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From 240 to 43,000 gallons. Guaranteed not to crack or leak. Choice of style and color.

Made in The California Wine Country.



Why Concrete?

Most of the world’s finest wines are made in concrete. Concrete delivers the oxygenation of oak without imparting any extraneous flavors to compromise the purity of the wine. The result is a stunning taste with depth and complexity, enhanced mouthfeel and a crisp minerality that consistently scores the best. Concrete allows the wine to showcase its true terroir so that it tastes like where it's from. Concrete also allows for organic shapes, like the egg and the amphora, that promote fermentation naturally.


Why Sonoma Cast Stone?

Ours are simply the best-engineered and most beautiful concrete wine tanks available, and they are right here in the heart of the California Wine Country. Your budget all goes to quality, not overseas shipping. Our unique layering system with three types of concrete makes our tanks incredible durable, and they are guaranteed not to crack or leak. Our embedded temperature control system does not make contact with your wine. Logo treatments, any color you like
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Contact List

Title Name Email Phone Extension
President Steve Rosenblatt steve@sonomastone.com 707-283-1888 102
Estimator Suzanne Bambury sbambury@sonomastone.com 707-283-1888 103
Customer Service Stefanie Alioto stefanie@sonomastone.com 707-283-1888 100

Location List

Locations Address State Country Zip Code
Concrete Wine Tanks by Sonoma Cast Stone 133 A Copeland St., Petaluma CA United States of America 94952

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