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Admeo is a California-based company founded in 2013 by Margit Svenningsen. From 1998 to 2004 Margit serviced various industries in the US selling Anton Paar instruments, and in 2004 began focusing solely on the wine industry. She simultaneously followed her passion for hands-on work and wine by working with Calera Wine Company in Hollister, CA and through the experience built a thorough understanding of winemaking.The experience also led to multiple wine application and method developments for Anton Paar. When she was approached to represent BioSystems in the US she formed Admeo to expand her portfolio for wine labs. Admeo is latin for go-to and is the one-stop shop for wine labs with superior analyzers and local stock of reagents, controls and consumables as well as application support and service.


Contact List

Title Name Email Phone Extension
CEO Margit Svenningsen margit.svenningsen@admeo.us (831) 801-2247
Sales & Support Mads Svenningsen mads.svenningsen@admeo.us (831) 524-0017
Technical Sales Rep. SoCal Chris Kearney chris.kearney@admeo.us (805) 241-4966
Technical Sales and Application Specialist Stacey Moskwa stacey.moskwa@admeo.us (707) 478-7605
Technical Sales Ella Allenbeck ella.allenbeck@admeo.us (707) 312-1296
Technical Sales Anthony Hernandez anthony.hernandez@admeo.us (707) 312-4058

Location List

Locations Address State Country Zip Code
Admeo Inc. 403 Cold Springs Rd., Angwin CA United States of America 94508

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