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Best Total System for Wineries

Point of Sale. Wine Club Management. eCommerce. Reservations. Loyalty Programs. Dynamic Reports. Essential Integration.

Agile and modern OrderPort is built for wineries. 

Based in Bellevue, Washington OrderPort has been building great software since 2002.  

OrderPort is owned and managed by its partners:

  • Rick Belisle - Business Development
  • Matt Payne - Technology & Operations
  • Stephen Ratzlaff - Partner Relations

OrderPort's Many Features and Capabilities Allow your Winery to Provide the Best Possible Experience for your Customers and Staff


The OrderPort Point of Sale enables your tasting room staff to turn customers into enthusiasts that enjoy and share your wine.  Mobile, elegant and designed for wineries, the OrderPort Point of Sale simplifies complex processes within an intuitive interface that is fully integrated with your wine club, eCommerce and inventory. OrderPort POS is a Saas Point of Sale system that allows the tasting room POS iPads to share customers, orders and get real time updates for inventory, discounts and special offers.

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Wine Club Management

Great wine club tools enable you to deliver membership value to your best customers.  Flexible, affordable and adaptive to your club styles, OrderPort has the perfect toolset for building, managing and growing multiple wine clubs.

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We build your Winery eCommerce webstore using your brand and connect it to your existing site.  Your Customers can buy wine, join your wine clubs and manage their accounts on your custom eCommerce Web Store. OrderPort creates and hosts a familiar and secure user experience that will help you to build your Winery eCommerce revenue. OrderPort makes it easy for your web site to link to your webstore because we do not require that you create a new web site just to use OrderPort Winery Solutions software. OrderPort is a Saasbased system that provides real time updates and support for your winery and tasting room software.

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Essential Integration

True integration saves time and empowers your winery and tasting room staff to do more. OrderPort seamlessly integrates with essential applications including QuickBooks, UPS, FedEx, GSO, Third Party Fulfillment Centers, Amazon Wine, ShipCompliant, Compli-Beverage and most major credit card processors.

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News Archive

OrderPort Introduces Reservations
24 June, 2020

Point of Sale.....Wine Club Management....eCommerce.....and now Reservations.  The one smart system with everything you need to grow your business just got better! OrderPort provides wineries of every size the best combination of solutions, support, security and price.  Now add the OrderPort reservations module for a fully integrated reservations system customers use to schedule tasting room appointments and curbside pickups.  

The OrderPort reservation module is a fully integrated OrderPort solution.  It works with all websites and OrderPort webstores.   In just a few steps customers can make tasting room reservations and pre-order tastings.  Customers choose a location, specify the number of guests, those that will be tasting, select a date and time and have the option to pre-pay or pay at the winery. For wineries with multiple tasting rooms or areas within the tasting room, reservation options can be configured for customers to choose.  Availability by location and area is tracked in real-time. 

 To learn more about the OrderPort system and the new reservations module contact us at, call 206-464-1151 or visit us at 

Splitting the Check Just Got Easier
02 April, 2019



Splitting the Check Just Got Easier. Use OrderPort's Split by Guest or Split Ticket Feature.   

OrderPort just made splitting the check easy. Whether you want to split by dollar amount or by item, OrderPort has an option to meet the needs of each table. 

To Split by Guest, simply start your order and indicate how many guests are at the table. As you add items to the cart you will assign them to a guest. At checkout, you can use a different payment method for each guest ticket that was created.

  • Let Guests Review. Print individualized receipts for each guest to review before taking payment. 
  • Make Adjustments. At checkout, you can reassign items to different tickets.

To Split by Dollar Amount, start an order and add products as you normally would. At checkout tap on the Split button and add as many tickets as you would like. 

  • Customize. The cost will be split evenly between the tickets that you add, but each ticket price can be adjusted based on what each guest will be paying. 
  • Accommodate Each Guest. Each ticket can be paid using a different payment method and you will have the opportunity to print a receipt for each ticket. 

For more information regarding this feature or OrderPort please contact Rick Belisle at, or click here to request a demo.

Managing Events Just got Easier with OrderPort!
19 March, 2019



Managing Events Just Got Easier. Use OrderPort's Work Orders and Deposits Feature.  

