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Back-Office Services, Distribution, Warehousing for both Wine & Spirits


American Spirits Exchange is the key to bringing your product to the US market. Having someone to guide you through our industry with the proper representation can make all the difference. Whether you are a seasoned winery already set up in the industry or just getting started, American Spirits Exchange is the full service back office entity.


Our goal is for your company to focus on what is most important: marketing and sales. Obtaining the necessary approvals, permits and brand registrations can be a difficult, trying process. Our permitting team will handle the entire permitting process on your behalf at both the federal and state level. By resting on our permits to sell into any of the 50 states, ASE provides the core back office services of PO processing, invoicing and accounts receivable. In addition, we offer bi-coastal, bonded warehousing, domestic and international shipping and in-house PO financing.




Independence. Craftmanship. Authenticity. 

We love wine and spirits! Our mission as a national spirits importer and distributor is to help make artisan brands broadly available, promote exceptional beverages in the U.S. and educate consumers about the art and science of craft alcohol beverages.

Our company focuses on the unglamorous, back office work of the industry, such as complicated alcohol beverage compliance. We provide an essential infrastructure that allows you to focus on marketing and sales. We are successful when our clients are successful.


 The American Spirits Exchange was started by academics and executives who wanted to leave the corporate grid and pursue their passion for artisanal beverages.

We believe that our talented staff – of PhDs, MBAs and JDs – are some of the best people in the industry. Our leadership is made up of partners who dedicate themselves to helping our clients achieve long-term growth and participating in broader activities to shape our industry.

As a client, a senior partner will be your primary contact, get to know your business and ensure the highest level of customer service.


The American Spirits Exchange is dedicated to socially responsible entrepreneurship and to making a positive difference through our efforts.The American Spirits Exchange is dedicated to socially responsible entrepreneurship and to making a positive difference through our efforts.

1. Responsible Conduct for the sale and consumption of alcohol beverages.

2. Promotion of local, small-business crafts-people where possible.

3. Ensuring that all people have access to clean and safe drinking water.


Contact List

Title Name Email Phone Extension
Philip Kolodziey Philip@AmericanSpiritsLtd.com 215-240-6020
Victoria Housel Victoria@AmericanSpiritsLtd.com 215-240-6020
Chelsea Washburn Chelsea@AmericanSpiritsLtd.com 215-240-6020 116

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American Spirits Exchange 408 E 4th Street, Suite 209, Bridgeport PA United States of America 19405

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