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With it's headquarters in Torrance, California, Heyes' Filters Inc., specializes in the purification of customers products in the wine industry.  With our knowledge and experience, we guide our customers in the best use of purification filtration products for their process.   Heyes Filters was founded in 1986, and we have worked, along with our partners, in supplying exceptional filter products in the wine industry ever since. 

Heyes Filters Inc., carries advanced Micro-filtration sterile bottling filters, Depth filters, Earth/Filter Aid filter systems and Cross Flow Filtration Platforms. The filters serve the complete micro-filtration range, from clarification through sterilization and pre-filtration requirements.  We provide membrane material in PVDF, PES, PP, Micro fiberglass and PTFE in configurations of discs, capsules, small flow elements, filter cartridges and high capacity cartridge capsules.  With our Depth filtration program we cover filter sheets, filter modules (Lenticular), Plate and Frame filters, Lenticular stainless housings, DE/Filter aid filter systems.  Lastly we have a full spectrum of Cross Flow systems from a single module Hollow Fiber manual system through to a fully automated multi-module Hollow Fiber systems that are capable of operating 24 hours, 5 days a week.

Heyes Filters offers a partnership approach for its clients helping customers handle on-line process filtration issues with on-site support, i.e. demo's of equipment, testing (we provide our own testing equipment) with industry expertise and experience to achieve useful solutions.


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Title Name Email Phone Extension
President Greg Heyes gregh@heyesfilters.com 310-212-7777
Tech. Sales/ Ops. Manager Mike Laffey mikel@heyesfilters.com 310-487-1061
Warehouse/ Asst. Ops. Manager Chris Laffey chris@heyesfilters.com 310-212-7777
Customer Service Kelly Gomez orders@heyesfilters.com 310-212-7777

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Heyes Filters Inc. 1741 Torrance Blvd, Ste A, Torrance CA United States of America 90501

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