Verallia's high-end brand, unveils its Stylebook 2020.

Produced by the Carlin agency in collaboration with Selective Line’s marketing team, the stylebook reveals and decodes the design trends for 2020. This anticipation is enriched with ideas for new decorations and new bottle shapes. It is presented to clients and design agencies to inspire their future developments, bringing them in line with the latest trends. The decorated bottles presented in this Stylebook have been produced by two decorating companies from Verallia, Saga Décor (France) and Verallia Polska (Poland).

Join us at the 2019 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium
18 January, 2019

Verallia will be showcasing the latest innovative wine bottles and decorations you won’t want to miss. Whether it's for still wine, rosé or sparkling wine, we have it all. Be sure to stop by our booth and discover what Verallia has to offer. 


We will be showcasing the latest product including...

  • The Paris 750ml wine bottle with a BVS finish in extra-flint


  • Bottles made for the US market: Sonoma (photo below) and the US Conica


  • 2019 Selective Style Line Trend; Urbanities, Ultimate and Joyful





The Unified Wine & Grape Symposium information:

Sacramento Convention Center

Verallia - Booth #1816

1400 J Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

Wednesday, January 30th, 2018 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Thursday, January 31st, 2018 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Discover “Burdeos Julieta”, a Bottle Developed by Verallia in Argentina Named After the Queen of the 2018 Harvest Festival!
28 November, 2018

Since 2013, Verallia in Argentina has developed each year a bottle bearing the name of the Harvest Festival queen. This traditional and popular festival is held each year in the Province of Mendoza.

For Julieta Lagos, 2018 queen, Verallia produced the “Burdeos Julieta” bottle.

Produced for the wine market, this bordelaise is an eco-designed bottle from the Ecova range. Compared to a classic model, its weight has been optimizedreducing the CO2 emissions

The “Burdeos Julieta” targets premium wines for the local and export markets.

Verallia’s Argentinian plant is located in Mendoza, at the heart of the wine region, ideally placed to serve the still and sparkling wines markets. Verallia in Argentina is also present on the cooking oils market. Equipped with two furnaces, the plant produces bottles, mostly colored green, white and dead leaf.

To see more of our projects, go to our website here

Verallia is seeking for an experienced Customer Service Representative to join the team!
26 July, 2018

Verallia is currently seeking for an experienced Customer Service Representative to join our team in our Fairfield, CA 94534 location. This position is responsible for supporting all sales and customer service activities with the objective to provide better than expected service to SGP Packaging customers and to actively support the sales and marketing efforts of SGP Packaging in North America. The main focus of the position is to support and execute at a professional level all tasks associated with customer communication throughout the sales process, including product information, pricing, order processing, sales confirmation, logistics and client relations.


Click here to find out more.

Selective Line January 2018 Latest Achievements
05 February, 2018

Hills & Harbour Gin, Crafty Distillery

Crafty Distillery of Scotland are surrounded by forests and unspoilt coastlines. Their smooth and vibrant Hills & Harbour Gin offers a true taste of Galloway. Featuring locally sourced Noble Fir needles and Bladderwrack Seaweed, it leads with juniper and is balanced with hints of forest fir, tropical fruit, citrus spice, tangy sherbet and a subtle scent of the shore. A balanced and versatile gin, so you can serve anyway you like.

The MOONEA bottle has been colour coated with fir-green and screen printed with a bold typographic design. This modern and appealing approach evokes a strong sense of their local Scottish landscape so key to the vibrant taste of Hills & Harbour Gin.

Very Irresistible, Château Fargueirol

To give their Very Irresistible rosé wine that extra special touch, the craft winemakers Château Fargueirol adopted the MALICE CLAUDINE bottle designed by Chantal Thomass.

This 2016 côtes-du-rhône is developed on one of the best soils of the Châteauneuf du Pape appellation, for an intense palette of aromas and a crisp Mediterranean freshness.

Very Irresistible, indeed!

Meduz Ambrée, Meduz

Ideal as an appetizer or to go with your meal, Meduz Ambrée beer with its copper-red sheen offers a realm of flavors with hints of caramel on the finish.

The ALIENOR bottle with its full body and soft, low shoulders gives a strong identity to this beer created by the craft brewery Meduz, located just outside Provence.


The pearl-white lacquered and gold screen-printed CELESTE bottle highlights the sparkling Pearl’s drink. This 100% natural and delicately effervescent grape juice is made from a selection of grape varieties coming exclusively from French grapevines.

The nose develops a pretty, floral intensity and a fruity note.

On the palate, Pearl’s expresses sparkling elegance bringing a light and tonic freshness.


Born from the passion of several friends and their different influences, Ginebro is an aromatic gin infused with plants originating from Spain: orange, lavender and cinnamon for Ginebro Premium, to which are added blackberries and wild strawberries for the Rosé version.

These fine and elegant gins are elaborated according to the ancestral tradition in stills dating back to 1920. The lightly decorated MOONEA bottle adds an extra touch of refinement.

Verallia at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium
19 January, 2018

What a better way to start the New Year than attending the largest wine trade show in North America. The Unified Wine & Grape Symposium will be held at the Sacramento Convention Center on January 24-25, 2018. Verallia will be showcasing the latest innovative wine bottles and decorations you won’t want to miss.

