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Oenofrance's history with winemaking and enological products began in 1943 near Paris, France. Step by step, Oenofrance took on a national identity by purchasing famous companies like Chevallier Appert, SAF, CGO, Boland, Vander Borght.

Oenofrance, now based in Bordeaux, has six laboratories in the major French viticultural regions. Today Oenofrance has a staff of 40 individuals, among which more than half are enologists.

In France, our network is made up of more than 100 distribution points (analytical laboratories, consultants, agencies, distributors) proposing a full range of winemaking products (yeasts, malolactic bacteria, tannins, enzymes, fining agentsâ¤|). We are also present in the key wine producing countries through Oenofrance Chile and Oenofrance Italy, but also have distributors in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Luxembourg, Argentina, Australia, and now the United States of America with Oenofrance USA.

Here at Oenofrance USA, we strive to develop and manufacture the finest products available to winemakers. In this spirit, we worked diligently and attained the highest level of quality guarantee through the implementation of HACCP in our production and distribution chains. Additionally all of our products are certified ISO 22000 (Food Grade certified).

Oenofrance is solidly anchored in the history of winemaking innovations since we developed the first specific yeast for aromatic white wines, produced the first gelatin by enzymatic hydrolysis with unique control of hydrolysis degree, took part in the finalization of freeze-dried malolactic bacteria production protocols and were a forerunner in the selection of enzymatic activities for winemaking. Since 1986, Oenofrance has been working on developing specific yeast products (hulls, specific soluble fractions, selected polysaccharidesâ¤|).

Mission Statement

Oenofrance USA is dedicated to developing and producing highly specific enological products for every winemaking situation, in every winemaking area of the world. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of technical advice and products through constant sharing of information between our different agencies, therefore finding solutions for every winemaker and winemaking protocols. We are able to accomplish this goal by upholding values of excellence and direct relationships with our customers. We value contributing to the winemaking community and the ongoing success of the company.


Contact List

Title Name Email Phone Extension
Sales Manager - Consulting Winemaker Fabien Machard de Gramont fmdg@oenofranceusa.com (707) 971-8271
Technical Advisor - Napa / Sonoma Carmen Giuffre cgiuffre@oenofranceusa.com (707) 971-8272
Office/Warehouse Coordinator Joshua McKeighan jmckeighan@oenofranceusa.com (707) 971-8273

Location List

Locations Address State Country Zip Code
Oenofrance USA, LLC 1180 Holm Rd, Suite D, Petaluma CA United States of America 94954

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