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Since 1996, the Boisé® brand has achieved the status of a worldwide leader in designing and producing premium innovative oak alternatives. As a pioneer in precision winemaking, Boisé® brings to the market reliably consistent French oak chips recognized worldwide for their high quality. Our experts have a deep understanding of oak and wine interactions.

The Boisé® range forms a selection of 11 complementary chips that can be assembled to serve as a basis for the winemaker in creating wine profiles. Each chip has very specific organoleptic characteristics that allow the winemaker to directly impact aromatic profile and balance on the palate.

The Boisé® brand shares the same vision in winemaking as its parent company Vivelys: the art of integrating innovation at the heart of the production line in order to enhance and customize the heritage of wine. Innovative products such as the newly released SC100 or unrivalled DC310 developed by Boisé® are the perfect illustrations of this.


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