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Lori Eckert

About Etched Images

Etched Images, located in California’s Napa Valley, provides unmatched quality in hand-etched and hand-painted wine bottles, provides custom engraved bottles and growlers, and is the source for North America’s most popular dipping wax, NoChip Dip™! Take a look at the many other services we offer and you will quickly realize that Etched Images is the best solution in both quality and service. Your bottle should make a lasting impression, whether it be for winery label reproduction to give you a marketing advantage, or as a corporate gift.

The Etched Images Team

Lori Eckert

Andrea Rendon
Accounts Receivable/Payable Specialist

Do you know what sets Etched Images apart from other wine bottle decorators?

It's not just the unmatched quality of our hand-etching and hand-painting on wine bottles, or the fact that we are the source for North America's most popular dipping wax, NoChip Dip! Take a look at all of the services we offer, and you will quickly realize that Etched Images is the one-stop shop for your bottle decorating needs!

Hand-Etched and Painted Wine Bottles
Etched and Painted Wine Bottles are the product of skilled artisans using hand-crafted techniques perfected by Etched Images over the past 22 years.

Wine Bottle Wax
NoChip Dip®, for a distinctive wax-like finish.

Engraved Corporate Gifts
A custom engraved bottle of wine with your logo makes a beautiful and personalized corporate gift.

Dipping of your Bottles in NoChip Dip®
In addition to selling NoChip Dip® by the pound, we can also take care of the dipping process for you!

Wine Bottle Blackening
This process simulates a full-bottle of red wine and is a very practical, cost effective marketing tool.

Fine Art Canvas Label Inserts
Have your art reproductions, portraits and photographs printed onto canvas and adhered to an etched recess in your bottles!

Large Format Bottles, Corks and Shippers
We can provide you with wine bottles, corks and shippers all the way up to 18 liters in size!

Wine Bottle Corking
Do you have a small run of regular or large format bottles, but don't have the equipment conveniently at hand? Leave it to Etched Images! We'll cork those bottles for you.

Capsule Spinning for 750ml Bottles
If dipping in NoChip Dip isn't appropriate for your project, we can spin capsules onto your .750ltr bottles for a professional appearance.

Tissue Wrapping and Product Packaging
Leave the final touches of your product to us. We can individually wrap bottles in tissue paper, package the bottles into customer-supplied cardboard or wood boxes, and label each case with your SKU numbers.

Shipping via UPS, FedEx or Common Carrier
We can also ship NoChip Dip internationally!

Climate Controlled Wine Protection
We provide 60° refrigerated protection for your wine!

Bonded Warehouse
(BW 5999 CA)

Custom Etched Beer Growlers
Etched Images is your one-stop-shop for etched growlers!


2005 Cornerstone Label by Etched Images
Darioush Darius II
Darioush Darius II
2005 Darioush Darius II by Etched Images
Darioush Cabernet
Darioush Cabernet
2009 Darioush Cabernet by Etched Images
Corporate Logos
Corporate Logos
A selection of corporate logos by Etched Images
Opening NoChip Dip
Opening NoChip Dip
Opening bottles dipped in NoChip Dip is easy - just drive the corkscrew directly though the wax as you normally would!
Tear Tape
Tear Tape
Our Tear Tape comes in 1/4\" x 60 yard rolls
Big Bottles, Featuring Etched Images
Big Bottles, Featuring Etched Images
This beautifully shot video, entitled Big Bottles, is filmed and narrated by photographer and wine aficionado Bob Barclay. The detailed segment thoroughly explains the precision, concentration, and intricate care that go into creating these fine works of art.
The Process of Creating Etched Wine Bottles
The Process of Creating Etched Wine Bottles
This video provides an overview of the labor-intensive process that your bottles go through while being beautifully etched and hand-painted by the talented artisans at Etched Images in Napa, California.
How to Wax Dip a Wine Bottle
How to Wax Dip a Wine Bottle
Carlos from Etched Images shows the proper technique for dipping the neck of a wine bottle into Etched Images' proprietary NoChip Dip dipping wax.

News Archive

15% Off All Wax Through July
03 July, 2019

NoChip Dip, for a distinctive wax-like finish.

Etched Images, the creator of NoChip Dip™, is the foremost leader in wine bottle wax dipping, enabling each and every bottle to radiate with a luxurious shine. Our custom dipping wax never chips or flakes, and unlike the other dull-looking bottle waxes on the market, our hand-dipped wine bottles shimmer with eye-popping personality.

