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26 mm Crown Cork

The Pelliconi, 26 mm steel caps for plastic (PET), Aluminium and glass bottles are available in the pry-off (bottle opener needed) and twist-off versions and guarantee maximum seal pressure and the best airtightness for a wide range of beverages, be they sparkling or still. The 26 mm metal twist cap is also available in the "soft touch" version with a greater number of corrugations on the shell which makes it better to touch during the opening process. These closures are organoleptically neutral and therefore suitable for bottles for beverages like water, beer, wine, soft and energy drinks and dairy products. The 26 mm steel caps can be decorated with colour offset printing both internally and externally on the basis of the specific needs of the client. They are suitable for the widest range of production applications and technologies as well as for contests and promotions. - Available in tin (ETP) or chrome (TFS/ECCS) plate - PVC and PVC-free liners, in different colours - Available in Pry-Off, Twist and Twist Soft Touch B226 - Available with Oxygen Scavenger liner to protect delicate drinks from oxidising - Available with physical barrier liners to prevent the contamination of environmental micro pollutants. - Available with a complete range of liner profiles (Pryoff 916-923, Twist 912-917). - Available with printed or "Embossed" liner