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Oak Adjuncts

Introducing Our Different Toasts……

By combining four elements in the toasting of oak for oak alternates – temperature, duration, humidity, and air-flow, Oak Wise is able to offer beverage makers five distinct flavor profiles.

House:Our very popular House toast; that we have been producing since 1989, is a long, slow toast of the oak resulting in deep penetration of the toast into the oak before the oak is cut to dimension or chipped. This technique offers rapid uptake of toasted oak flavors in wine and is particularly useful where time to market for a beverage is short.

Flavor descriptors: Freshly roasted nuts, sweet, butterscotch, nutmeg, low coconut, low char.

Classico:Similar in process to house but offers smoother more subtle uptake and integration, rounder mouthfeel with barrel like characters providing mid palate fill and great length.

Flavor descriptors: Baked bread, vanilla, sweetness, creaminess.

HiVan:Careful slow toasting of the oak at low temperature is used to enhance vanilla and coconut characters in the oak. Medium impact toast useful for table wines where flavor “sweetness” is desired.

Flavor descriptors:Vanilla fudge, coconut, honey, low spice, low char.

Complex:Toasting regime designed specifically to provide for a complex mix of flavors with great integration into table wines.

Flavor descriptors:Spice, nutmeg, roasted nuts, caramel/butterscotch, and coconut.

Mocha:Developed specifically to provide mocha-like characters for mid-palate fill in red wines. Uses a higher temperature to produce more of the fufural compounds, with the exclusion of smoke to avoid too much char and smoke.

Flavor descriptors:Milk coffee, mocha, dark chocolate, licorice, low char.