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PolarClad Tank Insulation is the industry's most sophisticated and leading tank insulation system which delivers up to 96.5% reduction in power usage. Our clients have experienced savings of multi-millions of dollars due to reduction in storage costs. The unique insulation system is so efficient that it can pay for itself in as little as one and a half years. 

Wine producers in hot climates like California's heavily rely on tank refrigeration to ensure the quality of their wines. In fact, wineries spend on average 60% of their energy bills on refrigeration alone. In today's world, energy is an ever more precious commodity and energy prices have soared in recent years. Thanks to PolarClad, hundreds of wineries in Australia and California have protected both wine quality and competitive pricing by combining temperature control with reduced energy costs.

PolarClad not only provides great esthetic enhancement for storage tanks, it is also easily maintained, makes techniques such as cold stabilization much easier, and is a highly positive environmental measure. In 2008 alone, PolarClad Tank Insulation saved over five million kWh in energy. This equates to a money savings of $718,170 for our clients and is enough energy to power 770 Californian homes for one year.


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