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Koch Separation Solutions (KSS) is a global leader in separation technologies with decades of experience improving product quality and operating efficiency of wineries around the world. We offer a suite of integrated solutions including membrane filtration, ion exchange, and thermal separation technologies to help meet our customers’ needs. Our expandable crossflow microfiltration Wine-COR systems use state of the art hollow fiber membrane cartridges, designed specifically for wine processing, to minimize filtration losses while maintaining color, taste, aroma, and alcohol content. The polymeric tubular design of our Lees-COR systems increase wine yields up to 5% by recovering additional wine from the lees with equal quality to the original batch without the need for diatomaceous earth. In addition to improving product quality and revenue, we help wineries reduce their carbon footprint and improve their sustainability with a full range of products to purify incoming water and treat wastewater ponds or streams. We provide Separation Technologies for a Better Future.


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