Come and discover our new offers including…

  • 2018 Selective Line Style Book revels Arty Zen, Exploration 2.0, and Carpe Diem.

  • The World Collection, a selection of glass bottles produced in Verallia plants all over the world.

  • The EGO collection from Verallia Chile
  • New and exciting shapes, colors and much more.

    Take advantage of the early registration to exhibit the show at no cost.

    Register here with your Verallia promo code 2018GPE5143



    The Unified Wine & Grape Symposium information:

    Sacramento Convention Center

    Verallia - Booth #1518

    1400 J Street

    Sacramento, CA 95814

    Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

    Thursday, January 25th, 2018 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


    Be sure to stop by our booth for a chance to win a brand-new Fitbit!





    May Ngo

    JR Marketing Manager

    Tel: +1 (707) 419-7212


Verallia Packaging invests in its U.S. division- SGP Packaging brand name will now be Verallia U.S.A.
22 December, 2017

Pavilion Sponsor, Verallia, will be showcasing at Wine Industry Network Expo 2017
28 November, 2017


SGP Packaging by Verallia is pleased to announce it will be showcasing the latest glass and decoration innovations at the upcoming 2017 Wine Industry Network Expo, which will be held Thursday, November 30th, 2017. Don’t miss out! As the Pavilion Sponsor, we are eager to share some exciting news with you at the trade show, so join us at booth #100.




Come and discover our new offers including…

  • Exclusive sale just for WIN Expo attendees #EXPODEALS
  • 2018 Selective Line Style Book revels Arty Zen, Exploration 2.0, and Carpe Diem.
  • The World Collection, a selection of glass bottles produced in Verallia plants all over the world.
  • New and exciting shapes, colors and much more.
  • Inspiration for custom projects with Verallia’s in-house decoration capabilities.


We have partnered up with our customer, Fetzer, to offer all visitors a wine tasting experience at our booth (#100) between 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM.


Visit us to view samples and for more information.

Exhibit information:

Sonoma County Fairground

1350 Bennet Valley Rd,

Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Booth #100

Thursday, November 30th, 2017 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


For more information visit:

Discover the latest achievements signed Selective Line
02 November, 2017

GEM Rosé, Maison du Sud JeanJean

La Maison du Sud JeanJean was instantly won over by the SERAC bottle designed by Leslie DABIN, prizewinner of the 2016 Verallia Design Awards, to show off its GEM rosé wine.

GEM takes us into the world of luxury and jewelry, perfectly symbolized by the bottle’s sculptured sides and diamond-shaped push-up.

The glass top adds to the precious look of fruity rosé, 100 % Cinsault exuding intense scents of fresh red fruit.

Almanegra Orange – Argentina, Puerto Ancona

The Argentinian domain Alma Negra has chosen the PARIS model in extra flint to highlight its chic ‘Orange’ wine.

A sleek design, an enigmatic label that lets the bright orange color of this 2016 vintage show through.

Made from the grapes of the Uco Valley, aged 9 months in oak barrels still in their skin, this wines exudes strong hints of apricot, cashew nuts, and dried flowers. A light acidity on the palate and a long finish.

Boë Gins

The OVATION bottle perfectly showcases the different versions of the Scottish Boë gin.

Boë Superior Gin, winner of a Silver Medal at the World Gin Awards, has now been joined by three gins pumped up with flavor and high in decor to create an outstanding family. The subtleties of Boë Superior Gin are all in the selection and preparation of its botanicals – that fine balance of herbs and spices so crucial to its distinctive taste and quality.

Boë Violet Gin, hints of violet for a delicate taste,
Boë Peach & Hibiscus Gin Liqueur, hints of peach and hibiscus assure a fruity floral flavor,
Boë Scottish Bramble Gin Liqueur, hints of mulberry for a long, delicious finish.

XO Beer, Brasserie des Gabariers

The Brasserie des Gabariers entrusted Selective Line with producing this exclusive bottle for their high-end beer XO BEER. This distinctive bottle with its rounded shoulders and curved body highlights the premium engravings.

XO BEER is the result of a unique blend of two specialties, beer and XO cognac, the latter giving its roundness and delicate aromas to the beer.

The raw materials coming from French production have been selected for an alliance that is both powerful and subtle.

BRIARDE, Brasserie Rabourdin

The Brasserie Rabourdin has chosen the silhouette of the CELESTE bière bottle for its trio of craft beers ‘Briarde’. White, blond and amber, these beers are brewed 100% barley malt.

For the white beer, a scent of floral notes and fruity flavors on the palette.
For the blonde, a dominant grainy taste with a freshness evolving towards yellow fruit.
For the amber, a malty and floral aroma.

Jan Garske appointed VP & General Manager at SGP Packaging by Verallia
05 October, 2017

A Typically Portuguese Campaign
14 September, 2017

Verallia Portugal presents an advertising campaign showcasing some of its traditional markets. Each bottle is depicted in an environment suggestive of the features of the product contained. The bottle itself is dressed with a symbolic accessory.

  • For wines evoking pleasure: an elegant restaurant table, with a bottle wearing a napkin around its neck.

  • For food and fruit juices evoking flavor: a meadow, with a bottle wearing a straw hat and a jar sporting a red bandana.

  • For sparkling wines evoking charm: a red carpet, with a bottle wearing a pearl necklace.

