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Maverick Enterprises is an elite secondary closure provider for the wine, distilled spirits, and specialty foods industries.  We produce over 3 million capsules per day on our 24 production lines.  Maverick is a domestic supplier providing custom and stock closures to a majority of Napa Valley and Northern California as well as all across the United States. 

Our two facilities are located in Ukiah, CA in beautiful Mendocino County.  We are a fully vertically-integrated manufacturing facility which means we perform all functions in-house.  Maverick prints raw material with custom ink, slits the material and then forms the capsules all in their own facilities. 

However, what sets Maverick even more apart from anyone in the industry?  3 things: We take enormous pride in providing industry standards in customer care, technical services and high quality products you can't get anywhere else.

Call us today and find out how best we can help you with your capsule needs. 707-463-5591








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Locations Address State Country Zip Code
Maverick Enterprises, Inc. 751 East Gobbi Street, Ukiah CA United States 95482

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