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With more than 1 billion closures sold annually around the world, DIAM Bouchage ranks as the leader in TCA free* cork  manufacturer's for the wine industry and is engaged in all major wine-producing countries.

Diam Bouchage is part of Oeneo group, which included Seguin Moreau cooperage, DIAM Bouchage produces a range of technological corks for still wines, sparkling wines and spirits.

As a leading innovator in developing effective wine closure solutions, DIAM Bouchage collaborates with some of the world's great viticulture institutions in both research and product development.

DIAM provides a secure closure with huge performance benefits, allowing our clients to close their wines with confidence. We have concentrated our efforts on two real threats to the wine industry: closure consistency with adapted OTR (Oxygen Transfer Ratio) and absence of released TCA.

Diam®, a tribute to the winegrower's art

Perfectly preserved aromas and flavours.

Although supercritical CO2 technology was already being used in some industrial applications (decaffeination, nicotine extraction from tobacco, etc.), it took 7 years of joint research with the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission) before it could be applied to cork, thus giving rise to DIAMANT® technology, a proprietary cork taint removal process.

Thanks to DIAMANT® technology, the cork used in Diam® closures is free of flavour, void of TCA (the cork taint molecule) plus many other substances causing flavour modification. Stringent testing at every stage of

production means that Diam® is the only cork individually guaranteed free of releasable TCA (< than the measurable limit of

0.5 ng/l). The sensory purity and neutrality of Diam® closures protect all the wine's subtlest notes.

Total control over the way wine evolves.

Customised, tested permeability: Every wine has its own permeability requirements and nobody knows how much oxygen a wine needs better than the winemaker. The different versions of Diam® closures, give you total control over oxygen transfer and guarantees its constancy for the entire life of the wine in the bottle.

Consistency: The Diam® manufacturing process delivers perfectly consistent technical performance from one cork to the next. This provides smooth application at bottling, eliminates dust, suspended particles as well as leaking, seeping bottles and rising moisture. This consistency also has an impact on the way the wine evolves in the bottle: compared to other closures, Diam® provides the most even ageing in 5-year old wines from bottle to bottle (Aust. Wine Research Institute 2002 study).


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