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Full-Service Vineyard Company with a Committment to True Sustainablility
Advanced Viticulture, Inc. is a full-service vineyard management and winegrowing consulting company that operates from a standpoint of sustainability. From a philosophy of minimal inputs to the vineyard, we achieve environmental protection while allowing each sites uniqueness to be expressed in their wines. Reduction of pesticide, fertilizer and irrigation inputs allows the vineyard's characteristics to shine through to the wines.
Our management company is full-service. From site preparation to vineyard establishment and vineyard management, we have an attention to detail that results in first-rate vineyards.
Our consulting and technology company is full-service. We can be engaged for a brief diagnostic visit, a defined project or an ongoing advisory arrangement. Vineyard moisture, mineral nutrition and pest/disease monitoring programs are offered. Moisture monitoring, weather stations and automation technologies are offered through our company and we provide full support and are backed by our manufacturing partners. Projects and pricing structures can be tailored to match your goals and your budget.

Advanced Viticulture's principal viticulturist is Mark Greenspan, Ph.D.
Mark has over two decades of viticultural experience. His background includes a Masters degree in Horticulture/Viticulture and a Doctorate in Agricultural Engineering, both from the University of California, Davis. He is one of very few private practitioners who have been elected as an honorary member of Gamma Sigma Delta, the Agricultural Honor Society.
He is regarded as one of the worlds leading experts in winegrape irrigation and has written scientific and trade journal articles on the subject. In addition to his command of grapevine irrigation practices, he has extensive experience in vineyard mineral nutrition, crop load management, vineyard uniformity, grape maturation, weather, climate and viticultural technologies. Mark holds certifications from the American Society of Agronomy as Certified Professional Agronomist (CPAg) and Certified Crop Advisor (CCA). He is also a licensed pest control advisor (PCA) in California (#131135).
With a background in electronics engineering, coupled with mastery in viticulture, Mark is uniquely equipped to support the implementation of technology in the vineyard and does so through numerous corporate partnerships.
He has frequently delivered presentations on numerous topics to his colleagues in the wine industry at venues ranging from small classrooms and vineyard tailgate meetings to large industry-wide symposia.
Mark is a regular contributor to wine industry publications, including Practical Winery and Vineyard andWine Business Monthly. He has been contributing a monthly column on viticulture for Wine Business Monthly since 2005.


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