OrderPort’sWork Orders and Deposits feature is ready to make long term orders efficient and easy to track. Perfect for event planning and wholesale orders, Work Orders and Deposits allow you to start an order, take a deposit, and keep the order open for making changes for as long as you’d like. Distinct from regular orders, Work Orders show up as a different color on your home screen while you’re working, and are saved for later under a customer account without cluttering your home screen. Here’s how it works:

  • Start an order for the customer and select the ‘Work Order’ option – if they do not already have an account, you will be prompted to create one so the order can be stored in the customer’s profile. 
  • Start adding products to the cart – this may include an event reservation, and/or products the customer knows they’d like to purchase.
  • When you are done for the day head to the checkout page to accept a deposit.
  • Select any payment method you’d like to use for the deposit and simply enter in the amount the customer will be paying at this time.
  • Once you’ve accepted payment, click on the Save for Later button. This saves the order under the customer account without closing it.
  • When you are ready to work with the order again you can find it in the customer profile under Order History. Simply tap on the order to continue working with it.
  • When you are done working with the order take the final payment and click Close.

For more information regarding the Work Orders and Deposits feature or OrderPort please contact Rick Belisle at, or click here to request a demo.

Give Your Customers More Choice. Add a Case Club to Your Wine Club Options.
20 December, 2018



Customers Love Your Case Club. OrderPort Makes it Easy to Grow Your Club and Manage Memberships.  

Like Winemaker Select and Customer Select clubs, Case Clubs build customer loyalty and repeat sales. Customers are added to your case club when they purchase a case. They're not required to maintain a credit card-on-file because there are no releases. For one year members get a discount when they buy wine. If they buy another case within a year, their case club membership is extended a year.

OrderPort makes it easy to add customers to your case club at the point of sale. Here's how it works. 

  • The customer buys 12 plus bottles of wine. The OrderPort point of sale recognizes the customer as eligible for your case club.  
  • At checkout the tasting room associate enters the customer's name and email address and adds them to the case club.
  • Customers receive an email notification welcoming them to your case club and a benefits explanation.
  • For one year your customer can buy wine in your webstore and tasting room and receive the case club discount.
  • OrderPort makes it easy for you to track the customer's purchases and sends auto-notifications when their membership is expiring or renews. 

Case Clubs can be Used Alone or With Other Types of Clubs

  • Winemaker Selects. Members of Winemaker Select clubs will receive a specified number of club allotments throughout the year including wine that has been chosen by the winemaker. 
  • Customer Choice. Members of Customer Choice clubs receive a specified number of club allotments throughout the year. The winemaker selects wines and the customer can make substitutions and additions in their online account before checkout.

For more information regarding the Case Club feature or OrderPort please contact Rick Belisle at or click here to request a demo.

eGift Cards Available Now!
19 November, 2018


Grow your business with eGift Cards!

eGift Cards for your Apple wallet are here! Efficient and easily accessible online, this new feature will help drive sales at your winery. With just a touch of a button, your customers will be able to purchase gift cards online, view their gift card balance, reload funds, and of course, spend their gift card in your tasting room or on your WebStore. The best part? They are available now, just in time for the holidays. Begin using eGift Cards so that your winery can start off the season of giving the right way. 

  • Fast. Setup only takes minutes. Start offering eGift Cards as early as today. 
  • Convenient. eGift cards are compatible with Apple Wallet - customers can pay with their phones 
  • Branding. Let customers share your brand with friends and family through an eGift. 
  • Sales. Drive online and tasting room sales.
  • Holiday Promotions. Offer eGift Cards today as the perfect gift, or run promotions with discounted gift cards for the holidays. 

For more information regarding OrderPort please contact Rick Belisle at

Introducing Clerk Alerts
23 October, 2018


OrderPort is excited to announce Clerk Alerts!

Clerk Alerts ensure that tasting room staff are informed of important customer information as soon as they start interacting with a customer.

Add important account notes to a customer's profile and flag the note as an alert for the clerk. When the clerk begins to work with the customer profile in the point of sale, a popup will automatically display the information you have flagged.

Your alerts can be ongoing or one-time tasks. In the image below for example, the clerk is instructed to return a forgotten jacket. Once this is done the clerk can select, ‘Alert Completed,’ and this note will no longer pop up. 

