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We put small boutique cooperages on big wine maps. Our barrels, new, French and East European, are made by coopers with a long and proud history of handmade barrels in their families. All of them are small companies willing to be part of the global wine industry. We are able to customize, to manufacture, to deliver barrels fit to winemakers' preferences. We do keep a buffer of around 45 barriques all year round and we take orders from one barrel to as many as you need.

We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine (Eduardo Galeano, wine journalist). We couldn’t say it better…

This is why our business is wine, your wine.

We are your friends if you love oak, if you enjoy the richness of wood flavors, if you wanna taste your wine years from now and last but not least, if you know how to balance grapes and wood.

We may be  your partners too since we distribute oak barrels from the best woods in the world. France, US, various European countries contribute to the first barrels hub in born in Georgia.


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Barrels Hub, Inc. 4933 Shasta Ct., Kelseyville CA United States 95451

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