  • For olive oils evoking purity: a typical Alentejo landscape, with a stick used to harvest olives leaning against the bottle.

  • For port wines evoking elegance: one of the eponymous city’s famous bridges and its traditional cobblestones, with a bottle wearing a bowtie.


In Portugal, Verallia has around 250 employees. Its headquarters, factory and product development centre are located on the Atlantic coast, in Figueira da Foz, between Porto and Lisbon. With its two furnaces, the business produces daily over 2 millions bottles and jars for still wines (including the famous ports), sparkling wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks and food. Verallia Portugal serves local and international customers. The business stands out for its remarkable knowledge of the Portuguese market and the close relations it has nurtured with its customers over the last 30 years.

To find out more, visit Verallia Portugal's website:



11 September, 2017


The teams at Verallia’s Cognac plant celebrated on Friday, September 1, 2017, the restarting of one of the factory’s three furnaces, the one specialized in producing very high quality extra-flint glass. This €12m investment further strengthens the Verallia group’s territorial anchoring in Charenteand its leadership as the reference glassmaker on the dynamic Cognac market.

Work on modernizing Cognac’s extra-flint producing furnace lasted less than two months and mobilized around fifty business partners. The furnace and its four production lines were refurbished to increase the facility’s extra-flint output and flexibility

The result of a long industrial history initiated in 1878 by Claude Boucher, inventor of the first glass-blowing machine, Verallia’s Cognac plant today serves three main markets: still wines, sparkling wines, and Cognac and spirits. Most Cognac producers, regardless of their size and their positioning opt for extra-flint glass, a color unrivalled in terms of transparency and shine. 

With this investment, Verallia, a manufacturing corporation wholly dedicated to glass packaging, continues to implement its operational excellence strategy and further strengthens its foothold in the Charente region of France where it employs 430 people on 4 manufacturing sites (glassmaking plant, Everglass household glass treatment site, René Salomon facilities, Société Charentaise de décor acquired in April 2017).

©Verallia, Stéphane Charbeau – sept 2017

To find out more, read the press release :


Verallia Design Awards Revealed the Winners of the 2017 Edition
19 July, 2017

On June 30, the jury of the Verallia Design Awards revealed the winners of the 2017 edition among the several hundred participants. Designers from schools of design and packaging were invited to propose bottle and jar projects around the theme “Glass in the city”.
Verallia organizes a design competition every year, the Verallia Design Awards, in order to promote innovation and highlight young talents around the glass market. The purpose of this contest is to invite students of the best design and packaging school to explore their creativities and technical potential of glass. 


                The Winners

Water and non-alcoholic drinks








     ESAD de REIMS




ENSCI Les Ateliers
ENSCI Les Ateliers




    Ecole Pivaur Nantes




ESAD de Reims

To find out more about Verallia Design Award, click to their website.

To visit SGP Packaging by Verallia, click here

18 July, 2017


Paris, 18 July 2017 – Verallia Packaging S.A.S. has today announced the appointment of Michel Giannuzzi as Chairman and Chief Executive officer (“CEO”) of the Group starting from September 1, 2017. He will take over from Jean-Pierre Floris, who is appointed as Honorary Chairman and will continue to serve the company as Independent Board Member.

Aged 52 years old, Michel Giannuzzi served as CEO of Tarkett, a worldwide leader of innovative flooring and sports surface solutions, from 2007 to 2017. During his tenure at Tarkett, Michel Giannuzzi pursued a profitable and sustainable growth strategy, which led to a successful IPO in 2013. Prior to that, Michel Giannuzzi held several leading positions within the Michelin Group and Valeo Group. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique.

Jean-Pierre Floris declared: “I am honoured to have led the team that established the independence of Verallia and that implemented the business plan developed in partnership with Apollo and Bpifrance. Today marks the beginning of a new phase for Verallia. I am delighted with the choice of Michel Giannuzzi, which I supported. He has all the qualities and the experience necessary to guarantee the deployment of our company’s business strategy. I wish Verallia and Michel Giannuzzi every success and I want them to know that they have my full support. I would like to thank our shareholders, our 10,000 customers, and the 10,000 employees of Verallia, with whom I had a great pleasure to work.”

“I am very excited to join Verallia and partner with both Apollo and Bpifrance. Verallia is a leader in its industry and Jean-Pierre Floris has built an exceptional team with years of experience in glass packaging manufacturing, which will lay the foundation for a successful future”, said Michel Giannuzzi.

“We would like to thank Jean-Pierre Floris for his service to the company and his efforts to successfully transition Verallia to a standalone entity. We look forward to continuing to serve Verallia alongside him in his new capacity as Honorary Chairman and Independent Board Member”, stated Robert Seminara, Senior Partner of Apollo and Sébastien Moynot, Board Member of Verallia representing Bpifrance. “We are delighted to welcome Michel Giannuzzi to Verallia, who brings the unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit and proven leadership that will be instrumental to continue the successful development that the company enjoyed under Jean-Pierre Floris’ leadership.”

