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Duarte Nursery, Inc. is a family owned and operated nursery located near Modesto in the Central Valley of California. Duarte Nursery is the largest permanent crops nursery in the United States, with a history of technology driven research, innovative products, and quality customer service. DNI produces 100% containerized grapevines from 385 certified clones and ultra clean rootstock. DNI's product formats include the Big Pot Vine, MagnumVine 24 and UberVine 36. DNI also produces almond trees, walnut rootstock, pistachio rootstock, citrus trees, cherry trees, and coming soon avocado trees.

DNI has its own vineyards and orchards, which include many experiments, that focus on growers concerns. They include technologies for rapid vine establishment and fruit production, and the evaluation of scion clones and rootstocks over a broad range of growing conditions.

DNI's fruit and nut tree program is based on the same strategy for success that DNI has enjoyed with its grapevine program  quality, friendship and service.

DNI continuously improves products through research, its Clean Plant program, its employees, friendships and reinvestment. Duarte Nursery has also developed several products that utilize the facilities during the  off-season. Poinsettias are offered during the holiday season from mid-November to Christmas. 

Our goal at Duarte Nursery is to provide growers with the cleanest, highest quality nursery products available. Duarte Nursery has made significant investments in its facilities, with new generation greenhouses and steel over concrete benches. Duarte Nusery is committed to its Clean Plant program and its 100% containerized growing system.

For our customers, a few of the advantages are:

First, the plant has never been planted in the earth, which minimizes exposure to soil born pathogens and nematodes.

Second, being in a container, the product is planted with a complete root system intact, which encourages fast establishment and reduces root-wound exposure to crown gall.

Lastly, a containerized product is held on a nursery bench and is available for delivery any time of year, dormant or green growing. By eliminating the traditional spring window DNI hopes to have overcome some common planting challenges: wet spring, delayed field preperations, and replant after harvest.


Contact List

Title Name Email Phone Extension
Field Representative John Arellano johna@duartenursery.com 559-804-6949
Field Representative Stefan Daniels stefan@duartenursery.com 415-309-3930
Field Representative Joel Myers joel@duartenursery.com 503-435-8932
Field Representative Ed Needham ed@duartenursery.com 559-977-7282
Field Representative Steve Scheuber steve@duartenursery.com 209-531-5065
Field Representative Hilary Graves hilary@duartenursery.com 805-674-1686
Field Representative Steve Neill steveneill@duartenursery.com 530-570-6830
Field Representative Tia Russell tia@duartenursery.com 209-815-2399

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Duarte Nursery 1555 Baldwin Road, Hughson CA United States of America 95326

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