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  • Raw material of high quality sourced from the same forests as for barrels
  • Technical and customized advice by our team of product specialists
  • Consistency achieved by total control of the production process
  • Full traceability guaranteed from raw material to the finished product delivered

We buy oak in France from the same forest auction origins as do all participants in the French Barrel industry who are not sourcing in Eastern Europe. We transport fresh cut oak to the company owned facility in Nivolas Vermelle which lies between Lyon and Grenoble. Our French oak is sourced from the center of France (Allier, Never and Bourgogne regions) and from the Vosges region.

Our American oak is sourced from forests in Missouri, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Fresh cut material is stored in our company owned facility in Winchester Virginia.


Contact List

Title Name Email Phone Extension
Vice President West Brian Spillane brian.spillane@oak-wise.com 540-931-1965
Vice President East Shayne Lachlan shayne.lachlan@oak-wise.com 540-869-5661
Technical Sales Representative Mel Coronado mel.coronado@oak-wise.com 209-200-1438
Warehouse Manager Daniel Dooley daniel.dooley@oak-wise.com 540-974-6668

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Oak Wise, Inc. 809 Black Diamond Way, Lodi CA United States of America 95240

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