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Founded in Italy in 1954 by the Guala family as a production plant to make plastic components, today, the Guala Closures Group operates in 4 continents through 29 production plants and a sales network covering over 60 countries.

Thanks to a policy of continuous business development and technological innovation, the Group is an acknowledged benchmark at world level, in a scenario of highly differentiated and constantly growing markets. The world leader in the production of non-refillable closures for spirits and the leader in Europe and Latin America in the production of aluminium closures, Guala is also one of the leading forces in Italy and Spain in the design and manufacture of PET preforms and bottles.

A large Italian multinational with a widespread network covering traditional commercial areas and in continuous expansion in emerging markets.

Over 4,200 managers, professionals and engineers united by the same passion: to safeguard the quality and enhance the image of the leading international brands in alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, wine, oil, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

14.5 billion closures sold in 100 countries, 4 research centres, two divisions, Closures and PET, 29 production plants. Always one step ahead of its customers' requirements, providing technological knowhow and reliability.

Our Mission

To consolidate and develop our leadership position at international level in the market for closures for alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, wine, oil, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and for PET, adopting a model focused exclusively on our core business.

To constantly pursue research, innovation and quality, to anticipate market change and to be a partner to customers, jointly developing new solutions to protect products and to create an image based on the most advanced marketing techniques.

To contribute to creating an international culture that seeks to safeguard product quality and to challenge the phenomenon of adulteration, to the benefit of consumers and manufacturers alike.

To develop a policy of accountability towards stakeholders (investors, customers, employees, suppliers, local communities) and the environment, by taking action based on the following values:


  • transparency: clarity, completeness and correctness of information, of the business activities performed and in interpersonal relations
  • professionalism: training and development of employees with a view to continuous improvement
  • protection and welfare of the environment: health and safety of the workplace, of products and of the impact on communities close to production sites
  • recognition and reward of results: full sharing of objectives and objective assessment criteria to encourage and reward all human resources

To pursue a strategy of constant growth by acquiring and establishing new production plants and by developing sales networks on new countries, to guarantee the creation of value, to the benefit of the market and investors.


Contact List

Title Name Email Phone Extension
General Manager Simon Yudelevich simon@gualaclosuresna.com 7077183987 70771
Sales Manager Lisa Giannini lisa@gualaclosuresna.com 6472052307
Customer Service Jaisan Robb jaisan@gualaclosuresna.com 7074252277

Location List

Locations Address State Country Zip Code
Guala Closures North America, Inc 2300 S Watney Way #A, Fairfield CA United States of America 94553

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