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Approaching one's work with passion and zeal is typical for winemakers. Jim Carlsen recognizes this circumstance as the ultimate requirement for success in any endeavor and has placed the concept that one should ideally enjoy one's work at the top of his priorities both for his clients and his staff.

The goal at Carlsen and Associates is to provide the ultimate in functional, quality winemaking equipment to the wine industry. Jim's view of producing a quality product is simple. Use quality components and materials coupled with outstanding craftsmanship to create your product. Fine craftsmanship is most readily obtainable from people who are working at what they love to do. Jim's formula has proven itself in two important ways, the winemakers who use Carlsen and Associates equipment are making the finest wines with the most efficiency and the people who are working at Carlsen and Associates, who love their work and their workplace, are providing the finest winemaking systems available.


A visit to the Carlsen and Associates facility is an inspiring experience. Whether you are watching the fabricators at work welding stainless steel, wiring control panels to pump systems or the whole crew sitting down at a worktable together for a paella affair, the air is charged with the kind of enthusiasm that comes only from people who want to be where they are, doing precisely what they are doing.

With Carlsen and Associates the small winery is served in a variety of ways. Equipment, service, and an extensive inventory of parts are the elements that comprise the Carlsen solution.

Jim's background working as a hands on manager and electrician has allowed him to develop not only the efficient workplace that defines Carlsen and Associates, but also the sophisticated electronic control systems that are the signature feature of all of the Carlsen and Associates products. An infinite range of control over the feed and crush rates and the various functions of the Carlsen equipment line allow the user to exercise finite and precise control over all phases of the winemaking process. The alliance of the Italian company Puleo and Carlsen and Associates has allowed Carlsen to implement many of his personal engineering refinements to the already excellent Puleo equipment. These combined efforts have resulted in the number one destemmer-crusher available today.

The various pumps, Waukesha and Yamada, applied to the winery with Carlsen's enhancements, cover all phases of wine movement in the cellar. The hopper, the screw sumps and of course the Carlsen Basket Press are all fabricated in-house and exhibit the highest standards of materials and fabricating skills.

The second component of the Carlsen and Associates solution is the service. In the field, in the shop or on the phone, the crew at Carlsen is always available to address instruction, trouble shooting, repair and maintenance concerns.

Recently Carlsen and Associates has developed and stocked a thorough list of components to extend, modify or complete your winemaking system. A complete inventory of valves, fittings and parts for every aspect of the winemaking process is available over the counter at the Carlsen Annex in Healdsburg, California. Technical consultation with the crew will help make the selection of components easy and accurate.

Carlsen and Associates have put their finger on the pulse of the needs of the small winery. Equipment, service, and a supporting inventory of components coupled with quality in workmanship and material produces the Carlsen and Associates winemaking systems. These systems allow the individual winemaker to express themselves, create the product of their intention and have a considerable amount of fun doing what they love to do.


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