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Semios offers a full-service solution that allows growers to monitor real-time in-field conditions. The service includes the installations and maintenance of a wireless network of sensors and controls. The system reports every 10 mins and the data is hosted on the cloud. The analysis is available on PCs via our web interface and on apps for mobile devices. Semios offers modules for pests, disease, weather, frost and irrigation. 

Pests: Semios offers automated camera-enabled insect traps that are remotely analyzed night, providing the grower and consultants with daily counts. The trap counts are displayed over the degree days calculated for that orchard, based on local weather inputs. We also offer remotely controlled dispensers that deliver pheromones, an alternative to pesticides, when and where needed. Semios has a range of registered conventional and organic-certified pheromone products for pests such as vine mealybug (VMB), navel orangeworm (NOW), codling moth (CM), oriental fruit moth, (OFM), oblique banded leaf rollers (OBLR), European grape berry moth (EGBM) and European Grape Vine Moth (EGVM). 

Disease: Semios offers leaf wetness sensors that, when combined with other environmental conditions, provide insights into disease risk thresholds. Disease models continue to be added and already include fireblight and alternaria. Weather: All Semios deployments include weather stations that report precipitation, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, barometric pressure, wetbulb and temperature. 

Frost: Semios offers insights into the risk of frost events and the best mitigation strategy. We measure temperature difference below and above canopy to confirm and calculate the strength of an inversion, which would validate the use of frost wind fans. We also measure sprinkler thresholds for irrigation frost control. Irrigation: Semios offers real-time analysis of soil moisture levels. Using industry-leading digital time domain transmissometry (TDT) water sensors for shallow (eg 1’) and deep (eg 3’) readings with an accuracy of 2%. We also offer soil temperature readings at both levels with 0.1 degree accuracy. 


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