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Who we are

Exchange Bank’s commitment to generations of North Bay families, farmers and business owners has been going strong for over 127 years, which makes us a stable and trusted partner for you.


Why we are different

Locally owned, locally managed—all decisions are made locally. We work with you one on one, you will always have a person whom you know to call. The money you deposit with us and the capital we loan stays within our community. We answer to Main Street, not Wall Street.


How we add value to you

  • We take a holistic approach with our clients—lending capital is only one facet of what we do.
  • Financial and strategic consultation by tapping into our vast experience and observation of many businesses in our industry to help you build a wealth generating business.
  • We don’t have “off the shelf” products—we provide you customized solutions to meet your needs.
  • 18 Branch locations that are more than happy to take care of you and your employees.




Contact List

Title Name Email Phone Extension
VP Regional Business Development Officer Summer Jeffus summer.jeffus@exchangebank.com 707-524-3102
VP/Commercial Loan Officer Jason Hinde jason.hinde@exchangebank.com 707-541-1455
Equipment Leasing Janae Simmons janae.simmons@exchangebank.com 707-521-5023

Location List

Locations Address State Country Zip Code
Exchange Bank 545 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa CA United States of America 95401

List of Locations