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With over 5 billion corks sold annually worldwide, Amorim celebrates 150 years of undisputed leadership in the industry, the company has distinguished itself by its quality, innovation, excellence and vision. We have introduced cork to the world and made cork global. The company was founded in 1870, when António Alves Amorim established a small cork stopper factory in the heart of the Port wine region. Four generations later, the group operates in over one hundred countries in all continents. 

The company offers an array of high-quality solutions with impeccable sustainable credentials and proven benefits of cork, from top-of-the-range natural cork stoppers, to champagne stoppers and technical cork stoppers.  A strong investment in R&D has produced some of the market’s most groundbreaking solutions, such as the Helix system, developed in partnership with O-I, dubbed “the first major wine packaging innovation of the 21st century”, and the cutting-edge screening technology NDtech, which offers the world first natural cork with a non-detectable TCA guarantee. State-of-the-art production technologies, leading expertise, and unparalleled quality control are some of the reasons why the world’s top wine producers rely on Amorim Cork to guard their treasures. Honoring the unique relationship between two exceptional living materials - cork and wine - from France to California, from Argentina to Australia, the world’s best wines are sealed with the world’s finest stoppers.

With sustainability as one of its pillars, Amorim is a member of the BCSC Business Council for Sustainable Development, the Forest and Trade Iberian Network, the Earth and Global Forest and Trade Network, and a founding member of the Porto Protocol. An environmentally responsible company, Amorim has developed a long-term project which integrates sustainability into all its operations, following the principles of circular economy. In 2007, Amorim became the first cork supplier in the world to receive FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification from the Rainforest Alliance for its natural cork closures. This certification is the guarantee that corks grown and manufactured under this accreditation meet the highest standards of sustainable and socially responsible forestry practices.


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Sales Representative: Napa Valley, Northern Sonoma Bill Loftus billloftus@sbcglobal.net
Sales Representative: Napa and Sonoma PJ Awe pj.awe@amorim.com
Sales Representative: Oregon, Washington, British Michelle Rudd michelle.rudd@amorim.com
Sales Representative: Napa, Sonoma Steve Kemiji steve.kemiji@amorim.com
Sales Representative: California: Delta, Central V Sarah Griffis sarah.griffis@amorim.com
Sales Representative: Napa, Sonoma, Texas Courtney Stornetta courtney.curti@amorim.com
Sales Representative: Northern America: Eastern Re Brad Brunson brad.brunson@amorim.com
Sales Representative: Napa, Sonoma Seth Crater seth.crater@amorim.com
Sales Representative Brittany Morris brittany.morris@amorim.com

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Amorim Cork America 360 Devlin Rd., Napa CA United States of America 94558

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