NoChip Dip™ is available in 19 illuminated and flawless colors, including metallics. Our bottle wax is 100% recyclable. With vibrant colors and a smooth, glossy finish, come see why our dipping wax is known as the “Wax with a Shine.”

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS:  We have a 50-pound minimum on all NoChip Dip™ orders shipped outside the domestic United States.  All International orders must be placed through our office and International credit cards are not accepted.  Please call us at 707-252-5450 or email with your inquiries and order requests.

Shop Now for 15% Off

Hiring: Customer Relations Representative
14 May, 2019

Part Time: Monday thru Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (24 hours per week)

We are a real company looking for real people


Our company, long-time Napa based, doing business world-wide, and one of the wine industry's leading bottle etching specialists, is looking to hire a customer relations/service representative.


We want a person with strong people skills, detail oriented, with a mature, practical, team-player nature. Bi-lingual preferred, but not required.

Computer literate, with knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, is important. Knowledge of QuickBooks would be a plus. 


Our continuing growth is based on our down-to-earth, common sense service for our valued customers.


We will provide training for someone with a strong background, personality, and attitude, including any mature person looking to re-enter the work force.

Pay is $16 per hour.

Please send cover letter and resume' via e-mail to:

Job duties:

  • Greet clients
  • Answer phone first
  • Process orders
  • Process UPS/FedEx shipping online
  • Prepare Bills of Lading for incoming & outgoing orders
  • Order office & shop supplies
  • Filing
  • Other duties as needed

We offer:

  • Holidays
  • Vacation time
  • Sick time
  • Health Benefits

Lori Eckert Promoted to CEO of Etched Images
30 April, 2019

This year, former President and General Manager Lori Eckert, was promoted to CEO of Etched Images. Eckert has worked at Etched Images since 2007 and has been a Napa resident for over 20 years. Her excellence in leadership, strong business capabilities, and keen sense of quality has propelled the Etched Images team to outstanding success over the past few years.

Etched Images, located in Napa, California, has been serving wineries and local businesses for 27 years and provides unmatched quality in hand-etched and hand-painted wine bottles. They are also the source for North America’s most popular dipping wax, NoChip Dip and LowTemp Dip.

Working with local wineries like Darioush Winery, Inglenook, and Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, Etched Images has made a name for themselves in the wine industry with careful attention to quality and customer loyalty.

Etched Images

If you would like to learn more about Etched Images and what they are doing throughout Napa Valley and beyond, please contact âAndrea Rendonâ, Account Specialist at Etched Images: or call 707-252-5450.

Now Hiring: Warehouse Associate
08 August, 2018

We are a long-time Napa-based company doing business worldwide and one of the wine industry’s leading bottle etching specialists, looking for someone to join our Production Team as a Warehouse Associate.  

Compensation is $13 – $15 per hour DOE; 8 hours per day, Monday – Thursday.  Holiday pay and 3 Sick Days. 1-week vacation after 1 year.

General Duties:

  • Perform shipping and receiving duties including packing and palletizing
  • Efficiently load and unload trucks
  • Communicates any damage to manager before accepting shipment
  • Unpack and examine incoming shipments and compare with Bill of Ladings to verify accuracy
  • Accurately count/track product that is being received and shipped
  • Receive and properly store incoming shipments
  • Pulling and staging orders for each company delivery truck
  • Safely and accurately move inventory to specified location
  • Maintain warehouse inventory
  • Assists all crew members in tasks involving forklift and warehousing
  • Ensure will-call customers are handled efficiently and professionally
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Ability to lift and carry 50+ pounds
  • Operate a forklift safely and responsibly (On-Job training provided if necessary)
  • Use of ladders to reach product or supplies
  • Bilingual (Spanish and English) a plus
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent required (Must be 21 or older)


Enhance Your Tasting Room and Wine Club Sales
06 June, 2018

About Etched Images Napa

Create a buzz in your tasting room or with your wine club by displaying large format bottles in your tasting room and featuring them in your club newsletter.

Hand Etched and Painted Wine Bottles are the product of skilled artisans using hand-crafted techniques perfected by Etched Images since 1992.

Each step of our unique wine bottle etching and painting process varies on the complexity of a given wine label. There is more than one way to replicate a wine label from simple (lower cost), to complex (higher cost), to very complex (highest cost). That’s why it is important for us to get a feel for your budget before producing a cost quotation.

Dipping Wax Starter Kit on SALE for $89.95
10 May, 2018

The Premier Wine Bottle Etching & Painting Company
12 April, 2018

Wine has been called liquid art; at Etched Images, our goal is to create works of glass art that reflect the quality and uniqueness of the bottles’ contents. Our artisans carefully deep wine bottle etching and hand paint your bottles with your logo, label or message, to create a lasting impression.

