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One of the great advantages Ray Carlson and Associates, Inc. has to offer prospective clients, is our vast knowledge of the land in Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Lake and Mendocino Counties.

We have been surveying and mapping these areas since 1976. 

What does that mean to you? It means that we already have records and knowledge of over 3,000 land parcels. We know original survey lines and monuments used by previous surveyors, we have great rapport with the necessary agencies to complete and record a survey, and we stay on the leading edge of surveying technology to ensure you the highest possible professional service.  

We have a deep connection with, and respect for the land.

Ray Carlson grew up in Booneville, surrounded by the beauty of the land in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties. He cares for the land and he cares for the communities that make their home on those lands. 

Consulting Services  


Savings of Time and Money - Our thorough and efficient services, attention to detail, and our excellent rapport with public agencies let you maintain better control of your project and reduce costly oversights. 

Risk Prevention - Accuracy is the foundation of our work. That accuracy and attention to detail ensures your protection against unnecessary complications and exposure during property transactions and development. 

Reliability- Our years of experience, our vast library of previously surveyed parcels, and our reputation for integrity, make us an extremely reliable member of your project team. 

Innovation- Our up-to-date and innovative surveying methods bring you the best the surveying world has to offer.


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Land Surveyor/ President Ray Carlson rayc@rcmaps.com 707-528-7649
GIS/ Vineyard Services Manager Walter Moody wmoody@rcmaps.com 707-528-7649
Office Manager Kirsten Logan kirsten@rcmaps.com 7075715512

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Ray Carlson & Associates, Inc. 5331 Skylane Blvd, Santa Rosa CA United States of America 95403

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