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BarrelWise develops tools that enable winemakers to better practice their art. 

Our flagship product is a portable free SO2 analyzer, which can pull samples directly from the barrel and analyze them on the spot. The whole process takes approximately one minute per sample, with results comparable to the aeration oxidation method long favored by the industry. The system can also be adapted for measuring free SO2 in tanks.

BarrelWise FS1 AnalyzerUnlike traditional winery lab equipment, the FS1 uses just one widely available reagent, and can be used by the cellar crews with minimal training.

Cellar worker scans vessel barcode to collect a free SO2 measurement

The data it collects is automatically linked to relevant vessels, and can be used to guide SO2 additions as part of regular cellar workflow. 

Free SO2 data is automatically tracked, with wine quality insights sent to winemakers.

With the FS1 the wineries can:

  • Save time on sample collection and lab analysis by moving FSO2 tracking into the cellar
  • Reduce risks / improve quality by regularly analyzing a much larger number of barrels, and identifying those that are at higher risk of quality loss

Cellar worker checks free SO2 in barrel before making additions and topping. 

The system is robust and portable, easy to move round the cellar on a cart, and store when not in use. It runs on 110V power and compressed air.

BarrelWise FS1 Analyzer placed on a cart for easy movement across the cellar.



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