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The Wine Country's Premier Choice for Water Tanks!

American Tank Co. is America's leader in corrugated steel riveted water tank manufacturing and installation.  Boasting the only hand crafted tank manufacturering process in the U.S., American Tank produces water containment tanks sized from 5,000 to 150,000 gallons.  Veteran craftsmen shape flat sheets of American steel into corrugated tank sides and assemble them in our Windsor California manufacturing facility, or on-site throughout the Western U.S. Our tanks have become the favorite of the wine industry, agriculture, residential fire suppression, and industrial applications.  

In 2012 American Tank Co. owner and Wine Country resident Mark Luzaich added to his company the venerable steel tank icon, BH Tank, to his 20 year old tank company. Public Market

To insure the unique trade skills and experience were not lost, Mark hired the previous BH Tank owner Bob Harasta to join the company.  He joined a team craftsmen who are some of the last to know how to hand craft these nearly industructible tanks.  Since that transition the company has grown significantly each year. 

In 2016 American Tank opened their new manufacturing and business headquarters in the heart of the Wine Country in Windsor, CA.  It features high effeciency environmentally conscious enhancements including stay cool concrete floors, natural lighting to reduce energy costs, LED lighting when needed, and their own rainwater harvesting tanks to capture and re-use rainwater as irrigation for the xeroscape that beautifies the exterior.  


Click here to see our complete Product Profile: http://watertanks.com/

Learn more about our process and wine industry installations in our video below! 


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Outside Sales Michelle Luzaich michellel@americantank.com 707-535-1410
President Mark Luzaich markl@americantank.com 707-535-1401
Sales Coordinator Sandy Eaton sandye@americantank.com 707-535-1417
Sales Coordinator Pat Riley patr@americantank.com 707-535-1411

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American Tank Co., Inc. 501 American Way, Windsor CA United States of America 95492

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