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Based on NASA technology, using aerial-based sensors, ultra-high resolution imagery and advanced scientific algorithms, VineView is transforming the way vineyard operators monitor grapevine health. By offering specialized data solutions tuned for the complexities of vineyards, VineView enables growers to improve grape quality, protect against disease, and optimize vineyard productivity.


  • Over 18 years of unparalleled experience in remote sensing for vineyards, including unmatched UP and expertise around disease detection.

  • Offer most advanced, calibrated, and accurate measurement of vine vigour available.

  • First data analytics provider capable of offering vineyard specific disease detection capabilities from a drone platform.

Key Products:

Calibrated Vine Vigor Data Products

Using ultra-high resolution imagery, advanced calibration techniques, and the Enhanced Vegetation Index, VineView offers the world’s most advanced measurement of grapevine health. With VineView’s suite of Calibrated Vine Vigor data products, growers can achieve vine balance, drive vineyard uniformity, and monitor the impact of water, fertilizer, and canopy management decisions with ease and efficiency.

Disease Detection Technology

Grapevine disease can cause catastrophic damage to a vineyard. Using technology based on NASA remote sensing techniques, VineView can detect harmful grapevine diseases like Grapevine Leafroll and Grapevine Yellows (Flavescence Doree), helping growers protect against disease, target resources, and recover lost profits.


Contact List

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Melissa Staid melissa@vineview.com (707) 965-9663
Leah Heil leah.heil@vineview.com 707-965-9663

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Vineview Scientific Aerial Imaging PO Box 1141, St. Helena CA United States of America 95474

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