Alerts that are not marked as completed, such as allergy information, wine preferences, etc. will continue to show for clerks interacting with the account. 

For more information regarding OrderPort please contact Rick Belisle at

OrderPort Integrates with CellarPass
27 September, 2018



OrderPort is pleased to announce our integration with CellarPass.

CellarPass is a winery-specific reservation system that will allow customers to book events with your winery in advance. Check out some of the great features of this integration:

  • Configure reservation-based events to provide real-time discounts and comp'd tastings for club members
  • Use customer types to provide discounts and comp'd tastings
  • Use customer types to provide the ability to book exclusive reservation-based experiences
  • Sync new guests from CellarPass to OrderPort
  • CellarPass will recognize your existing customer base
  • Sync reservations history from CellarPass to OrderPort

For more information regarding OrderPort or the CellarPass integration specifically, please contact Rick Belisle at

OrderPort Integrates with WineShipping
20 August, 2018


OrderPort is pleased to announce our integration with WineShipping.

For OrderPort customers this means you now have real-time connectivity with WineShipping warehouses to ensure DTC orders flow seamlessly from OrderPort to WineShipping. WineShipping is the nation's largest wine supply chain company with nine distribution locations across the country.

  • Real-Time Communication. Orders automatically flow to your WineShipping warehouse to be efficiently shipped. 
  • Temperature Controlled. Confidently ship wine year-round regardless of the weather.
  • Quick Delivery. Reach most of your customers in 1-2 days using WineShipping's delivery.
  • Inventory Management. Let WineShipping store and handle your inventory in their temperature controlled warehouses.

For more information regarding OrderPort or the WineShipping integration specifically, please contact Rick Belisle at


Check out our Wine Club Module
08 May, 2018


Wine Club 

Utlize OrderPort's wine club module to accurately and efficiently manage your wine clubs. OrderPort's wine club tools allow you to deliver membership value to your best customers. Flexible, affordable and adaptive to your club styles, OrderPort has the perfect toolset for building, managing and growing multiple wine clubs.

 • Full Featured and Fully Integrated. Customize your discounts by customer or by item. Easily move members from club to club or add multiple memberships to one account. Allow customers to join online or through the POS. Club member accounts will be recognized across all platforms.

• Flexible Workflow. Edit orders before or after credit card processing. Switch delivery methods between pickup and ship. 

• Customize your Clubs.  Choose the wines for each club or let your customers customize their carts. Set up multiple clubs and multiple styles allowing membership to grow or restricting it to the perfect size for your winery.

• Secure. All workflow and handling of customer information is PCI compliant. 



• Quickly View Statistics. As pictured above, quickly view the statistics representing your wine club release progress. 

• Efficient Order Overview . Click on the number for each status pictured above to view customers in that category and easily fix problem orders. 

• Utlize Visual Displays.  View your wine club release progress at a glance. Hover over each chart section to see exact numbers.

• In Depth Reporting. Run reports to reveiw which customers have picked up their orders, when credit cards will expire and other useful information. 

Introducing OrderPort Point of Sale 4.0 with Mobile EMV
22 February, 2018

Introducing OrderPort Point of Sale 4.0 with Mobile EMV

See the first truly mobile EMV readers in action with OrderPort 4.0. Along with EMV compatibility, we are excited about new features that will continue to make use of your point of sale efficient and simple. Check out some of our favorite features:

  • Accept EMV Payments On-The-Go: OrderPort 4.0 fully supports EMV payments. Complete orders anywhere in the most secure way possible.
  • Get Quick Shipping Estimates: Simple enter in a zip code and receive shipping cost estimates based on the customer order.
  • Easily View Customer Info: See when the customer card-on-file is going to expire, if the customer has any outstanding orders, customer lifetime value, and much more all when the customer orders in your tasting room.
  • Features We Love: Run multiple iPads in multiple tasting rooms, run tabs, split tickets, track inventory, and as always, everything is fully integrated with your wine club, webstore, shipping, and compliance.

Contact Rick Belisle at to request a demo and see why more wineries than ever are switching to OrderPort!

New Email Marketing Module
04 October, 2017



OrderPort is pleased to announce our newly updated marketing module!

