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Located in Sonoma County since 1994, Radoux distributes French, American and Eastern European oak barrels (including 36-month options), puncheons, casks, tanks, and oak for oenology (Pronektar). Radoux has strict protocols in place for optimum oak sourcing, natural aging, sorting by grain and polyphenolic indexes (Oakscan-proprietary technology), toasting regimes and finishing which result in a portfolio of barrel, tank and oak adjunct options perfectly suited to the objectives of the winemaker.

Pronektar, Radoux’s oak for oenology, is a portfolio of French and American oak granulate and chips for both fermentation and aging, segments, blocks, barrel chains, barrel stave sets, and tank staves.  Recent innovation Nektar ID (Instant Decision), in the form of liquid oak concentrates, allows for trials of the Pronektar range of products with immediate results.  Nektar ID: easy to use, result is immediate, control of organoleptic profiles, precise dose rates, reliable results.


Contact List

Title Name Email Phone Extension
National Sales Manager, Napa, Sonoma Valley, CA Ea Craig Holme craig@radoux-usa.com 707-536-8599
Regional Sales Manager, S. Bay, Santa Cruz, Monter Collin Raynaud collin@radoux-usa.com 805-674-4464
Office Manager, Sales & Marketing Coordinator Louise Bassett lbassett@radoux-usa.com 707-284-2888 202
USA Midwest & East Coast Robert Crandell robert@radoux-usa.com 616-227-1142
Office Office office@radoux-usa.com 707-284-2888
Logistics Judith Figueroa judith@radoux-usa.com 707-284-2888 205

Location List

Locations Address State Country Zip Code
Tonnellerie Radoux USA, Inc. 480 Aviation Blvd., Santa Rosa CA United States of America 95403

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