600 Narragansett Trl, Buxton, ME, United States of America, 04093




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Our mission is to conduct business in a “small town” fashion but on a global scale. To harnesses the true power of relationships (not just transactions) with customers, employees, clients, and vendors. We believe in our business and our neighbors, and strive to be leaders in our industry and our community.

Core Values

  1. We will help our neighbors and support our community.
  2. We are global pioneers in the barrel industry.
  3. We are omni-barrel.
  4. Mistakes made make opportunities to learn
  5. Everyone has a strength, and we value that.
  6. We are family; Co-workers, associates, and customers.
  7. Every sale is a chance to learn and a chance to teach.

Join us on our journey. We have stories to tell, goods to cherish, and great beverages to enhance.

 Matt Albrecht – Founder



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River Drive Cooperage 600 Narragansett Trl, Buxton ME United States of America 04093

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