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Leef Water is the first company to offer $0 downpayment, guaranteed performance wastewater services to wineries. We design, build, install, maintain and (if you would prefer) operate a custom wastewater system built for your unique needs. Leef Water can not only help you with reusing wastewater but also prepare you for the upcoming Winery General Order with no capital outflow.

  • Focus on What Really Matters: Leef Water is founded on the fundamental belief that in today's environment, wineries would rather focus their capital and operational efforts on core activities - such as making wine! Wastewater is becoming a more capital intensive and operationally complex. We are here to simplify wastewater - we are your one stop partners in all your wastewater needs.
  • Guaranteed Performance: We are so confident in our design and our ability to execute, that Leef Water is the only company in the USA offering guaranteed performance on our systems! Additionally, our modular system design allows for our clients to recycle or reuse the water (all the way to drinking water quality).
  • $0 Downpayment: Leef Water will design, build, install, maintain and even operate an entire wastewater system on your site. You don't pay us until the system is up and running to our agreed levels of performance.

Leef Water is based in Napa, California and is proud to be able to help all our winery clients in preparing for the upcoming Winery General Order. With over 50 years of combined wastewater experience, we are confident that we can be your trusted partners in all things wastewater.


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