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The WBWE is the best platform for wineries with premium bulk wines and spirits that wish to find the appropriate purchasers for their products, ensure traceability and choose the final destination for their high-range bulk wines and spirits.

The possibility of discovering 80% of the world’s harvest in just two days and at a single location is one of the key success factors of this fair. The WBWE Amsterdam works hard in finding new methods for buyers to find what they’re looking for in the shortest amount of time and ensuring the highest warranties.

The WBWE hosts major international operators, as well as professionals from different fields of the sector and companies of all sizes throughout these  two days. A wide range of supply alongside a business model focused on profitability has turned the WBWE into the fair where more contracts and agreements regarding wine to be packed (both at origin and at destination) are reached. 


  •    Exhibition Areawhere exhibitors' stands will offer their     high-quality bulk wines to the attending international buyers.

  •     Silent Tasting Room: where buyers can taste bulk wine selected by the participating wineries. Each wine     will bear an identifying  label displaying the most relevant information.

  •      Business Area: space reserved for meetings that arise during the event.

  •     The Bulk Wine Forum: renowned experts and professionals from across the world discuss, debate and explain the future’s keys of a constantly challenging sector. This year, this forum will focus on ’The challenges of the sector in a post-pandemic scenario"  

  •      W Areaonline space reserved for buyers to contact wineries, the best way for buyers to find what they’re looking for in the shortest amount of time and ensuring the highest warranties.

  •    IBWC,International Bulk Wine Contest: one of the main international wine competitions and the only one that awards bulk wines. Participating in the IBWC will help increase the prestige of the participating bulk wines with regards to importers, distributors and media from across the world. 

  •   Bulk Wine Club – bulkwineclub.coman independent project, yet linked to the WBWE and via which we maintain an ongoing relationship with global wine trade.  The Bulk Wine Club is also the biggest social network intended for bulk wine professionals from around the world.  

  •  Gourmet Area: a key area for this fair in which culinary experimentation is given full rein via creations inspired by the participating countries’ wine regions.    



The organizing company of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition is the “World Bulk Wine Exhibition Ltd.”, which the majority shareholding is Vinexposium, as well as the founding company of the event: Pomona Keepers Ltd. 

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition was born from its partners’ common concern and interest in wine commercialization on a global scale, the vineyard’s maintenance in present territories, defense of rural development and environmental protection. 

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Mrs. Caterina Tucci caterina@worldbulkwine.com +39 349 6479 468
Mrs. Cristina Villar press@worldbulkwine.com +34 686 702587
Mrs. María Giménez media@worldbulkwine.com + 34 605 364 027

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World Bulk Wine Exhibition General Lacy 21, Madrid Mad Spain 28045

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