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The New Way of Commerce    


Customer centric commerce for the alcohol industry

At Commerce7, we believe that above price and product, the number one reason a consumer will choose your brand is customer experience. By tailoring your direct to consumer commerce to your customer, we help you build customer loyalty through happiness, which will drive your sales and profit. Our mission is to enable businesses around the world, regardless of size, to succeed by empowering them with the digital tools needed to create a world-class shopping experience for your customers.          


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Modern Tools for Any Size Business

Get access to the entire suite of tools from Commerce7 regardless of your winery’s size or DTC sales. We believe that whether you’re relatively new and small, or an established industry giant, you should be using everything that our platform has to offer.


Modern Ecommerce

Show club member pricing and other discounts upfront on product pages. Expedite the checkout process with a best practice checkout which supports modern payment options such as Apple Pay, Google Play, and Alipay.

63% of all web traffic comes from a mobile device, the Commerce7 best practice checkout makes mobile orders easy and efficient.


Personalization Engine

Personalize your website visitors online experience by displaying unique content, pricing, and products, based on your relationship with your brand, and the context of their site visit.

Personalizing a consumer’s shopping experience increases average order value 33%, increases the chances a first-time buyer becomes a repeat buyer by 44% and increases the chances a consumer makes a spontaneous purchase by 49%.


Modern Club

With our modern club tools, your members can visually personalize their club packages similar to Blue Apron, Dollar Shave Club and modern subscription services. Customers can easily add and remove products, change bottle quantity, cancel online, put the club on hold online, and change the shipment date.

Since switching to a modern club, Constellation Brands US has seen an 11% lift in average club package size across all brands.


Smart POS

Access a customer's full profile right from your POS. Use our actionable "Smart Notifications" to handle pickup orders, manage club shipments, handle credit card updates, and other customer issues all with just one click. Use our EMV capability to perform chip and pin card transactions, or allow customers to pay with either ApplePay or GooglePay. Perform card-not-present refunds in house. Manage multiple orders simultaneously. Add items to a customer's order throughout their visit, collect payment when they leave. Toggle between your other customers in the meantime. View customer data right at the till.


Enhanced Design Opportunity

Commerce7’s front end widgets plug into any modern CMS such as WordPress or Craft CMS and can be styled through the CSS. No subdomain is ever required throughout the shopping experience, and product pages can be merchandised without restrictions. With Commerce7 you can build and design an online shopping experience that reflects your brand.


Convenient Reservation

Allow guests to easily book reservations online through our front end widget, or book reservations through the back end. If an experience isn’t available at a desired date or time, recommended alternatives are displayed. Gain insight and an overview of your day-to-day bookings with our custom property maps. Quickly see which locations are occupied with party sizes and designated hosts. Coordinate staff schedules with reservations effectively.


100% API Driven

Commerce7 is 100% API driven. All data on the platform can be pulled or populated via our APIs. You are in full control. Custom integrations, reports, plugins, and custom functionality is easy to achieve. Custom builds can be done by your team, our team, or third-party developers.


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