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Darren Patterson

The North Bay's Leading Solar Contractor

Westcoast Solar Energy is the leading Sonoma County-based solar contractor with 4 MW of installations since 2009.  We specialize in professional solar installation and integration services for agricultural, commercial and residential applications of any size.  Every installation is custom designed to meet the job's specific energy requirements and maximize the site's natural potential.

At Westcoast Solar Energy, we believe the more you know about solar power, the easier it is to make the transition.  We clearly explain the delivery system, the cost of installation, and the calculated savings that you will derive from a solar installation.

Quality installation is our goal.  You won't find Westcoast Solar Energy cutting corners on design and installation.  Our proprietary "Sun-Dial Technology" is the culmination of years in design and installation experience.  Each installation reflects our commitment to do the job right, so you can enjoy not only the benefits of reduced energy costs, but the security that the installed system will be able to meet your energy demands well into the future.

Specialties:  Full-service design, installation, maintenance, repair and FREE on-site evaluation

Service Locations:  The entire North Bay, including Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Mendocino and Lake counties

Experience:  10+ Years


  • Best Green Business - 2012 Northbay Biz Magazine Readers Poll
  • Forty Under 40 Awards - 2010 North Bay Business Journal


  • Class A General Engineering Contractor #908420
  • Class B General Building Contractor #968006
  • C-10 Electrical Contractor #963158
  • C-46 Solar Contractor #963158


  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Certification #091308-61
  • Journeyman Certified

Key Benefits of Westcoast Solar Energy

In-house design to ensure that our high standards are met and you get the maximum benefit from your solar array to satisfy your specific requirements.

Cost and value engineering to eliminate extra construction times and costs by locating arrays in areas where power can be easily routed to numerous meter locations.

Custom installation crews with the skill, experience and training to make even the most elaborate projects come together on time.

Industry leading materials and products, such as integrated grounding, proprietary theft-resistant fasteners, and photovoltaic (PV) wire for all exposed wire runs.  (PV wire is the same wire that is used on the back of solar modules that carry a 25-year warranty.  The bulk of failures in PV systems are due to faults in low-grade wiring.)

Ongoing customer support long after your installation to address any questions or concerns you may have with the same level of attention that you experienced during the install.

Shone Farms
Shone Farms
Lagunitas Brewing company, Petaluma, CA
Lagunitas Brewing company, Petaluma, CA
Michel-Schlumberger Wine Estate, Healdsburg, CA
Michel-Schlumberger Wine Estate, Healdsburg, CA
Inman Family Wines, Santa Rosa, CA
Inman Family Wines, Santa Rosa, CA
J. Rickards Winery, Cloverdale, CA
J. Rickards Winery, Cloverdale, CA
Mauritson Wines, Healdsburg, CA
Mauritson Wines, Healdsburg, CA
Merry Edwards Winery, Sebastopol, CA
Merry Edwards Winery, Sebastopol, CA
Multi-Contact USA, Windsor, CA
Multi-Contact USA, Windsor, CA
Hawkes Winery, Healdsburg, CA
Hawkes Winery, Healdsburg, CA

News Archive

Westcoast Solar Energy Ranked #1 by North Bay Business Journal
12 June, 2018

Let's get on top of your energy solutions, and produce measurable results with a shrinking energy bill!

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss, but Your Solar Panels Might
06 June, 2018

A rolling stone gathers no moss, but your solar panels might

Whether we installed your solar power plant or not, contact our team to book your service & cleaning appointment, and get back to absorbing maximum sunlight & savings!

Keep Your Solar Options Open
29 May, 2018

A tip for those who are rebuilding in the North Bay fire-affected areas:

Ask your designer/architect to keep the field as open as possible to accommodate your future solar solutions

If you are looking for some energy-related advice, ask Westcoast Solar Energy!

Shone Farms Goes Solar
05 February, 2018

Shone Farm is about to grow solar, thanks to Westcoast Solar Energy. Have you got an agricultural property in need of energy savings? 

Westcoast Solar Energy 


Protect your Solar Investment
11 January, 2018


If you have made the investment in solar power, protect that investment with the experience and trained professionals of Westcoast Solar Energy. We are dedicated to providing expert solar installation service and repair for a variety of solar systems. Our team knows what it takes to keep your system operating at peak efficiency to maximize your return on solar power. 

A successful Solar Asset Management strategy will have the following attributes:

  1. Comprehensive: Controls all project areas (equipment, operations, cleaning and financial).
  2. Independent: Provides transparent processes that avoid conflicts and create clarity, control, ordination and responsibility for all key tasks.
  3. Accountable: Provides for measurable results.
  4. Accretive: Focuses on measures that will optimize long-term performance and decrease operating expenses.

An effective Solar Asset Management strategy can assure your solar system is operating at peak efficiency allowing your solar investment to deliver the baseline ROI and exceed pro forma expectations.

Solar Asset Management

Board the Smart Solar Train!
01 August, 2017

 The frame created to hold solar panels looks like railroad tracks side by side

This rail system, provided by Smart Westcoast Solar Energy, is a ticket to eliminating an electric bill! 

If you want to get on board this train...

call us at (707) 664-6450 OR visit our site at



We service what others installed!
18 July, 2017


Things happen and when they do, call Westcoast Solar Energy to pull you through!A cracked and rusted solar panel

We service what others installed!