Established in 1992, Etched Images has earned a reputation for high-quality design execution, workmanship and service. 1992 also marked the year we introduced our innovative dipping wax, NoChip Dip®. Another early innovation, developed by David Lincoln, was a process for blackening bottles. Simulating a full bottle of red wine, a blackened bottle is a cost-effective marketing tool.

Staffed by skilled technicians and artists, Etched Images has in-house capability for, computer-enhanced design, with coloring and waxing techniques seldom found in standard etching organizations. We are truly proud of our relatively small but handpicked staff and our great reputation!

Wine Bottle Etching and Painting

Hand-etched and painted wine bottles Skilled artisans. Hand Etched and Painted Wine Bottles are the product of skilled artisans using hand-crafted techniques perfected by Etched Images since 1992. Your wine label, logo or artwork etched on your wine bottle for a memorable and distinct impression!

Every step of the wine bottle etching and painting process varies on the complexity of a given wine label. There is more than one way to replicate a wine label from simple (lower cost), to complex (higher cost), to very complex (highest cost). That’s why it is important for us to get a feel for your budget before producing a cost quotation.

Wine Bottle Blackening

The process we invented to give display wine bottles a filled appearance. Our internally blackened bottles simulate full bottles of red wine and are a very practical, cost-effective marketing tool. Unlike full bottles of wine, blackened display bottles have an unlimited shelf life. A U/V resistant coating on the inside of the bottle also makes them resistant to sunlight. Weight is minimized drastically reducing shipping costs.

Dipping Wax – NoChip Dip® & LowTemp Dip®

NoChip Dip® – Nineteen (19) colors, including five metallic colors LowTemp Dip® – Six popular colors. We can dip your bottles or sell you NoChip Dip® by the pound. We also offer tear tape application and wax capsule stamping. As the source for North America’s most popular dipping wax, no one has more experience at dipping wine bottles and beer growlers than us. We can dip your bottles in any of the 20 available colors, and in several different dipping, styles to complement the look of your bottles or label. If you have any questions about dipping your bottles in NoChip Dip™, complete our “Start a Project” form, or call us at 707-252-5450.

Etched Images Special Products and Services

  • We sell large format bottles, corks and shippers
  • Wine bottle corking
  • Capsule spinning for 750ml wine bottles
  • Kodak Traceless Application – Protect your brand against counterfeiting and product diversion Tissue wrapping, product packaging and case labeling with your SKU number Shipping via UPS, FedEx or common carrier
  • Climate controlled wine protection – refrigerated (60 degrees)
  • Bonded Warehouse (BW 5999 CA)
  • Alcohol Beverage License Type 20

With rare exception, our labor-intensive process does not lend itself to hand-etching and hand-painting thousands of 750ml bottles. Depending on the complexity of the artwork, pricing begins at $16.00 each for an order that exceeds 289 750ml bottles. That is why it is unlikely that you will see our craftsmanship on grocery store shelves.

Etched Images has earned a reputation for high-quality design execution, workmanship and service, thus positioning the Company as a market leader.

Enhance Your Tasting Room and Wine Club Sales

Create a buzz in your tasting room or with your wine club by displaying large format bottles in your tasting room and featuring them in your club newsletter.

Etched Images at WiVi 2018 in Paso Robles
07 March, 2018

Visit Us At Booth 231

The largest gathering of wineries, growers and vendors on the Central Coast. March 21, 2018~ Paso Robles Event Center

Attendee Registration Now Open

All Wax is 15% OFF through February 28th
09 February, 2018


Get 15% OFF NoChip Dip™ & LowTemp Dip®

Order now! Offer valid until 02/28/2018.

Etched Images is the foremost leader in wine bottle wax dipping, enabling each and every bottle to radiate with a luxurious shine. Our custom dipping wax never chips or flakes, and unlike the other dull-looking bottle waxes on the market, our hand-dipped wine bottles shimmer with eye-popping personality.




All Wax is Now 15% OFF
08 January, 2018


All Wax is Now 15% OFF

Order now! Offer valid until 01/31/2018.

Etched Images is the foremost leader in wine bottle wax dipping, enabling each and every bottle to radiate with a luxurious shine. Our custom dipping wax never chips or flakes, and unlike the other dull-looking bottle waxes on the market, our hand-dipped wine bottles shimmer with eye-popping personality.

