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The Beating Heart of Oenological Innovation.

JUCLAS was established in 1990 based on an idea of the owners of the VASONGroup. It arose out of the need to find important and safe plant solutions to the problems involving the food and beverage industries and in particular the winemaking sectors.

JUCLAS is a young company, with a sizable R&D department, which designs and creates innovative technologies with special attention to those aspects related to qualitative improvement that translates to green and user friendly solutions.

Today the VASONGroup can be considered a leader in its sector as many of its process-control techniques presented on an industrial scale have already become standard use in wineries. Two of the most notable illustrations are the clarification by the means of flotation, which was first adapted and performed by the VASONGroup in 1992 & the tartaric stabilization of wines by means of ionic separation on membranes otherwise known as the electrodialysis technique.

In 2015 JUCLAS USA was founded as the United States branch of the VASONGroup. Located in Napa California, we offer the same unparalleled winemaking adjuvants and equipment the group has been offering for 50+ years worldwide.


Contact List

Title Name Email Phone Extension
Sales Director USA Terry Dewane terry.dewane@vason.it 707-660-9530
Technical Equipment Sales Manager Logan Fleming logan.fleming@vason.it 707-400-3911
Office Manager Kelsey Lucas kelsey.lucas@vason.it 707-501-7801

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Locations Address State Country Zip Code
JUCLAS USA, Inc. 902 Enterprise Way STE M, Napa CA United States of America 94558

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