About Verallia - An independent group, Verallia is one of the world’s top three manufacturers of glass packaging for food and beverages, and proposes innovative, customized and environmentally friendly solutions. Verallia produced around 16 billion glass bottles and jars in 2016. Verallia’s business model is based on combining the strength of its global network (manufacturing operations in 13 countries, sales locations in 46 countries with 5 technical centres and 13 product development centres) and local customer relationships in all regions. In 2016, Verallia achieved net sales of EUR2.4bn.  For more information:


06 July, 2017

On 22 June, the Rosé de Provence special prize ceremony was held, with a rosé spirit, at the 40th anniversary of the Côtes de Provence appellation. For this special prize, organized in partnership with the Syndicat des Vins Côtes de Provence, the candidates' mission was to propose an innovative bottle design that illustrates the current values of Provence. The jury, composed of members of the union, met on May 23 to select the three winners of the special prize, who presented their projects proudly last night with realistic models in front of nearly 400 guests .

Discover the 3 winners without waiting ...

1st pize: «The intoxicated sculptor» by Caroline Charrel


Caroline, a student at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, designed a bottle whose facets recall the columns of ancient Greece, bringing back to the Greek origins the vines of the Provençal coastline. Indeed, the first vines of Provence would have been brought from Greece at that time, thanks to trade. The breast-shaped bite, inspired by antique sculptures, tends to generate amusement or simply to initiate conversation. Its elegant design seduces the jury which awards him the first prize! 

2nd prize: "Strate" by Célia Levavasseur

Célia, a student at the Pivaut school in Nantes, created a bottle of rosé from Provence, whose original and modern design evokes the transition from Provence to the city. The strata in external engravings traverse the whole of the bottle, from the sting to the shoulder. This link is prolonged and serves as the approach to the city progresses.

A stroke of the jury: "Belle pour mes 40 ans" by Pierre Strepponi

This bottle, whose design breaks the classic codes of the bottle of wine, sees itself as a fresh and luxurious case for the rosé of Provence. Its main form recalls, in an abstract way, that of the bunch of grapes and the facets refer to the organization of the agricultural parcels of the vineyard. Globality forms a glacier that suggests the freshness of rosé. Student at the Lycée Théophile Legrand, Pierre has finalized the design of his project with a nod: the figure "40" evokes course of the anniversary of the Côtes de Provence appellation.
Congratulations to our 3 winners!
To read this article in French: CLICK HERE

Selective Line: June 2017 Latest Achievements
26 June, 2017




Sevigné Conty has chosen the ROMA to bottle its refined Songe de Sevigné cuvée, gold medal winner at the 2017 Provence wines competition.

The modernized vintage shape of this bottle as well as the label that elegantly swirls around its curves brings out this rosé’s pale pink color.

The blend of Grenache noir, Cinsault and Cabernet franc varieties gives a unique style to this wine with its hints of peach and citrus fruit revealing a tangy round aftertaste.


PLATINVM N°3, Tavasa

The Spanish distillery Tavasa was seduced by the bottle ALIENOR in 37.5 cl for its creation PlatinVm n°3.

The electric pink color, which reveals pearly waves when mixed, is extremely original and intriguing for this flavored wine.

On the palate, delicious natural extracts of roses and oranges are discovered.

VIRGA, Espiritos Brasileiros

The purity of the first artisanal gin from Brazil Virga is sublimated by the MOONEA bottle.

This premium gin made from exclusively local botanical plants, juniper and homemade cachaça, is distilled into copper alembic.

Its exotic taste is unique with strong aromas of cane sugar.

MAULA, BUTONI, MUSSA, Cerveza de Valencia

The trio of craft beers produced by Cerveza de Valencia creates differenciation in the PRAGA bottle. Its sober and distinctive design gives a certain panache to these premium beers based on Pale Ale barley malt and natural fruits.

For Maula, orange peel undertones and a slight bitterness

For Butoni, a hint of natural orange for a fruity aftertaste

For Mussa, a hint of lemon.

MADEMOISELLE FLORENSAC, les Vignerons de Florensac

For the special ‘Mademoiselle Florensac’ cuvée, the Vignerons de Florensac wine-producers have chosen a totally black-coated ATLANTA bottle topped by a black-and-white cap giving this 100% Syrah wine a really chic look and feel.

The red wine reveals hints of mushroom and tobacco accompanied by notes of violet and licorice for a nicely tangy aftertaste.


To find out more about lastest achievements, click on their website.


30 May, 2017

Elected Wine Harvest Queen 2017, Victoria Colovatti will be tasked – over one year – with communicating on the importance of wine-growing in Argentina. The “Sparkling Victoria” bottle, developed by Verallia for the event, was named in her honor.
The Wine Harvest festival is a traditional, popular festival held each year in the Province of Mendoza (Argentina). The very first Wine Harvest Festival dates back to 1936 and it has been an annual event since 1986.

On this occasion, Verallia officially launched the Discover Verallia program, enabling wine lovers to learn more about the glass bottle manufacturing process, and the whole Verallia value chain. This program also obtained the gold medal during the 2016 edition of Great Wine Capitals.

Especially made for sparkling wines, the “Sparkling Victoria” model belongs to the eco-designed Ecova range: environmentally-friendly products, optimized in terms of weight. The bottle weighs only 860g and targets premium products for the local and export market.

To find out more about Verallia in Argentina, click on their website.

30 May, 2017

Saga Décor, a Verallia group company with expertise in decorating glass containers, has acquired Société Charentaise de Décor, specialized in glass satin-finishing. Through this deal, Verallia consolidates its decoration range to match market trends, while strengthening its presence in Charente, in the south-west of France.

