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"Growers First” is not simply a catchy slogan. It’s a promise to our valued growers that we’re investing in the future with millions of dollars in expansion and innovations. In doing so, we’re producing cleaner, healthier plants, offering the right product at the right time and setting new standards for industry innovation. Now we invite you to explore the many ways that Wonderful Nurseries is listening, learning and always growing.


Quality is the essence of what makes Wonderful Nurseries distinctive with a quality control program of the highest level to supply product of the highest standards and protect our them from pests and pathogens. We have established some of the youngest mother blocks in the industry.


Service is ingrained into Wonderful Nurseries' philosophy from day one. Every person on our staff brings unique talents and skills to the table, and we are always eager to share that knowledge with our grower partners. Our professionals have years of education and experience that we rely on to deliver top-notch support.


Selection is something that our customers have come to appreciate over the years. We pride ourselves in offering a healthy variety of products to meet the needs of an ever-expanding industry. As one of the world's largest producers of grapevines, Wonderful Nurseries strives to meet your requirements for both product type and delivery time.


Offering one of North America’s largest selections of wine grape vines, Wonderful Nurseries pays meticulous attention to providing the industry’s most tested products. We have and continue to develop new mother blocks with 2010 Protocol Material from Foundation Plant Services (FPS) UC Davis, the industry standard for excellence. Included is a new ENTAV-INRA mother block on a 40-acre site at our Wasco facility which is isolated from other production vineyards. 100% testing of our scion mother blocks annually for a wide panel of viruses provides yet another layer of protection.

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