  • 1-5 lbs – $16.32 per lb $13.87 per lb
  • 6-20 lbs – $12.95 per lb $11.01 per lb
  • 21-40 – $11.26 per lb $9.57 per lb
  • 41-99 – $9.89 per lb $8.41 per lb
  • 100-249 – $8.42 per lb $7.16 per lb
  • 250-499 – $7.89 per lb $6.71 per lb
  • 500+ – $6.47 per lb $5.50 per lb


Etched Images' New Online Shop is Now Open!
14 November, 2016

It's been a long time coming, but our new online store is now open! After a complete redesign of our website by the talented folks at DesignThis!, we've been working hard on configuring the new online shopping experience, and we're proud to say that it is vastly improved over our old shopping cart and checkout experience. You'll find the new system much more intuitive and user-friendly. 

From our new store, you can order the best-selling NoChip Dip®, LowTemp Dip®, Dipping Wax Starter Kits, Melting Pots, and more. 

 As before, we need to limit online wax orders to 40 pounds, so for larger orders you'll need to place your order by calling Andrea and (707) 252-5450, or emailing her at in order to get the best price. The same goes for international orders.
We invite you to visit our new store by clicking here, take a look around, and then let us know what you think!


It's time to start placing orders for Holiday etched bottles
01 August, 2016

The time is fast approaching to place your orders for holiday bottles. As you may have guessed, this is the beginning of a very busy time of the year for us, so don't delay. 
Etched bottles of wine make fantastic corporate gifts to thank employees and customers for the previous year.
Of course, we've also got a selection of holiday artwork for you to choose from that we can add your name and custom greeting to, giving you a truly special gift that the recipients won't be forgetting any time soon!
These are only two of many options, so be sure to call us today at (707) 252-5450 to discuss your needs, and we'll find something that will work for you.
And with prices starting as low as $16 for 750ml bottles etched and painted with one metallic color, they're affordable as well! (24 bottle minimum order)
Of course, orders consisting of larger bottles and/or those painted with more than one color will need to be custom quoted, so be sure to email Andrea at and let her know what you're looking for.

Etched Images Launches New Website!
10 March, 2016

Etched Images is proud to introduce our redesigned site, created by the talented folks at designthis!. Unfortunately, the new online store isn't quite ready to be opened up to the public yet, but we promise that the wait will be worth it. The entire shopping and checkout process will be much more user-friendly than the old system, and we're sure you'll enjoy using it. Until then, take a peek around the new site and let us know what you think!


28 August, 2015

Our popular Tear Tape now comes in a new size: 1/4" x 60 yards for $6.70

Please call Nancy at 707-252-5450 to place an order!

15% off on NoChip Dip
03 June, 2015

It's that time again! For the month of June, we're offering special pricing of 15% off on NoChip Dip™ and LowTemp Dip™!

# of Pounds     1 - 5    6 - 20   21 - 40   41 - 99    100 - 249    250 - 499    500+
Regular Price:  $16.32   $12.95   $11.26      $9.89         $8.42            $7.89        $6.47
Special Price:   $13.87   $11.01   $9.57        $8.41         $7.16            $6.71        $5.50
To receive this special pricing when ordering online, enter the discount code "EIN15" in the box on the shopping cart page during checkout. Alternatively, if you would prefer to call your order in, call Joanie at (707) 252-5450, or email her at and mention this special offer to receive the discount. 
Note: when ordering quantities greater than 40 pounds, your order must be called in to receive the proper price breaks.

Wax-Dipping Tutorial

Be sure to watch our video on YouTube that provides a quick tutorial on the techniques that will provide you with the best results. 

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, to schedule a tour, or to place an order.
The Etched Images Crew
1758 Industrial Way, Ste. 101
Napa, CA 94558
(707) 252-5450

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Etching before bottling? Now is the time to place your order!
05 May, 2015


We've just got a quick note this month to let everyone know that now is the time to place your etched bottle orders if you would like to have them completed before bottling in August. As you may imagine, this is one of our busy periods, so be sure to get your orders placed as soon as possible to ensure you don't miss out!

Speaking of etched bottles, have you been to our Pinterest page yet? We've got a selection of some incredible photographs (with more coming soon!) of some of the beautiful bottles that have been hand-etched and hand-painted at Etched Images. 

Cornerstone by Etched Images

Darioush Darius II by Etched Images

Hall by Etched Images

Be sure to check out our Pinterest page to see more pictures like these, and follow us to stay up-to-date with the latest pics to be added soon! 


