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Wine has a way of bringing people together. We are a team, brought together while pursuing the craft and study of winemaking. Yes, we are a Sonoma County-based custom crush facility. We provide fermentation and processing, barrel aging, a full array of analysis, consultation, and in-house bottling.

But at our core, we are a thoughtful, experienced team of winemakers driven to understand everything about wine and the methods to craft it.

Our Facility

Our facility and every single piece of equipment here are very special to us.

Wine production spaces are complete with a sorting table and delicate de-stemmer, tank or basket press options, open and closed top tanks with hot and cold glycol, gentle Waukesha pumps, Blue Line winery hoses, Bulldog Pups, and much, much more.

Our laboratory is equipped with a broad selection of fine-tuned and precise equipment: spectrophotometer, Anton Paar Alcolyzer, densitometers, autotitrator, centrifuge, turbidimeter, carbodoseur, and more.

Then to our bottling line. The term well-oiled machine never applies so much as here. A DS-12 by US Bottlers, filler & valves by 4-D Machine, cork, screw cap and foils all applied with Bertolaso’s wonderful range of machinery, Impresstik for labels—all work together to offer a finished package.


Winemaking is often said to be an art. True. But modern wine quality is high because of science, and the studious approach our industry has taken to understanding soil, grapevines, farming, weather, oak barrels, microbiology, wine, and sensory chemistry, among other fields.

These are the areas of focus we love.


Contact List

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Operations Manager Michael Zardo zardo@gravitywinehouse.com 707.545.6670
Production Coordinator Lindsey Svendsen lindsey@gravitywinehouse.com 707-545-6670

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Gravity Wine House 3354 Coffey Ln Ste A, Santa Rosa CA United States of America 95403

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