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AL&L Crop Solutions is dedicated to providing plant disease diagnostic services to California's as well as other states' agricultural industry. From field to the laboratory, we work closely with you to ensure that your specific testing needs are met. We take pride in providing our customers with exceptional service, accurate test results and quick turnaround times at competitive rates. We utilize most current technologies and are staffed with experienced professionals having served agricultural industry for the past decade. Our close working relationship with UC scientists allows you an access to the most current research development in the field of plant disease diagnosis and control.


PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is a technique that detects specific regions in pathogen genome and amplifies them to visible level.

ELISA(enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is an immunoassay where pathogen-specific antibody is used to identify given pathogen's surface molecules.

Microscopic examination is used to identify signs of plant pathogens (fungi or bacteria) on symptomatic plant tissues. This may be done either by using a dissecting scope or a compound microscope.

Culturingis a method that is used to isolate fungi and bacteria from symptomatic plant tissue or soil. Selective or non-selective media may be used. Identification is based on the growth and morphological characters an organism produces on a given laboratory medium. Molecular identification (fingerprinting) may also be used.



Anna-Liisa Fabritius, Ph.D., Plant Pathologist, UC Riverside

Lana Dubrovsky, Laboratory Manager, M.Sc., Moscow University of Fine Chemical Technology, Specialization in Biologically Active Substances

Accreditation, Certifications and Memberships:

-CDFA examined plant pathologist (Associate Plant Pathologist, Diagnostician)
-CDFA approved laboratory: Permit 57-7
-CDFA approved Rice blast testing staff for CCIA (California Crop Improvement Association)
-USDA Plant protection and quarantine (PPQ) permit for interstate movement of pest-infected plant material for diagnostic purposes: P526-10-00117
-USDA PPQ permit for interstate movement of cultures of certain bacterial pathogens: P526P-0903504
-American Phytopathological Society, Member
-Napa Valley Viticultural Association, Member


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Plant Pathologist Anna-Liisa Fabritius info@allcropsolutions.com (530) 387-3270
Laboratory Manager Lana Dubrovsky info@allcropsolutions.com (707) 693-3050

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AL&L Crop Solutions 7769 N. Meridian Rd., Vacaville CA United States of America 95688

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