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BevZero is a global leader in beverage services, equipment, expertise and innovative solutions.

Our History

BevZero was founded over 30 years ago by Tony Dann (under the ConeTech brand) with a singular mission, to bring an innovative solution to the wine industry. Since pioneering a process in 1991 using vacuum distillation for alcohol removal in wine, hundreds of winemakers around the globe have used our innovative solutions as a standard winemaking tool to remove excessive alcohol from traditionally alcoholic beverages without the slightest loss of aroma or flavor.

With the introduction of new patented dealcoholization equipment and processes, BevZero has grown to become the world leader for innovative solutions and streamlined supply-chain processes for low- and non-alcoholic, and infused functional beverages across beer, wine, cider and spirits. BevZero provides the services and solutions to create the highest quality low and alcohol-free beverages for our clients, eliminating their need for costly infrastructure and equipment, navigating complex regulations and licensing processes, and extensive development work.

BevZero, headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, employs a team of dedicated winemakers, brewers, distillers and food scientists in the U.S. Spain and South Africa, and serves as a one-stop shop for beverage brands of all sizes to take a product from brainstorm to bottle, producing the highest quality low and no-alcohol and infused functional beverages.

BevZero is the exclusive distributor of PolarClad Tank Insulation, Vinfoil Mixers, and GoLo Dealcoholization Equipment.


Contact List

Title Name Email Phone Extension
Production and Quality Manager USA Cameron Caldwell cameron@bevzero.com 7075777508
GM PolarClad Blair Sande blair@bevzero.com 707-577-7500
Sales Manager, PolarClad Todd DiCello todd@bevzero.com 707-577-7500

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BevZero 1450 Airport Blvd., Suite 180, Santa Rosa CA United States of America 95403

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