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La Garde is a division of SML Stainless Steel Group which has been making anything and everything out of stainless steel since 1966. Indeed, we have a great expertise in custom design and fabrication in the fields of kitchens as well as foodservice, medical and laboratory equipment and also the furniture, appliances and transportation industries. Its history of excellence in design, fabrication, delivery and installation of stainless-steel products is unequalled. We can proudly add to our list of happy customers four of the best 50 restaurants in the world.

La Garde's rectangular shape fermenters are designed to maximize the contact ratio must-to-juice through a thinner cap to optimize fermentation, wherein lies the creation of flavor and the complexity of wines. With La Garde rectangular tanks, the contact surface could be increased by up to 50 per cent when compared to a cylinder with the same floor width. Our tanks are made from the finest 304 stainless-steel Grade 11.

La Garde tanks are designed, manufactured and tested through rigorous finite element analysis to ensure heavy duty performance and sismic resistance. The use of the latest graphic software allows us to bring you tanks perfectly suited to your space and equipment needs. La Garde rectangular tanks are used for regular fermentation as well as for racking barrels, aging, blending and bottling wines.



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La Garde 5170 rue Rideau, Quebec QC Canada G2E5S4

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