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Affordable, Easy to Use Predictive Agriculture Technology for the Wine Industry & Specialty Crops - 

Winner of a highly-selective National Science Foundation SBIR Award, Agrology is the first company to offer agriculture systems that mitigate, predict and address issues with smoke taint, irrigation and climate change

Prediction Platform & GroundTruth Arrays

1. Measure - Our GroundTruth Arrays make it easy to monitor every nanoclimate on your property. We measure dozens of inputs — from air and soil temperature to VOCs and ozone— across multiple locations, and can still be installed in minutes without internet connectivity or expensive machinery.

2. Predict - Our Prediction Engine combines your local data with historical and regional information to anticipate changes and alert you in advance. Last year, our models helped farmers predict weather patterns and manage resources better, exceeding their yield targets by 20-40%.

3. Grow - At Agrology, we grow along side you.  Your predictions get smarter over time and adapt to conditions unique to your fields.  The planet is only going to continue to present new challenges — our dedication to innovation keeps you out in front. That’s why we’re committed to helping farmers, viticulturists, and advisors —not just today, but tomorrow.

GroundTruth Arrays measure key components of your field, so your farm can run more efficiently than ever. Here are just some of the inputs we track:


  • Soil Moisture

  • Temperature 

  • Conductivity 

  • Barometric Pressure 


  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) 

  • Humidity

  • Temperature

  • Fine Particles 


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