If you have made the investment in solar power, protect that investment with the experience and trained professionals of   Westcoast Solar Energy. We are dedicated to providing expert service and repair for a variety of solar systems. Our team knows what it takes to keep your system operating at peak efficiency to maximize your return on solar power...

A Winery Harvesting the Sun
21 June, 2017

This is what a winery looks like when they are getting ready to harvest the sun; we like to think of solar as a cash crop.

Visit our website and call to discuss how we can help eliminate your electric bill at your winery or business!

4 more weeks of Peak Power generation
21 March, 2017

Hey Westcoast Solar Energy system owners, Take advantage of this rain by giving your panels a quick scrub with a car wash brush. With 4 more weeks of Peak Power generation ahead of us you could bank enough juice to go a little crazy with the Christmas lights this winter!! Nate shows you how here:

Michel-Schlumberger winery solar system wins Top Projects award
20 March, 2017

Westcoast Solar Energy does award-winning design and installation work for our clients- 
Congratulations to Michel-Schlumberger Wine Estates!

Rain and solar panels
20 March, 2017

We thought you might be wondering if all this rain is cleaning your solar panels -

According to this informative article, you might not be getting a benefit with all this rain


Lagunitas Brewing to install large solar array in Petaluma
14 April, 2016

The U.S. solar market after the tax credit expiration
29 April, 2015

Are we reaching Solar Critical Mass?  Discover the details on Solar Tax Credits and find out our take on it in a recent North Bay Business Journal article ... August 4, 2014 - "Solar tax credit expiration raises concerns" - North Bay Business Journal

Solar Installations by Westcoast Solar Energy

  • Adobe Associates, Inc.
  • Battaglini Estate Winery
  • Blentech Corporation
  • Charles M. Schulz Museum
  • Community Market
  • German Motors Collision Center
  • Hawkes Winery
  • Inman Family Wines
  • J. Rickards Winery
  • Kaz Winery
  • Lagunitas Brewing Company
  • Mauritson Wines
  • Michel-Schlumberger Wine Estate
  • Merry Edwards Winery
  • Montemaggiore
  • Multi-Contact USA
  • North Coast Brewing Company
  • Opperman and Son, Inc.
  • Parsons Homegrown
  • Schug Carneros Estate Winery
  • Sonoma Orchid Inn
  • Stewarts Point Rancheria
" I used Westcoast Solar Energy for the PV system for my new winery (Inman Family Wines), and they did an excellent job. The county inspector said it was some of the best electrical work he had seen. We were very pleased. "
- Kathleen Inman, Owner, Inman Family Wines, Santa Rosa, CA
" Westcoast Solar Energy was chosen as the solar contractor to install our 205 kilowatt solar system on our U.S. Headquarters building. From their consultants to their installation crews, they offered a level of professionalism that is reflected in the quality of the work performed. I am delighted with the system and with Westcoast Solar Energy. "
- Dustin Carver, Chief Engineer, Multi-Contact USA, Windsor, CA
" We wanted solar and had been looking, but put it off because the economic indicators weren't right. Problems existed with equipment and installation techniques. Westcoast Solar Energy showed us that the products, installation, financing and the sun were all in our favor. "
- Clay Mauritson, Owner, Mauritson Wines, Healdsburg, CA
" Everyone at Westcoast Solar was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciated their good communications with me through the process - especially when I had questions or needed clarifications.... I was particularly impressed with Bob Fabian when I first met him. He helped make my choice of vendors easier based on his presentation and knowledge. Matt and RJ were also terrific! "
- Elizabeth H., Private Residence, San Anselmo, CA
" We have lived in our house for 32 years, and I can honestly say we have never had a better team of people work for us. It was well presented, well executed, and the whole process was a delight. We are also extremely happy with the end result.... Bob was fantastic from the beginning link on the computer until the final walk through at the end. He was very knowledgeable, straight forward and fun to talk to. He is a definite asset to the company and one of the major reasons we felt comfortable with Westcoast.... The installers, Sam and Robert, were very professional, timely and did a great job with clean up. We did have an issue with our roof construction, which was done a bit differently, so Jeremy, very kindly, came out to explain the installation differences which required more work while still honoring the first bid.... We belong to the Mauritson wine club, and Clay spoke very highly of you. We never approached another solar company.... I can't think of anything that would enhance your business. It was a rewarding experience and we wish you all great success. "
- Robert and Nancy D., Private Residence, Santa Rosa, CA
" Excellent, excellent, excellent right up to the last minute when I had to work a little to get my questions answered. "
- Douglas B., Private Residence, Sebastopol, CA
" Very satisfied with installation and design of the system it was a CLEAN INSTALL. Everything was great in how the solar works and how the process works in getting permits and dealing with PG&E. The crew covered every part of the project and included good ideas on upgrades for the solar panels. "
- Jim Geib, Owner, Geib Ranch, Kenwood, CA
Title Name Email Phone
President Nate Gulbransen (707) 644-6450
Chief Operations Officer Jeremy Greer
(707) 644-6450
Lead Installer Sam Epperson (707) 644-6450
Solar Engineer Joshua Weiner
(707) 644-6450
Technical Sales Engineer Darren Patterson
(707) 644-6450
Site Technician Nicholas Hardy (707) 644-6450