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Who we are, what we do, when we do it, where we work, and how it is done


Who? We are a group of individuals who have a passion for wine and the stories behind it. We exist as a company to ensure that everyone hears your winery's story and becomes raving fans of your wine.


What? We help wineries sell more wine.


When? At key moments of your customer's buying journey.  From the time someone is researching a visit to your region, to a long-time club member looking to purchase corporate gifts.  Timing is critical.


Where? On platforms, your customers use every day. From their favorite search engine used to research a visit to your region to the blogs they read every day, to direct messages on their phones promoting action for a flash sale, we deliver the message where it is most likely to prompt action.


Why?  Discovering a new winery and the story behind it is great.  Better yet, telling that story to friends and family so that they might feel the same joy.


& How?  We do this by amplifying your brand story by delivering the right part of your story, on the right platform, at the right time for maximum impact.


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President Drew Hendricks drew@barrelsahead.com (707) 509-0599 700

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Barrels Ahead 6965 El Camino Real Suite 105-642, Carlsbad CA United States of America 92009

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