Founded in 1973, Société Charentaise de Décor has unique expertise in satin-finishing glass bottles. Located in Gensac-la-Pallue (Charente), the firm decorates around 30 million bottles a year and employs 28 employees. In 2015, its turnover was over €6m. Verallia and Société Charentaise de Décor have in common a customer base of major spirits brands representing the most dynamic market for glass bottle decoration.

With this acquisition, Saga Décor reinforces its industrial capabilities and affirms its know-how in satin-finishing. This announcement illustrates Saga Décor’s willingness to invest in meeting new customer requirements, primarily demanding range variety and flexibility in decoration techniques. In this vein, late 2016, Saga Décor started up at its Pont-Sainte-Maxence facility (Oise, France) a lacquering line on full bottles with drying by UV lamps and a hot-stamping machine.

Click below to read the press release:

Selective Line Style Book 2018
25 May, 2017

Living intensely, the great promise of the modern world…

Discover the teaser of our 2018 stylebook produced in collaboration with the Carlin trends agency. Delve into Arty Zen, Exploration 2.0 and Carpe Diem, the three flagship trends for 2018 that have inspired us to design new shapes and new decorations.

Selective Line, Verallia’s premium international brand, unveils its style book 2018. This book, produced by the design agency Carlin in collaboration with Selective Line’s marketing team, reveals the design trends identified for 2018 from which new bottle shapes and decorations are imagined.

The style book is presented to customers and design agencies to inspire their future developments.

This year, three trends have been decrypted. They have inspired the new bottle shapes and decorations produced by Verallia’s décor companies, Saga Décor (France) and Verallia Polska (Poland).

SGP Packaging by Verallia will be showcasing at ADI
27 March, 2017



Fairfield, CA -- Make the best choice for your spirit as SGP Packaging by Verallia showcase their most premium spirit glass bottles from the 2017 selective line catalog.

SGP Packaging by Verallia is pleased to announce it will be showcasing many new glass packaging at Booth #507 at the upcoming American Distilling Institute (ADI) tradeshow, which will be held on April 4th-5th, 2017 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

SGP Packaging will be featuring recent innovation of spirit glass bottles from the 2017 selective line collection. Displaying the latest premium spirit bottles and decorations, including our new inkjet decoration process.

Have you heard of the virtual glass application? Go to the app store and type in Virtual Glass Veralliaand download it today! It’s the only app to easily create, test, and share glass packaging projects in a 3 dimensional form and virtual reality. Stop by the booth and check out the live demo. 


About American Distilling Institute (ADI):

The American Distilling Institute (ADI) is the oldest and largest organization of small-batch, independently-owned distillers in the United States. Founded in 2003 by Bill Owens, the organization has grown from a few dozen distillers to more than 1,000 paid members. To promote and defend the art and enterprise of craft distilling. Through our programs of economic development, academic research and education, ADI generates greater public awareness and appreciation for the quality and variety of artisan spirits and brings greater benefits to the larger society in which we live.


Visit us at Booth #507 to view samples and for more information.


Exhibit information:

Baltimore Convention Center

1 W Pratt St

Baltimore, MD 21201

Booth #507

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 and Wednesday, April 5th, 2017


For more information visit:


For show information and promotion code email:

New Glass Bottle Collection and Premium Best Sellers Showcased at IQ
27 February, 2017

BannerSGP Packaging by Verallia will be displaying the latest premium innovating wine bottles and decorations at the upcoming Innovation and Quality (IQ) Tradeshow on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017. IQ 2017 is the annual forum for ultra-premium wineries focusing on cutting-edge innovations that advance wine quality. SGP Packaging will be showcasing its new glass bottle collection and premium best seller such as the Renaissance line.
There will be a live demonstration of the updated virtual glass application. The only app to easily create, test, and share glass packaging projects. Customize any bottle of our collection with your own labels and closures; then test them in 3 dimensions real environment with augmented reality.
SGP Packaging is partnering up with Bon Appétit Box to host a creative contest using the Virtual Glass Application. One winner will receive a box of delicious French gourmet food. The company is also hosting a complimentary gormet food testing at the booth. 
The team will be there to answer questions.
Join us at booth #303 and discover what’s new.
Exhibit information:
Charles Krug Winery
2800 Main St.
St Helena, CA 94574
Booth #303
Thursday, March 2, 2017 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

For more information 
May Ngo
Marketing Specialist
(707) 419-7208

SGP at Unified
17 January, 2017

SGP Packaging by Verallia will be showcasing the latest glass innovation and outstanding sparkling wine and rose bottles from the 2017 Collection. Come and discover the Celeste wine bottle, our new inkjet decoration process, the Chantal Thomass Rosé Collection new sparkling bottles available in dark amber, and more.



Sacramento Convention Center


Booth #120

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Thursday, January 26, 2017 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


We will be hosting two contests!

Virtual Reality comes to the packaging industry!

Come and discover the new version of our Virtual Glass App and participate in our creation contest.

One winner will go home with a brand new iPad


An actual sample of the bottle they’ve created using the app! Decoration performs using our new inkjet technology.

Stop by our booth (#120) for more details. 

SGP Packaging by Verallia showcasing the latest rosé collection at #WINExpo
29 November, 2016

Stop by booth #100 to learn more about SGP Packaging by Verallia glass business.