A newly updated interface and increased functionality makes this tool so much more than simply a way to send emails. Check out some of the newest features:


  • This module directly integrates with OrderPort data, making use of this tool easy and convenient. Customer email lists are automatically created using OrderPort data from customer accounts. These lists are constantly updating, so the most up to date emails are being used, and new customers are always included in your campaigns. No need to import and export lists before sending campaigns.


  • Because everything is linked directly to OrderPort, tracking customer communication is made very simple. Within each customer account there is a detailed history of all email communication. This includes emailed receipts, system notifications, and campaigns. You can even resend an individual email right from these logs if need be.


  • Not only can you track email communication for individual customers, you can also track campaign information. The picture above displays OrderPort's three most recent campaigns. This page gives me a general sense of how many emails successfully went out, how many were opened, and how many of those emails bounced. For more information we can click on the individual campaign and see exactly who opened the email, track clicks, track who unsubscribed, and more.


  • Direct customers from your email right to your website, Twitter, or Facebook with the new social media integration. 


  • Utilize OrderPort's marketing and loyalty reports to send customized campaigns to customers depending on their personal preferences. 


  • Edit multiple email receipt themes all at the same time, so customers are sure to receive cohesive notifications, no matter the content.


Updated Wine Club Management System
07 September, 2017


OrderPort is pleased to highlight our updated wine club management system.

A new, easier to use interface and increased functionality makes running wine club both efficient and enjoyable. Both wineries and customers now have increased capabilities and flexibility when it comes to running and being a member of wine club.

  • Access relevant reports directly from the wine club dashboard. These reports allow wine club managers to quickly find out when members signed up, who signed them up, billing information, if a card on file is going to expire soon, and much more information.
  • Managers can now communicate with club members directly through the club release. Customers who receive these updates stay informed regarding when their shipment is being prepared, what is in the shipment, and even have the ability to log into their account and edit their cart before the release is processed – if the winery chooses to let customers do that.
  • Managers have the ability to create club releases ahead of time, stop at any point, and come back to work in the release as much as needed. Once the release is prepared, managers can choose exactly when cards should be processed.
  • Customers have the ability to add multiple email addresses to one account, give wine club memberships as a gift, and join multiple wine clubs.
  • Managers can rely on all interfaces to be cohesive. When information is updated by the customer online, that information is automatically updated within the customer profile in the system as well.

If you would like to learn more about our product, contact us 7 days a week at 206-464-1151, or visit our website at 

Winery Compliance: OrderPort Makes Alcohol Beverage Sales Compliance Easy
25 August, 2017

OrderPort gives you great options for managing compliance. If you are a ShipCompliant user, OrderPort is a Certified ShipCompliant Partner so you can seamlessly continue to use their service. We also make it easy to use Compli-Beverage. Use the OrderPort compliance reports to upload consumer and wholesale data to eCompli and automatically build your monthly state reports. If you manage compliance yourself, the OrderPort Compliance reports are included with your service plan. You’ll have everything you need at no additional charge.

OrderPort tracks your Direct Sales in state and out of state including all of the details required by each state where you ship.
Sales Tax by destination code and also by state depending on your filing requirements. Samples, Donations and tax exempt sales are each reported separately for ease of use when foiling with states and also for determining your winery profitability.

Click here to get started. 

Adding a Wine Club Member to Multiple Clubs Doesn't Have to be Difficult!
13 June, 2017

To add a member to a wine club, start at the home screen, and then select the wine club that you wish to add a member to. In this case, Bob Jameson wants to join the “Friends of Acme 6 Pack” wine club. Go to Members. Click the bright green “Add Member” button to add Bob.


Bob Jameson is already a customer, so his shipping address is already in the system. Choose the date that Bob would like to become an active member (On Hold Until Date) and select a payment method. Bob is a pickup customer, so he will pay at pickup. Click Add Membership.


A few months later, Bob comes back into your winery. Bob has enjoyed being a part of the “Friends of Acme 6 Pack” wine club, and was given a gift card by his wife so that he can join another wine club. Bob wants to be a part of the “Friends of Acme” wine club. Follow the same process as before. Go to Friends of Acme>Members>Add Member.