A Tutorial on Using Tear Tape with NoChip Dip®
13 April, 2015

Are you using NoChip Dip or LowTemp Dip with your bottles, and looking for an even easier way to open the bottles? Many of our customers find that driving the corkscrew directly through the NoChip Dip and then using it as normal works great to open bottles, but if you're looking for another option, we also sell a custom-made tape that allows you to create a little "pull tab" that can remove the NoChip Dip from the top of the bottle like a zipper. Take a look at these pics to see what we're talking about.

First, two to three layers of the tape are wrapped around the top of the bottle, then the tape is cut with approximately one inch of tape left unwrapped.
Next, when the void above the cork is filled with NoChip Dip in preparation for dipping (a normal step in the dipping procedure), a small amount of wax is spread into the "Y" where the tail of tape creates the pull tab as seen in the picture on the left. The bottle is then dipped normally, creating the easy-to-use pull tab as seen on the right.
When the bottle is ready to be opened, you simply grasp the pull tab, and unwind the tape, cleanly separating the NoChip Dip from the bottle.
The piece of NoChip Dip left on the top of the bottle can be pulled off easily, granting access to the cork below!
If you're interested in trying Tear Tape with your next dipping project, you can order it from our online store here, or you can email or call her at (707) 252-5450.

Some of Our Clients:

Ackerman Family Vineyards

Amapola Creek Vineyards

Andretti Wine Group

Andrew Geoffrey Vineyards

Araujo Estate Wines

Artiste Winery

Audelssa Estate Winery

Augusta National Golf Club

B.R. Cohn Winery

Bacio Divino

Bank of America Securities

Barnett Vineyards

Bello Family Vineyards

Beringer Vineyards

Bouchon Yountville


Brown Estate Vineyards

Cakebread Cellars

Caymus Vineyards

Ceja Vineyards

Chase Family Cellars

Childress Vineyards

Chateau Montelena Winery

Clark-Claudon Vineyards

Clos du Val

Colgin Cellars

Constellation Wines U.S.


Conway Vineyards, Inc.

Cornerstone Cellars

Crimson Wine Group


Dalla Valle Vineyards

Darioush Winery

Darms Lane, LLC

David Arthur Vineyards

Diageo Chateau & Estate

Diamond Terrace Vineyards

Domaine Chandon

Dominus Estate

Downing Family Vineyards

Dry Creek Vineyards

Duckhorn Vineyards

Dunham Cellars

Dutcher Crossing

Eberle Winery Ltd.

Ehlers Estate

Far Niente Winery

Fess Parker Winery

Fetzer Vineyards

Flora Springs Winery

Folio Wine Company

Frank Family Vineyards

Frank McPherson Winery

Gainey Vineyard

Groth Vineyards & Winery

Hagafen Cellars

Hahn Estates/Smith & Hook

Hall Wines

Harbison Wines

Harris Estate

Huneeus Vintners

Infineon Raceway/Sonoma Raceway

James Cole Winery

Jessup Cellars

Jordan Vineyard & Winery

Joseph George Distributing

Joseph Phelps Vineyards

Karl Lawrence Cellars

Karly Wines

Kendall Jackson Winery

Kenzo Estate

King Estate Winery, Inc.

Kosta Browne Wines

Lail Vineyards

Laird Family Estates

Larkmead Vineyards

Leonesse Cellars

Lewis Cellars

MacPhail Family Wines

Matanzas Creek Winery

McManis Family Vineyards

Melville Winery

Meredith Vineyard Estate

Meteor Vineyards

Miner Family Vineyards

Nickel & Nickel

Oakville Ranch Winery

Oakville Winegrowers Assn.

Opolo Vineyards

Page Wine Cellars

Pahlmeyer Winery

Palmaz Vineyards

Paradigm Winery

Parallel Wines

Patz Hall Wine Company

Peju Province

Peter Michael Winery

Pine Ridge Winery

Plumpjack Winery

Pride Mountain Vineyards



Renteria Wines

Revenant Wines

Robert Sinskey Vineyards

Rocca Family Vineyards

Rodney Strong Vineyards

Rombauer Vineyards

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Scheid Vineyards

Sea Smoke Cellars

Seavey Vineyards

Seven Stones Winery

Staglin Family Vineyard

Stag's Leap Wine Cellars

Switchback Ridge

Terry Hoage Vineyards

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards, Ltd.

Treasury Wine Estates

Trefethen Vineyards

Tudal Winery

Two Hands Wines

V. Sattui Winery

Venge Vineyards

Vineyard 29

Von Strasser Winery

Wells Fargo Private Bank


Title Name Email Phone
President/General Manager Lori Eckert 707-252-5450
Production Manager Carlos Bautista 707-252-5450
Accounts Receivable/Payable Specialist Andrea Rendon 707-252-5450