SGP Packaging by Verallia will be presenting a variety of different glass bottles this year at WINExpo. Come and discover differentiated sparkling and still wine glass bottles and decorations.

We will be showcasing the latest trends and packaging options for the upcoming rosé season including the collection by fashion designer Chantal Thomass


We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth #100


Carla Bowers appointed Sales Executive at SGP Packaging by Verallia
11 April, 2016



In order to support the growth of Verallia in North America, SGP Packaging, the North American division of Verallia, announces the appointment of Carla Bowers, joining the team as Sales Executive.

Carla's recent role as an advisor and sales representative of premium packaging for wine bottles gives her the background and expertise to bring Verallia customers the support they need for their glass packaging requirements. Multi-talented and with a passion for quality wines, Carla also published the book Napa Valley Iconic Wineries.

"We are very glad to welcome Carla within the group, as she shares our vision for quality packaging backed by superior customer service. Carla is likely to be a strong asset for the development of Verallia" says JP-Giovanni, VP and General Manager at SGP Packaging.


Please feel free to contact Carla for any glass packaging need you may have.

Contact information:

707 430 1028 



About SGP Packaging by Verallia

SGP Packaging is the North American division of Verallia, global leading glass maker. SGP gives you access to the widest array of glass bottles manufactured by Verallia worldwide, local customer service and logistic services with offices on both US coasts.

 For more information:





SGP Packaging by Verallia to showcase new internal embossing stock options at the WIN Expo
25 November, 2015


Visit SGP Packaging by Verallia at the WIN Expo booth n°100 and see Verallia’s wide offering of stock bottles and glass colors as well as the latest innovations, including more internal embossing stock options, innovative glass designs created in collaboration with the designer Chantal Thomass, and the latest glass decoration technologies.

Join us at our booth located at the entrance of the show to get an overview of the latest glass packaging innovations as well as Verallia’s well-established stock molds. The SGP Packaging team will help you find the right bottle to make your brand stand out, all delivered with the quality and service associated worldwide with Verallia.  

We look forward to meeting you there!

The SGP Packaging team.


ABOUT SGP PACKAGING BY VERALLIA: SGP Packaging is the North American subsidiary of Verallia offering glass bottles and jars Verallia manufactures in Europe and South America. Verallia is recognized as a wold leader in glass packaging with the widest collection of bottles from 50ml to 15L, two in-house decoration plants, outsanding quality products and innovations, as well as local US logistic centers, customer services and technical support. <!--?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /-->



04 November, 2015

SGP Packaging by Verallia, the North American division of the world leader in glass container manufacturing, and all the other Verallia divisions worldwide are very proud to announce the completion of Verallia’s change of ownership.

Saint-Gobain today announced the closing of the sale of Verallia to Apollo Global Management LLC and Bpifrance, who now hold respectively 90% and 10% of Verallia’s equity.

“We are extremely excited to be acquiring Verallia, which is an outstanding franchise and one of the world’s leading packaging companies,” Robert Seminara, a senior partner at Apollo, and Jean-Luc Allavena, an operating executive at the company, said.

With its new shareholders, Verallia is now a fully stand-alone manufacturing group, totally dedicated to glass packaging. This is a new chapter in the long history of the company, which has developed its glass expertise since 1827 and that, over the years reinforced its sales and operations network through new locations in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America and North Africa.

In the words of Jean-Pierre Floris, Verallia’s Chairman and CEO: “I am pleased to be able to count on the backing of our new shareholders for the implementation of our strategic goals and Verallia’s growth. Our priority remains the search for operational excellence, to offer our customers an exemplary level of quality and service. We will continue our investment policy to develop our plants alongside our markets and continue increasing our team’s glassmaking expertise. We are lucky to work with glass, an exceptional material which is the benchmark for food safety and sustainability and we will remain in the forefront in terms of innovation.”

“Verallia global business plan has been vetted by Apollo and there is no expected changes in Verallia and SGP Packaging product and service offering. We are very glad to be acquired by a US-based company as we continue to expand our presence in North America market. Apollo brings along a strong perspective of continued growth and further innovation which will be to the benefit of our customers” explains JP Giovanni, VP and General Manager of SGP Packaging by Verallia.”


ABOUT VERALLIA – Verallia is one of the world’s top three manufacturers of glass packaging for food and beverages, and proposes innovative, customized and environmentally-friendly solutions. Verallia produced around 15 billion glass bottles and jars in 2014. Verallia’s business model is based on combining the strength of its global network (manufacturing operations in 13 countries, sales locations in 45 countries with 6 development and innovation technical centers) and local customer relationships in all regions. In 2014, Verallia achieved net sales of €2.4bn. SGP Packaging is the North American division of Verallia with a local sales team, customer service and logistic centers to serve the North American market.

For more information:

ABOUT APOLLO – Apollo is a leading global alternative investment manager. Apollo had assets under management of approximately $162 billion as of September 30, 2015 in private equity, credit and real estate funds invested across a core group of nine industries where Apollo has considerable knowledge and resources, including the packaging and materials sectors. Apollo has a strong track record in France based on investments in major industrial companies such as Monier, Constellium and Latecoere. For more information about Apollo, please visit .