Enter in Bob’s information, but this time when selecting a payment method, select “Gift”. Click Add Membership.


To show that Bob Jameson is now a member of both wine clubs, go back to Dashboard, and then go to Customers. Type Bob’s name in the search bar, and as we can see under wine clubs, both Friends of Acme and Friends of Acme 6 Pack are listed.

OrderPort Winery Solutions Integrates with Amazon
29 July, 2016

OrderPort Winery Solutions, the leading provider of software to the wine industry, has recently integrated with Amazon to provide a seamless experience for both the winery and the customer. Orderport’s Amazon integration allows wineries to share their products with many more customers via Amazon, without the extra time and hassle that it takes to manually input information from Amazon into fulfillment and vice-versa.

OrderPort automates the process of receiving orders from Amazon, shipping them, and reporting that information back to Amazon. OrderPort uses Amazon’s API in order to automatically place processed orders from Amazon into fulfillment. Once an order is shipped, OrderPort again auto-communicates with Amazon to send a ship date and time, and tracking information.

This immediate information sharing allows wineries to maintain the best possible Amazon rating, and ensures that customers’ orders are quickly and efficiently fulfilled.  

OrderPort Winery Solutions releases Wine Club Management 2016
11 March, 2016

OrderPort Winery Solutions, the leading provider of software to the wine industry announced today the release of Wine Club Management 2016, the company’s latest version of its best-in-class Wine Club Management tools. The announcement was made at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento, California. “Our new Wine Club Management tools give wineries more control and flexibility to create and manage their wine clubs than ever before” said OrderPort Director of Sales and Marketing Rick Belisle. This release is a game changer for our customers. Wine Club Management 2016 enables wine club managers to build clubs of any size, for members to be in multiple clubs and for members to select the wines in their release if the winery wants to give them that option. Wine Club Management 2016 is linked to OrderPort Business Intelligence so club managers can create member incentives, reward loyalty and grow total customer value.


Wine Club Management 2016 is a part of the OrderPort Winery Services comprehensive suite of software services. Included with Wine Club Management in one system are the OrderPort Tasting Room Point of Sale, OrderPort eCommerce and integration with inventory, fulfillment and third party applications essential to wineries.

The next generation of the best winery POS
14 July, 2015

OrderPort POS 3.0 sets the new standard for tasting room POS. Elegant design and intuitive functionality enable your staff to process simple to complex orders quickly and engage cus­tomers. Built for wineries with wineries, OrderPort POS 3.0 is part of the one system you will use for everything. OrderPort Winery Solutions. Everywhere Commerce.


  • Easy to Use. Staff trained and using POS in minutes. Run tabs. Split tickets. Accept cash, credit, gift cards, card-on-file. Returns, refunds and exchanges.
  • Fast. Add items by touch or barcode scan. Scan driver license for address and age. Account and product search by name and UPC.  

  • Mobile. Cloud hosted. Runs on iPads. Take orders and accept payments, join wine club and mailing list everywhere you do business.   

  • Integrated. Recognize Club members and auto-apply discounts. Release pickup orders. Real-time shipping calculation.  

  • Scalable. Use multiple iPads in multiple tasting rooms. Add iPads on-demand for events. Sell wine, merchandise, event tickets and gift cards.  

  • Compliant. Credit card data encrypted at swiper. Local and State Sales tax calculation by product type and destination code. State Ship-to validation.

  • Affordable. Rate programs for small to enterprise level wineries. Service fees starting at just $100 per month.


Manage your Search, Social Media & Email marketing in one place
29 June, 2015

LinksDo you have the tools to manage search engine optimization and search engine marketing yourself? What about email marketing to your mailing list? If not, you may not be getting the best results. With OrderPort these marketing tools are fully integrated with your sales channels lowering your costs and response times. Everywhere commerce. Only from OrderPort.

OrderPort is a leading provider of web, point-of-sale, wine club and mobile commerce applications for wineries. OrderPort commerce solutions are deployed via a proven SaaS platform that supports consumer, wholesale and distributor sales. OrderPort enables the presentation of products and services to customers online, at the point of sale and everywhere via mobile devices. Simplified administration, compliant, single system management of multiple sales channels, OrderPort is everywhere you do business.

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