ABOUT BPI FRANCE – Bpifrance, a subsidiary of the French State and the Caisse des Dépôts and the entrepreneurs’ trusted partner, finances businesses from the seed phase to IPO, through loans, guarantees and equity investments. Bpifrance also provides operational services and strong support for innovation, export, and external growth in parnertship with Business France and Coface. Bpifrance offers businesses a large range of financing opportunities at each key step of their development, including offers adapted to regional specificities. With its 42 regional offices (90% of decisions are made locally) Bpifrance represents a strategic tool for economic competitiveness dedicated to entrepreneurs. Bpifrance acts as a back-up for initiatives driven by the French State and the Regions to tackle 3 goals: contributing to SME’s growth, preparing tomorrow’s competitiveness and contributing to the development of a positive entrepreneur ecosystem. With Bpifrance, businesses benefit

What we learnt at the W&V Pack conference
12 October, 2015

Designers Tony Auston (Auston Design Group), Jeff Hesters (Cult Partners) and Jim Moon (Jim Moon Design) gave crucial advices regarding packaging choices. Moderated by Andrew Rice, creative director of Trinchero Family Estates and its 300-plus SKUs, the panel aimed toemphasize the packaging do's and don't and give an overview of available innovations in the glass industry.

As part of the do's, Tony Auston, owner at Auston Design Group, presented the most interesting innovations in the wine packaging industry, beginning with the VinoSeal glass closures distributed by Universal Packaging in North America.


Other breakthrough innovation, Tony Auston presented Verallia's internal embossingoffered in the US by Verallia's North American subsidiary - SGP Packaging. The embossing (which can be a custom design such as a logo) is on the inside. The design disappears when the bottle is filled with wine. A major innovation in the glass industry that enables the brands to focus on experiential marketing. The audience was extremely receptive to this new packaging option.



Tony Auston also introduced Verallia's Luminescent Glass, offered in the US by Verallia's North American subsidiary - SGP Packaging.  Andrew Rice demonstrated the glowing effect with a UV black light. The luminescent glass is extra-flint quality glass that is glowing in nightclubs and bars. The glowing effect is inside the glass so it will not get damaged, unlike luminescent decorations. First developped for Spirit brands, this is a very interesting option for Rosés consummed in night clubs, bars and on-premise. Already available in luminescent blue, Verallia is developping new colors as well (pink, orange, yellow, ...)


Shapes and decorations are the other ways to easily differentiate a wine packaging on the shelves. The designers discussed about new shapes such as the Miraval rosé bottle manfuactured by Verallia (Ancienne Burgundy stock bottle available in the US through SGP Packaging division of Verallia). Tony Auston also showed state-of-the-art decoration technics Verallia and its decoration plant Saga Decor offer as part of their premium Selective line. Decoration included quadri-screen-printing with built-up printing and embossing imitation with MOQ as low as 1 pallet. Innovations that can leverage differentiation for premium wines and limited editions.


You can download the full presentations via the folowing link:


About Auston Design Group: located in Emeryville, CA., Auston Design Group is a small, Branding and Package Design studio established in 1994 in St. Helena, CA. Founder, Tony Auston, was introduced to the wine industry in 1988, when he relocated to Napa Valley to take on the role of Senior Design Director at the former Colonna Farrell: Design Associates. Tony's experience within the category spans more than twenty-five years and encompasses a wide range of successful, award-winning package designs for national and international brands. As Creative Director, Tony continues to be involved in every aspect of the creative process at Auston Design Group, from initial consultation and strategic development, through final design and production.


About Universal Packaging:Universal Packaging is a decorator and glass distributor in North America. It is also the exclusive distributor of Vinoseal Glass closures in the US.


About SGP Packaging by Verallia:SGP Packaging Corp is the North American subsidiary of Verallia. Thanks to a network of 27 Verallia plants in Western Europe, SGP Packaging offers the widest array of glass options and, as part of the Verallia group, is recognized as an innovation leader in North America.

Contact: / read more:

SGP Packaging by Verallia introducing new 3D packaging app with augmented reality technology
03 March, 2015

SGP Packaging, as part of Verallia, launches the first free easy-to-use packaging design app with 3D rendering and augmented reality, available for free in the US App store on iPads.



Verallia revolutionize the packaging industry with a new creation tool: the VIRTUAL GLASS APP. An easy tool for designers and bottle buyers to quickly try and compare different packaging options using their own labels and caps.

Create, share, and test wine and spirit bottle designs as never been so easy.Users can choose among different bottle shapes, sizes and colors from the SGP Packaging Collection. They can add caps to their chosen bottles and import their own front and back labels or decor in just one click. The 3D view enables to see the full packaging from every angle with a very simple gest.

Any user can then easily test their creations in a real environment with augmented reality technology! The app generates a 3D realistic projection of the customized bottle to any environment the iPad is pointing at. This tool is very useful to compare your creations to real existing bottles at retail stores for instance.


"The free Virtual Glass iPad app saves time and eliminates guesswork. It allows marketers like us to test a new bottle design by superimposing it on a virtual retail store shelf, side-by-side with competitors’ bottles. It’s a real breakthrough"

 Jeremy Benson, Wine & Spirit marketing expert and President at Benson Marketing group.


 "From a design perspective, we find the ability to view your complete packaging (label, closure, screen printing etc.) not only on a variety of dimensionally correct bottle shapes and styles, but also in an unlimited variety of real life product placements, incredibly valuable. This app does just that, and in and intuitive and easy to use manner"

David Schuemann, Owner and Creative Director of CF Napa Brand Design


We had very good feedback regarding this app from its first official launch at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. We really think the Virtual Glass answers a huge need for both winemakers / spirit producers, marketers, designers, ... to simply and quickly test their packaging. These kind of solutions already existed for construction, furniture, home improvment etc, Verallia made it available to the wine and spirit industry so people can have a very good overview of bottles options that fit their labels/caps and try hundreads of packaging options in just a few seconds.


Download it for free now from your iPad (not available on iPhones or Android yet) following this link.

To generate your augmented reality bottles, print the following image (available as a mouse pad, contact to get yours), click on "augmented reality mode" at the bottom of the app, and point your iPad to the printed picture. Please make sure you have allowed the Virtual Glass app to access your camera and pictures first.

A version V2 will be released soon and include spirit bottles, lacquering options and pre-loaded labels designed by CF Napa to give users other customization ideas. Follow SGP PACKAGING on LinkedIn and Twitter to be informed.


SGP to showcase latest innovations in the packaging industry at IQ
25 February, 2015

Innovation + Quality (IQ) 2015 is a new forum for ultra-premium wineries focused on cutting-edge innovations that advance wine quality. This day-long event will take place March 4, 2015 at Charles Krug Winery in the Napa Valley.

Sessions will be held in the Carriage House and in the newly restored Redwood Cellar Tasting Room and Hospitality Center. A tented area between these two historic buildings will feature product and technology demonstrations and exhibitors showcasing the latest innovations in ultra-premium winemaking, grape growing, packaging and direct-to-consumer sales.

This event is produced by Wine Business Monthly, the leading print publication for the wine industry.


With quality and innovation as core values of the Saint-Gobain group, SGP PACKAGING is very proud to sponsor this event.  Come and discover the latest innovation in the packaging industry on booth 307 in front of the entrance.

SGP to open a new showroom studio in Fairfield
24 February, 2015

 SGP Packaging, the new US based division of Verallia for bottles and jars manufactured in Europe announced the opening of two showroom studios. The first one in Fairfield, CA is located close to the Sonoma and Napa valleys.

Customers can come by to visit the showroom, get advices from glass packaging experts and use design tools such as the Creativ'Lab (webex with the plant to work on glass redesign) or the Virtual Glass (Apple app to try your own labels and caps on SGP Packaging bottles).

A dedicated team is based there to answer technical questions, bring additional customer services and follow-up with your packaging projects from concept to product launch.



Phone: 707-419-7200

 A new showroom studio will also open in Fort Lee, New Jersey in the upcoming weeks.

Leading European Glass Packaging manufacturer Opens Service Division in North America
19 December, 2014

Verallia, the global leader in glass manufacturing headquartered in Europe, announces the creation of SGP Packaging, a US-based division for North American customers. The new division represents the entire Saint-Gobain-Verallia global lines of glass packaging and services offering brand new options for distinctive bottles and jars.

With Verallia’s recognized European glass quality and expertise, SGP Packaging carries the broadest portfolio of packaging solutions in the glass industry. With 23 glass plants in Western Europe and two decoration plants, SGP Packaging customers gain access to the largest choice of stock items, more than 10 glass colors and sizes ranging from 50ml to 15L.

SGP Packaging brings totally new glass shapes and colors to the North American market, including the Tradiver glass color initially developed by Verallia France for the Grands Crus of Bordeaux.

“SGP Packaging is bound to become a new major actor of the packaging industry bringing North American customers new products and services with a customer-focused approach and a dedication to quality and service. Since its launch, SGP Packaging has already generated great enthusiasm from wine, beer, cider, spirits and specialty food companies. It is clear that our offering fills a void in the ever-demanding North-American market”, explains J-P Giovanni, VP and General Manager.

North American customers to benefit from enhanced local services

With this new division of Verallia, North American brands can now benefit from enhanced local services attached to Verallia products manufactured in Europe. Committed to supporting customers from concept to product launch, SGP Packaging will open two showroom studios in 2015 in California and New Jersey. The company also just launched the first app to help customers easily customize their SGP bottles online with 3D rendering and virtual reality technology – the Virtual Glass app will soon be available for free in the Apple app store.

SGP Packaging also offers warehousing and bulk-to-case repacking services to meet requirements of North American customers.

A local team dedicated to customers

JP Giovanni, VP & General Manager   

To lead SGP Packaging operations, Jean-Pierre “J-P” Giovanni has been appointed VP and General Manager. Based in    Fairfield, California, JP is a packaging expert with years of experience in leading and developing North American packaging companies.

JC Forster, Sales Director SGP Packaging East 

Jean-Charles Forster has been appointed Director for the U.S. Eastern region. Based in Fort Lee, New Jersey, Jean-Charles has several years of experience in the North American cosmetic, beverage and food packaging industry.

To meet increasing demand, SGP Packaging has already hired seven additional people dedicated to sales, marketing and customer service.

Title Name Email Phone
VP of Sales and Operations Jean-Marc Buisson
Operation & Administration Manager Saida Reyes 707-419-7205
Operations & Administration Assistant Claudine Olaes 707-419-7211
Sales and Marketing Manager May Ngo 707-419 7212
Customer Service Rep Brianna Washington
Customer Service Rep Perla Ponce 707-419-7213